Sujit Choudhry Is a Revered Attorney Who Deals With Constitutional Law

There are periods when territorial disagreements take place. Some essays have also been composed to explain some of the challenges that come about as a result of these disagreements. The collection of essays is known as “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions.” The articles are relevant, especially when handling issues relating to some of the conflicts that are present in some parts of the globe. Some of the regions affected by these conflicts include Yemen, Myanmar, and Libya.

The collection of essays is made up of a case study that was carried out while also referencing 17 countries that were undergoing a territorial disagreement. The authors referenced the following regions; Iraq, Ukraine, Nepal, Cyprus, and Sri Lanka. The essays usually offer some insight into how a realist can view the various issues that come about as a result of political and territorial issues. A conclusion is also drawn from some of these case studies. The studies are quite comprehensive, and it is also possible to come up with a comprehensive solution that is relevant to each case involving territory and constitutional transitions. Sujit Choudhry is well-known when it comes to addressing matters pertaining to constitutional law. He was in charge of writing a policy paper that accompanied the case study. Choudhry also offers some advice on issues relating to the constitution.

As an attorney, Choudhry works at the Center for Constitutional Transitions as the director. He is also the founder of the organization. His primary focus is on matters about governance and building the constitution. Some of the nations that have benefited from the services of Sujit Choudhry include Ukraine, Yemen, South Africa, Nepal, and Tunisia. Sujit Choudhry has also published many research papers, although most of them relate to the constitutional laws in Canada. He has also been addressing people at various distinguished events. He has also managed to gain some cultural diversity since many nations have been seeking his services as a constitutional attorney.

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Todd Levine: Expert Commercial Attorney

Todd Levine has provided legal advice and services to many different businesses throughout his career but he has a particular interest in commercial real estate law. He s seen as an expert in the field on the topic which is why so many people go to Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine. At this firm, Todd Levine is both a co-founder and a partner at the firm. Some of the types of people that the attorney works with at his practice include property managers, investors, and property managers to name a few. The attorney may be focused on real estate, but he still works with finance arrangements and investment partnerships. Todd Levine is a 1998 graduate of the University of Florida where he earned his bachelor’s degree in finance before earning his law degree at the Flordia Levin College of law of which he graduated from in 1991.

Something that attorney Todd Levine has always been talented at is the concept of simplifying complex concepts into a series of simple factors that can be addressed individually. Being able to do this makes it easier to get the point across to judges and other parties that are involved in the situation. After he had approached his first case in this manner and won, he began seeking out other cases that could be broken down to something less complex.

There is no typical day for Todd Levine as an attorney as he is always handling different cases or traveling across the state of Florida where he practices out of. His life is extremely busy so he tries to plan for every second of his workday. Even while he is traveling, he is still working by taking phone calls and other tasks. He has to think about what the next days and weeks may bring due to the fact that deadlines are extremely important when it comes to the law. Making lists at the beginning of his day helps Todd Levine stay focused on what tasks need to be done which keeps him more productive as he is able to stay on track.

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Dick DeVos Never Gives Up

Dick DeVos has become a major player in the aviation industry. His work in Grand Rapids defined him as one of the heroes for airport renovation in America. Technology has fallen behind in aviation, according to many critics. President Trump pointed this out in a speech early in his presidency. Foreign airports have advanced in smart technology whereas American airports have fallen behind.


In response, the Federal Aviation Administration appointed Dick DeVos to his position on the Management Advisory Council. The council has 13 members who are from transportation policy and airline executive backgrounds. As an entrepreneur and business owner, DeVos hasn’t worked for the aviation industry in either background. However, his work as an entrepreneur and business adviser with the Grand Rapids airport led him to developing strategies for airport renovations.


In fact, DeVos is credited with putting Grand Rapids on the map and helping the airport grow in record-breaking numbers. The airport had been in the area since the early 1900s, but it had grown stagnant in the 1990s. As a small executive airport, it wasn’t bringing in enough ticket sales and verged on bankruptcy by early 2000. DeVos decided to step in with a strategy to help the airport optimize and expand its services to business travelers.


By becoming a business traveler airport, Gerald R. Ford International Airport grew considerably in a short amount of time. The airport added on destinations like Las Vegas and Orlando to increase ticket sales even more. Eventually, the airport surpassed 3.26 million passengers in 2018, even though the airport wasn’t expected to reach 3 million until 2020. As part of the Gateway Transformation Project, the airport continued to modernize and add on new technologies to help travelers with smart technology and modern security.


The airport has also received awards for its new technology and innovation. In addition, the airport has a special pilot’s academy on the grounds. Dick and Betsy DeVos founded the academy as a charter school for students who wanted to become pilots.


DeVos has been meeting with the FAA for the past two years. Each quarter the council meets to discuss regulations, policies, growth, and budgets. These new ideas to help airports have allowed for new technology in older airports that are extremely popular. For example, the FAA recently came up with a $40 million renovation for the GSO Tower.


In addition to his work with the airport, DeVos has also been working with Grand Rapids and business owners in downtown. In the business district, the businesses had lost commerce in the 1990s, but DeVos used the same business traveler strategy to bring in new tourism and economy to the area. With the new DeVos Place Convention Center, business travelers would be able to come to Grand Rapids for business conferences.


DeVos will continue to meet with the council for the next year.


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