White Shark Media Is Certified To Help Small Businesses

White Shark Media is a company that offers search engine marketing (SEM) services for small to mid-sized businesses to help get their company listed at the top of search engine ad listings on both Google and Bing. SEM is something that goes hand-in-hand with SEO, but instead of using organic results that are listed in the regular website listings, SEM lists results in paid-for ads that show up above the organic results, and can also appear on various websites that run Google AdSense. The reason you may want to hire a company like White Shark Media is because you don’t just want to generate traffic through your PPC ads, you want to turn that traffic into sales leads.


White Shark Media has an established reputation as one of Google’s Small Business Partners listed in the SMB directory, and is also an authorized reseller of Microsoft’s Bing Ads program. Getting these accreditations is not easy due to the strict requirements that must be met in both Google and Microsoft’s programs. But White Shark Media hires professionals who have passed training courses in AdWords and Bing campaign management and can deliver results tailored to fit any company’s needs.


White Shark Media even offers an explanation of how they would make your campaigns perform better during a free live evaluation session. What happens during the evaluation is a specialist will meet with you to take a look at your current AdWords account and to see how your current campaigns are performing, and they will then explain how White Shark Media could build a campaign that yields a better ROI. They will not actually alter or change anything to your campaigns until you decide to signup for a service plan. If you’re not happy with the evaluation, you can walk away with the knowledge you were given.

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