Bruce Levenson Leads His Former Consortium Members To Court Over Insurance Claim

The insurance giant AIG is being taken to a Fulton County Court by the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise as they seek to complete an insurance claim begun as far back as April 2015. Bruce Levenson’s legal team state the termination of the six year contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry should have triggered a constructive dismissal clause in a workplace insurance policy held by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium; discussions began over the termination of Ferry’s contract in April 2015 before the mutual agreement between the GM and former Hawks ownership was reached in June of the same year.

Legal papers filed by Levenson’s attorney’s reveal AIG held negotiations over the insurance claim in April 2015 and agreed in principle to the insurance claim, but have failed to communicate with the former Hawks ownership since the $730 million sale of the franchise was agreed. Papers state Levenson and his fellow former consortium members are seeking a financial settlement from AIG plus penalties and all costs to be paid by the group.

Bruce Levenson has always had a talent for spotting a gap in the market, which he did in his Time as the head of the United Communications Group he founded in a spare room and has now become a top real time information supplier to many different industries. Business success is just one aspect of the life of Bruce Levenson who has always looked to give back to the communities he touches in his business and personal life. The Maryland and Washington D.C. areas Levenson has always called home have benefited from a prolonged period of philanthropy from the former Hawks owner who has looked to develop new programs to aid struggling communities across the U.S.

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