EOS Knows What Consumers Want With Crystal Clear Formula

Who ever said that cheap products are just as good as the more expensive brand clearly had no idea about EOS. The lip balm that comes in a round ball shape is far better than the cheap lip balm you previously purchased.

The EOS brand is proud of their latest addition to the formula by releasing a crystal clear version of the lip balm. The crystal clear lip balm is available in Peach Hibiscus and Vanilla Orchid. The lip balm also contains oils that are essential in keeping your lips moist and hydrated. The new formula is made using the oils instead of the traditional beeswax that has been used in their other formulas.

Why switch the formula you ask? Well if its not broken why fix it, right? The reason behind the change in formula is to make the new version an animal free product. Some consumers didn’t like the fact that the lip balm contained bees wax and by removing the ingredient, more shoppers have purchased the new version. The change was not made to solely fix the brand but to offer more options to the consumer, click this now.

The new spheres are also slightly different than what most consumers are used to purchasing based on evolutionofsmooth.com. The new spheres are made with the shape of a triangle which then makes the EOS sphere resemble a diamond. The new diamond like appearance is a diamond in the rough. The new formula combined with shape is selling out quickly.

EOS has caused quite a stir with the new addition to their line. They had already become the second largest selling lip balm on the market. Since the brand was released, Chapstick has dropped in sales incredibly and mainly because they knew what the shopper wanted. They knew that the new shape and flavors were what the consumer was missing. That is why they sell out so quickly buy here at amazon.de.

Source: https://www.evolutionofsmooth.de/.