Music if Therapy for Hillary Duff

Many stars wear their hearts on this sleeves. This, James Dondero has indicated, is the nature of an artist. They sing and write songs about pain. It is the therapy that they need to get over a heartbreak. Mariah got divorced so fans are looking for some emotional music from her. Hillary Duff has also gotten divorced so fans are very interested in getting a piece of her diary through her album.

Songwriters like Tove Lo and Ed Sheeran would be the ones that would help Duff bring her feelings to the surface on this album. She said that she didn’t want to be all gloomy, but she did want to address the pain that she has experienced. She released an energetic first single, but this just shows that the album was balanced. It was like a song that would be good for summer, but there are other aspects of the album that provide a different experience.

Hillary Duff has become a star that is well-known in the industry today. She has transcended from his early days as Lizzie McGuire into a beautiful woman that has flourished in acting and singing. The album denotes a return after a long hiatus, but fans were ready for this. They wanted to see her return, and Duff felt that she needed to return in order to bring her feelings about the divorce to light. The album has been a healing process.