Glen Wakeman: Giving Back With LaunchPad Toolkit

Giving back to the world can be done in several ways. Some choose to do it through charity some pick community service, but a lot of people do it. One way that is very unique and sometimes overlooked is by giving people the ladder to success, so they can become self-reliant and fully operational for themselves. Everyone may need help at one time or another and for some to step in and give someone what they need to change their lives forever is a real and legitimate way to give back in thanks for what they have.

Glen Wakeman is a person who has done just that. He does his best to give back by schooling those who don’t know on how to successful start and run a business sufficiently enough to make profits. Glen Wakeman is a writer and speaker who owns his own company, so he can indeed talk about these things ( His company of which he is the CEO of is called Launchpad Holdings LLC. Launchpad is the appropriate word to describe as he writes material on markets, management, fiscal dealings, and strategy to help especially young entrepreneurs. He also takes write ups and meetings with his clients to help them make viable game plans towards success. This is important to him because Glen believes that is the main problem for why companies fail. A plan that doesn’t work or is flawed in one way or another. He charges a measly 100 dollars for his services and if you think about the return clients receive in having a successful business this is little to no money and a very good deal. His college from Scranton University in Economics and Finance shows that he has formal schooling an understanding of how things work. He himself believes his curiosity and drive for complete excellence is what keeps him afloat and ready to go.

Glen Wakeman isn’t resting and is already working toward the future for his company (Instagram). He recently learned Spanish don is defining his company though the concepts of teamwork, preparation and discipline to lead them into the future. He is seeking to go international and that is good as we will see companies spurt out from all over. Glen Wakeman is truly giving back in a very powerful and valuable way.