Helane Morrison Bringing High Standards Back

Helane Morrison and Hall Capital Partners
Helane Morrison holds several positions at Hall Capital Partners. These include:
* Managing Director
* General Counsel
* Chief Compliance Officer
* Member of the Firm’s Executive Committee 
She has a strong background in law. She is well-informed of securities, enforcement, litigation, as well as regulatory concerns. She obtained her education from the University of California. Her background is impressive and broad. Experience is an asset that enables Ms. Morrison to excel within the areas of compliance and enforcement within the corporate world.

The Corporate World
The corporate world may be experiencing some needed changes. Helane Morrison is playing a vital role within the enforcement aspect. Compliance must be enforced within these crumbled institutions. Compliance is making a powerful comeback with the help of ethical compliance officers who are bringing high standards back into the corporate world.

Rebuilding Trust
Compliance and enforcement will rebuild the trust within many corporate institutions. The global economic crisis that had hit in August, 2007 had placed a dent in the overall trust levels for many. The needed bailouts left people wondering where they could place their full trust within a financial institution. There has been an overall loss of confidence. This financial crisis had sent the American economy into a circle of chaos. It has been believed by many, unethical conduct played a role in the crash of many institutions. This type of conduct is not accepted within the corporate world. The entire trust must be rebuilt and confidence will then be restored. Americans will need to be shown that they have good reason to trust again. This will be accomplished with the help of compliance officers like Helane Morrison who are ready and willing to enforce the high standards that are needed within every corporation.