Pyongyang and Yeonmi Park go Head to Head Regading Defector Status

The story of Yeonmi Park is equal parts tragic and inspiring. Park was only 13 years old when she was forced to flee the borders of North Korea in order to try and find safety in another country. In order to run from her home country, the one that should be focused on protecting its people, Park had to take up with human traffickers and this, predictably, did not end well. Eventually Park found her way to South Korea and freedom. Now she is trying to get her voice out into the world, even if its small, so that more North Korean’s don’t suffer her very own fate. In an article by, Yeonmi Park is shown to be under intense scrutiny from her former government.
Park’s story is so intense, so long, and so draining that you would almost have to make a movie out of it for people to actually believe what they’re seeing. Park had to survive years in captivity as a child slave, flight through the Gobi Desert, fleeing on foot overtop the frozen Yalu River, and the death of her father from cancer — all without being able to do a thing to help. For all of her effort she has gotten only the scorn of Pyongyang as they have taken to calling her a ‘celebrity defector’. You can read Park’s whole story in her first and only book released on Amazon, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”.

Pyongyang has long been focused on discrediting any defectors of their country. Discrediting has come in a variety of different techniques that we know of. The North Korean government has tried assassinating defectors and they’ve also used their public platforms in the country to scorn them, as well. This is the current tactic that Pyongyang is utilizing against Park. The government has already released melodramatic propaganda videos that do their best to discredit every word that Park has ever said. Unfortunately for North Korea, Park’s story has already made its way to the air. She will not be silenced and the support that Park is growing is powerful.