Niranjan Shah Represents what Makes America Great

Niranjan Shah like many East Indian emigrants in America has prospered in his new home. He received his bachelor’s degree in India and his master’s degree in Mississippi. He later relocated to Chicago and made his mark on the engineering industry. Niranjan Shah, like many of his fellow countrymen have used the opportunities available in the United States to excel in his Chicago business and prosper.

*Some of the statistics that suggest Indian emigres are some of the hardest working people making up this melting pot are below:

*In 1990, Indians had a $52,908 median income, the highest of all the emigres.

*The worldwide consulting staff is 2% Indian.

*Indians were the most prominent ethnic group in a list of London’s wealthiest families.

*Despite representing only 1% of the population in Hong Kong, Indians own 10% of the exporting businesses.

*In England, Indians own 60% of the retail outlets.

*Indians excel in running hotels and motels. Two well-known Indians, B.U. Patel and H.P. Rama own flourishing hotels: a 440 room Clarion Hotel in San Francisco and a 170-room hotel in Orlando, Florida, respectively.

*Indians commonly hold positions of authority in the consumer banking, investment baking and research.

*Corporate America has many Indians serving as CEOs and other higher executives, such as senior Research and Development Managers. An excellent example would be Vinod Dham, vice president at Intel who hired 400 engineers who later developed the Pentium chip.

*Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, sold it at age 30 and now works in venture capital.

*Umang Gupta sold his software company for $45 million at age 44.

Many Indians obtain their undergraduate degrees in India, but come to America for higher degrees, such as their master’s degree. Niranjan Shah followed a similar path in obtaining his education before moving to Chicago and starting a very successful business. Like many Indians he spoke fluent English before coming to America, so assimilation was without any major effort.

Niranjan Shah is an excellent example of the great things achieved by Indian emigres in the United States. As an entrepreneur he has provided employment for many. As a United States citizen, Shah has contributed to political candidates in Chicago and in the federal government. He has also showed his civic mindedness through serving on college boards, city commissions and hospital boards.

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Betsy DeVos and Thinking Nonstop

People who have ever met Betsy DeVos know that she’s the real deal. She’s not a joker at all. She takes herself seriously in the best possible way. She takes fellow human beings equally seriously. She’s not the kind of woman who only concentrates on the people who are in her life. She concentrates on all humans, plain and simple. She’s been a person who has cared about mankind since birth. Her life as Elisabeth Prince revolved heavily around doing great things for others. It still revolves around that. She’s been named “Betsy DeVos” for a long span of time now, however. That was the name she got post-marriage to Richard DeVos. She affectionately refers to her hard-working spouse as “Dick.” The majority of people call him Dick. Media outlets even call him by that moniker.


What does DeVos do each day of the week? She reports to her position as the Secretary of Education. She relishes her time on President Donald J. Trump’s Administration. She believes that working for his team is something that holds genuine value. DeVos naturally has to spend a lot of time in the company of President Trump. That’s not something that irks her at all. She truthfully relishes being able to speak with an individual who has this much influence in the United States and all around the Earth. It’s okay if she doesn’t always see things the way that he does. They have differences in the way they view the planet at times. They’re mature enough to be okay with any differences that emerge from time to time. President Trump always has a lot to stay about the state of transgendered people in America. DeVos sometimes has thoughts that are completely different. They don’t nag each other.


What’s the famed Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation? It’s a trusted not-for-profit that has been taking America by storm since the finale of the eighties. Betsy and her husband made the group in 1989 not long before the official start of the nineties. They don’t classify the group as being old-fashioned, either. Their donations to the entity are as abundant and frequent as ever before. The foundation isn’t going to be slowing down any time in the future. DeVos may even say that it’s only getting started. She has major objectives in mind for it. The people who work for this group care about households that exist in the United States. DeVos has always been a person who has cared intensely about families and their relationships.


DeVos has a demeanor that’s the definition of composed. It’s a demeanor that many people admire in a big way. That’s because it’s pretty rare. It can be hard for people to behave in collected manners no matter what. DeVos doesn’t give in to the temptation to act out. She never throws tantrums. She’s smart enough to realize that tantrums only exacerbate difficulties in this life. She wants to eliminate all sorts of things that can bring on negative consequences.


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