Dogs are man’s best friend. They have been close to humans for many centuries now. Today pets have become even closer to their human masters. They have human names, stay in the same houses as the people and can even share their beds. They are given attention almost the same as humans give themselves. The food that these pets eat is also quite similar to that of the humans to be sure that the dogs remain healthy and happy in the family. Beneful is a famous dog food label in the USA. It is produced by Nestle Purina PetCare and came into the market in 2001. According to a survey by Nielsen, Beneful is one of the best sellers in dog foods and is used by over 14 million dogs every year.

As popular as it is, Beneful has received many critics from bloggers. They claim that its products contain substances that are harmful to the dogs. Propylene glycol is one such substance that has caused dispute. This ingredient is not poisonous as stated. Confusion arises because people confuse it for ethylene glycol that is virulent to dogs when consumed. Propylene glycol used in several foods for both humans and their dogs. It is however not used to make cat foods since cats are sensitive to it. Critics also site the decision to produce foods that have a colourful appearance as not right. They claim that colorful fruits are attractive to people, but dogs do not mind what their foods are like. Mycotoxins present in the Beneful are also another reason for critics to talk on. These mycotoxins are however found in most dry pet foods and according to the EU and FDA, slight amounts of these mycotoxins are allowed and would result in no harm to the dogs.

A case was even filed by some of the concerned people in 2015. This case has not yet concluded as stated by Nestle Purina PetCare as the lawyers for the litigants have altered their statements several times. A considerable number of complainants have also distanced themselves from the case file. No notable finding is available from research conducted on the product as it all appears healthy for the dogs use.

Janet Jackson, who is the Vice President in charge of nutrition research at the company, says that research by her unit has the role of accepting all new products. She stated that all products by the company was safe for use and if it was anything contrary, it would not have been given the green light to commence. This statement was echoed by Ms. Juli Plassmeyer. She is the companies Vice President in charge of marketing. The company promises to continue producing healthy foods for healthy dogs.

Salubrious Dog Meals with Beneful Dog Food

Having a healthy dog or a puppy, as a pet is a source of great joy, I would never imagine my sturdy dog weakened due to the wrong dogs’ food. Always ensuring quality and healthy food for my dog is a routine am less willing to drop if I still want those beautiful glares from my little friend.

Beneful Dog Food is a brand of dog foods that are healthy to the little boys. They are also of high quality making sturdy dogs. Some of the Beneful Dog Food varieties include:

  1. Beneful Wet Dog Food Chicken Stew (

This dog food is as tasty as it sounds. Serving my dog with this healthy chicken stew, I see a smile after every bite of the wholesome grains, meaty chunks, and veggies that are the ingredients to this dog meal. This meal meets nutritional requirements to raise puppies and maintain adult dogs. This dog food is accented with barley, peas, carrot, and rice.

  1. Beneful Healthy Radiance Skin and Coat Formula

This is another Beneful Dog Food variety providing balanced and complete diet and nutrition. This dog meal is made with wholesome rice, real salmon, and vegetables rich in vitamins. These nutritional ingredients give dogs a healthy body. Also equipped with omega fatty acids, the food gives the dog a limber skin and a lustrous coat. This is the right meal to feed puppies and adult dogs. The dogs’ bones are strengthened from the calcium available from this meal.

  1. Beneful Playful Life

This great dog food is made with real beef and eggs which provide the dogs with the much-needed nutrients for thriving daily. This dog meal is rich in proteins which combined with calcium gives strong bones to the dogs. Apart from its nutritional values, this dry dog food has a great taste which makes the dogs enjoy their meal time crunching the tender bites.

  1. Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals (

This variety of Beneful Dog Food is made with real salmon, which is accented with carrots, green beans, and sweet potatoes. Its nutrition is omega rich giving the dogs 100% of the nutrition they require for normal growth and development. The food also helps in the maintenance of a healthy skin and shiny coat.

Dogs fed with the right meal__ with good nutritional values, grow stronger and healthy. The risk of getting infected by diseases is lowered to a zero rate. Visit the website for more information.