Clément Perrette

Clément Perrette Adds Ocean Conservation to His Career

As a well-recognized businessman with more than 25 years of experience in various positions of the finance sector, Clément Perrette of London is able to add to his unique leadership, his skills that build the successful reputations and financial growth for his employers, and development of numerous successful programs.

Clement Perrette combines those attributes with a passion for his personal large-scale philanthropy and his extensive engagement in ocean conservation efforts on a scale that is international.

Clement Perrette’s love of marine life began early in his childhood. One example of his devotion to that resulted in spending extensive effort and time in his later life on a successful educational book, “Call Of The Blue.”

He was the Co-Producer and worked along with his fellow conservationist and friend, Philip Hamilton, to provide the many insights and vast knowledge of more than 50 biologists and scientists as well as spectacular photographs of underwater ecosystems. See This Page for additional information.

Clement Perrette has again teamed up as Executive Producer with Hamilton for the film “Ocean Souls,” which they hope will ultimately eradicate the practice throughout the globe of poaching dolphins and whales. The film will project the beauty of the creatures as well as the human-like intelligence and traits of those majestic underwater giants.

Uproar Media, which is a team of very talented filmmakers, scientists, and philanthropists, has joined in this dedication to the conservation of the ocean and the creation of empathy for these magnificent mammals.