William Saito and His Success in the Biometric Technologies

William Saito is a renowned Japanese-American entrepreneur .Saito formerly worked as Japanese political as well as a strategic advisor. William Saito is well renowned cyber-security expert across the globe. William started his career, in the technology sector, at the age of 10 years where he was privileged to launch his first ever computer programming.


His first programming company grew to the I/O Software Company. The company was very instrumental, and this led to its development of the primary authentication tool including the fingerprint recognition. The company collaborated with Sony to invent the fingerprint recognition software. At his 34 years, in 2000, he was able to sell the I/O Software to Microsoft. Saito William was recognized as the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the year in the year 1998.


His Programming Journey since Childhood

William Saito was born and brought up in Walnut, CA which is located a few miles from the Silicon Valley. That was in the 1980s where technology growth was the most exciting element especially in the inventions of personal computing. William Saito could not stand his enthusiasm, and his teacher recommended that he gets a personal computer to assists in developing his science and math skills.


Despite his poor English skills in talking, his engineering mind has ever been incredible. In his words, Saito stated that he always liked taking things apart and making innovations. He said that as people love playing brain twisters, or crossword puzzles, he liked getting into the software so much and evaluate how it works.


In his Unprogrammed lifestyle, William Saito expressed his excitement when he acquired his first IBM computer from his parents. His parents had to take a mortgage to purchase this computer which could fit the modern technologies. The new machine was his first addiction which changed his entire life.


The Transition from Dorm Room to the Real World

Williams’s first explorations in the world of computers were related to his love for BBS. He started working from his dorm room in the University of California after translating his software to the Japanese Language. His program known as the ProComm worked along with Microsoft towards advancing its innovations in 1992. Along with his nascent company, Saito worked also worked with the Datastorm Technologies, which is a company that is known to be behind several projects in ProComm.