Smooth, Delicious, Protected Lips

Summer fun can be hard on your lip. For protection, you use sunglasses on your eyes. You wear sunscreen on your lips. But what do you put on your lips? EOS lip balm tastes amazing, will give your lips a nice, subtle sheen, and is a great way to protect your lips. The letters in the name stand for the “evolution of smooth,” and the lip balm will leave your lips smooth and nourished, read more here on

The flavors of EOS lip balm will indulge your senses. It comes in an easily-gripped sphere and it glides easily on the lips. It is free of mineral oils. The strawberry sorbet flavor tastes and smells like refreshing strawberry ice. The summer fruit flavor is a scrumptious mixture of strawberry, blueberry, and peach. The fresh scent of lemon drop will remind you of candy, and with an SPF of 15, it will protect your lips from the sun. It is perfect to keep in your beach bag. The sweet mint has a clean scent, more related articles here on

Eos lip balm comes in a container that is easy to hold in your hand and won’t get lost in your purse. The formula will leave your lips feeling supple and smooth.

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