OSI Food Solutions Buys Tyson Plant in Chicago’s back of the Yards Neighborhood

When Tyson Foods announced it was closing its processing plant in the southside of Chicago, 480 workers expected to lose their jobs. But now that may not happen. The 200,000 square foot facility has been snapped up by OSI Food Solutions, headquartered close by in Aurora.

The deal was reported by the Chicago Tribune to be worth $7.4 million. Officials with OSI Food Solutions said they were delighted to acquire this large and well-equipped factory to bolster OSI’s infrastructure, capacity and storage operations. The company said it is likely they will offer jobs to many of the Tyson workers who were set to get pink slips. Join Linkedin to see all updates at OSI Group.

Alison Kovaleski is a spokesperson for OSI Food Solutions. She said the facility will enhance OSI’s ability to meet the rapidly evolving needs of its customers. That was precisely the problem Tyson Foods was having. When they announced the closure of the plant before selling it, they said part of the problem was “limited ability to meet changing consumer demands.”

But this is an area that OSI seems to have not just mastered but honed to an art. Industry observers describe OSI Food Solutions as an “extremely nimble” organization that has shown “remarkable facility changing on a dime” as trends in the consumer market change.

OSI Food Solutions has been riding its ability to innovate and meet customer demand to become among the largest food processors in the world. The firm now has more than 65 facilities in 17 nations. It employs 20,000 people globally. Forbes recently placed OSI at No. 58 on its list of Top 100 privately held American companies. OSI is led by chairman and CEO Sheldon Lavin who joined the company as an owner in the 1970s.

OSI recently acquired another of its Chicago neighbors – the Rose Packing Company based in Barrington. Rose Packing operates a facility in Chicago that employs 700 people. Like OSI, Rose Packing is a meat processing company with deep roots in the Chicago area. OSI was founded in a Chicago suburb in 1909. Rose Packing began operations in Chicago in 1924.

Source: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Food_Solutions

Beal Properties

If you are thinking of moving to Chicago and want to know what’s great about living there, there are abundant reasons. The city hosts a plethora of things to do and see, from parks to museums and amazing architectural feats. Within your neighborhood there will always be plenty to do; Chicago actually has 77 well-defined neighborhoods that span nine districts.

Some Key Things to Know

Enjoy Millennium Park as well as visiting the Art Institute of Chicago. A city without a beach, the shore of Lake Michigan serves as a reprieve from hot summer days. Downtown offers Buckingham Fountain, the Historic Theatre District as well as cocktail lounges, art galleries, and diverse shopping on Michigan Avenue. 

On the North Side, you can attend Cubs games in Wrigleyville or hear live jazz. 

Moreover, Chicago offers ample public transportation, a bevy of job opportunities, restaurants galore and a culture that is uniquely diverse.

About Beal Properties

As one of the leading property owners of multi-family apartment buildings, they offer some of the most beautiful and affordable apartments that are well maintained. Neighborhoods included are:

  • Lincoln Park
  • Lake View
  • Wrigleyville
  • Ravenswood
  • Lincoln Square
  • Gold Coast 
  • Logan Square

North Shore neighborhoods include Highland Park, Northfield, Evanston, Glencoe and Winnetka.

Over 30 years of ownership and a team that is focused on giving back to the community of Chicagoland makes Beal Properties an outstanding organization. Recently announcing the formation of the Giving Team, they have made donations to such charities as the Chicago Community Trust, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Lurie’s Children’s Hospital and more. The Giving Team recognizes that supporting these organizations is essential for positive change and growth in communities that are more vulnerable.

USHEALTH Advisors Makes Healthy Eating Fun

USHEALTH Advisors knows how difficult it is too keep to a healthy diet. So many things can get in the way. It takes effort to stick to eating well, but USHEALTH Advisors has some tips to make it a little easier. Time is one of the main obstacles to eating well. After a hard day at work it is tempting to pick something up from the supermarket or even worse pick up some fast food. That is the worst thing you can do. Supermarket means are filled with salt and fat. Putting meals in a slow cooker is a great way to stay healthy, and it takes a little bit of preparation in the morning and then no work in the evening. A slow cooker can also cook enough to have dinner ready for a few days. See more on Twitter.

You can put healthy lean proteins and vegetables or anything else that you like. Spices have been shown to have many health benefits, and they add flavor to meals. Turkey chili is a great option. USHEALTH Advisors even suggests eating Pizza, but not from a take-out restaurant by buying the frozen supermarket option. The problem is in the crust which is heavy with refined carbohydrates. By making you own from healthier crusts, you can add healthy toppings.

After dinner can be a problem for people who want something sweet to eat. USHEALTH Advisors has some ideas on how to satisfy the need for something sweet without turning to refined white sugar or corn syrups. Desserts made out of peanut butter and even some chocolate is fine, and it means that people do not feel their diets are overly restrictive. There are lots of ways to keep eating the foods that you like, and there are many great ways to make your diet healthy while still enjoying the foods that you eat. Learn More: https://stevieawards.com/aba/ushealth-advisors-0

How to Make the Most Out of Colbeck Capital Management

If you have been wanting to manage your money but don’t have the time or experience to do it yourself, you’ll need a capital management service. While there are dozens of available companies that can do this work for you, there’s none better than Colbeck Capital Management. There’s a reason why Colbeck Capital Management has been the trusted go-to option for people wanting to make the most out of their financial situation. Not only does the company have the experience to help clients, but they have the ability to assist people whether they own companies or are individuals.

All About How Colbeck Capital Management Works

There are a few different reasons to consider Colbeck Capital Management when compared to some of the other financial companies out there. For one, Colbeck Capital Management has been around for a little over a decade and has the experience and knowledge to help out all of their clients. Since they’ve been in business, they have helped thousands of people and companies when it comes to any and all of their capital management needs. This means less worrying on your part and managed finances that are growing with time rather than depleting.

There are several services that the folks at Colbeck Capital Management offer to their clients. You can use their services whether you’re having issues with debt and need either management or consolidation for the amount of debts that you owe. You might even want to make use of Colbeck Capital Management if you need assistance with loans and applications. Colbeck Capital Management can even help with all of the budgeting and investing that you are doing right now. Their services are incredibly beneficial to many of their clients and it’s why they are a go-to option for so many looking for help.

Choosing Their Professional Services

If you would like to make use of the expert services of Colbeck Capital Management, it is time to contact them. You can either do this through the main site itself or by checking out their pages on multiple social media platforms. You can even contact them if you have questions that need answering before you make the decision to hire them for their services. You will love the fact that Colbeck Capital Management can work within a budget for you so that their services are not expensive in the least.

There are a lot of different reasons to give Colbeck Capital Management a try for yourself. The company has a long standing of helping people when it comes to ensuring they are getting the money management that they need right now. You will love what Colbeck Capital Management is doing for their clients and how different the company is when compared to some of the others out there. This is a wonderful time to give the company a try for yourself and see just how and why they are a trusted source for you and for all of your own future finances.

Sujit Choudhry Is a Revered Attorney Who Deals With Constitutional Law

There are periods when territorial disagreements take place. Some essays have also been composed to explain some of the challenges that come about as a result of these disagreements. The collection of essays is known as “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions.” The articles are relevant, especially when handling issues relating to some of the conflicts that are present in some parts of the globe. Some of the regions affected by these conflicts include Yemen, Myanmar, and Libya.

The collection of essays is made up of a case study that was carried out while also referencing 17 countries that were undergoing a territorial disagreement. The authors referenced the following regions; Iraq, Ukraine, Nepal, Cyprus, and Sri Lanka. The essays usually offer some insight into how a realist can view the various issues that come about as a result of political and territorial issues. A conclusion is also drawn from some of these case studies. The studies are quite comprehensive, and it is also possible to come up with a comprehensive solution that is relevant to each case involving territory and constitutional transitions. Sujit Choudhry is well-known when it comes to addressing matters pertaining to constitutional law. He was in charge of writing a policy paper that accompanied the case study. Choudhry also offers some advice on issues relating to the constitution.

As an attorney, Choudhry works at the Center for Constitutional Transitions as the director. He is also the founder of the organization. His primary focus is on matters about governance and building the constitution. Some of the nations that have benefited from the services of Sujit Choudhry include Ukraine, Yemen, South Africa, Nepal, and Tunisia. Sujit Choudhry has also published many research papers, although most of them relate to the constitutional laws in Canada. He has also been addressing people at various distinguished events. He has also managed to gain some cultural diversity since many nations have been seeking his services as a constitutional attorney.

Read more here https://medium.com/@SujitChoudhry

The Perks Of Betterworks New Team Edition

Several enterprises around the world are familiar with the Betterworks name. Betterworks is a software for continuous performance management. Currently, they are in the process of revealing their team edition to customers around the world. This edition is loaded with features, comes as a self-service package, is cost-friendly and has all the tools to meet the performance management needs of enterprises. This edition is great for performance, accountability and alignment for small and midsize enterprises.

Enterprises rely on information about employees to learn and adapt changes that are vital to the success of the entire organization. They need this information to improve. Betterworks team edition allows for them to gather this needed information to improve. Organizations want to fuel performance in workers by highlight their strengths, engaging with them and motivating them. The team edition offers all of these enterprises.

Goal setting is one of the features of the team edition. Team members can join together to create goals and list what goals should be tackled by certain people. Goal setting can be defined with parameters like who will be completing the task and by when. Alignment and corrections is another feature by Betterworks. Lastly, the software has a self-service feature where the customer can get on-demand support.

Betterworks is a tech company what is truly passionate. They have a lot of drive and ambition to change and create the way people perform when working. When you are working, you should feel confident and permanence should improve. This does not always happen. Betterworks is working hard to improve this with their technology. The new team edition will allow teams of people to improve dramatically.

Checkout the Betterworks App For More Ways to Streamline Communication! 


Todd Levine: Expert Commercial Attorney

Todd Levine has provided legal advice and services to many different businesses throughout his career but he has a particular interest in commercial real estate law. He s seen as an expert in the field on the topic which is why so many people go to Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine. At this firm, Todd Levine is both a co-founder and a partner at the firm. Some of the types of people that the attorney works with at his practice include property managers, investors, and property managers to name a few. The attorney may be focused on real estate, but he still works with finance arrangements and investment partnerships. Todd Levine is a 1998 graduate of the University of Florida where he earned his bachelor’s degree in finance before earning his law degree at the Flordia Levin College of law of which he graduated from in 1991.

Something that attorney Todd Levine has always been talented at is the concept of simplifying complex concepts into a series of simple factors that can be addressed individually. Being able to do this makes it easier to get the point across to judges and other parties that are involved in the situation. After he had approached his first case in this manner and won, he began seeking out other cases that could be broken down to something less complex.

There is no typical day for Todd Levine as an attorney as he is always handling different cases or traveling across the state of Florida where he practices out of. His life is extremely busy so he tries to plan for every second of his workday. Even while he is traveling, he is still working by taking phone calls and other tasks. He has to think about what the next days and weeks may bring due to the fact that deadlines are extremely important when it comes to the law. Making lists at the beginning of his day helps Todd Levine stay focused on what tasks need to be done which keeps him more productive as he is able to stay on track.

Find out more here https://www.business.com/advice/member/p/todd-levine/

Jeunesse Global and Kids Foundation Win Honors

Jeunesse Global is a community of members that sell wellness merchandise. The leaders of the company, Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, have been developing and researching skincare, hair, and nutrition for a decade. The work has been paying off. The company is winning awards and recognitions for its products, designs, and effort. A leading officer, Scott Lewis, commented that the recent honors from the Communicator brought Jeunesse Global into the spotlight with other notable businesses, such as Forbes.

The Communicator not only honored Jeunesse Global’s products, but they recognized the company’s efforts in the community. Many people may not know that this beauty business focuses on more than just health and wellness, but they also contribute to charitable organizations. Jeunesse Kids is their own foundation. The goal of the nonprofit is to help children in all countries. Some types of things they sponsor are education and food programs. A video that demonstrated the work a Jeunesse Global team did in India won a Distinction trophy. The movie was only a sample of what the program does. It showed the leaders, Lewis and Ray, working side by side with mothers and fathers. Together they were building a new school with the foundation’s help. A scene showed the original building, which was a small room, and it was filled with children ready to learn.

The Communicator also honored a video production of the Jeunesse Global Expo, which again showed all of the leaders at work. In the Expo movie, the company shed light on new products and what they were bringing to the table in the coming year. To keep competitive, Jeunesse seems to be researching and finding new groundbreaking methods to improve the lives of the clients and team members. This production won the Excellence award, which is the highest honor from the communication’s company.

Other honors the wellness business took home included packing and print recognitions. The company’s YES system includes many products to enhance health and vitality, and some of the items were pulled out individually and honored, such as Reserve, a liquid nutritional supplement, and ReVita Blue, a powdered supplement.


Robert Deignan as a Long Time Technology Entrepreneur

Robert Deignan is a longtime technology professional and entrepreneur. He is the founder and top executive of a leading anti malware company called ATS Digital Services. Before starting his own business, Robert worked in the technology industry where he was a member of a company that sold anti malware software to consumers. Prior to working in the technology industry, Deignan played in the National Football League for a couple of seasons in the late 1990’s. He also attended Purdue University and completed a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership. 

After working in the technology sector, Robert started up a company called ATS Digital Services. This company specializes in providing remote services for eliminating malware. Instead of installing software, the company provides anti malware solutions that are given to consumers from an outside location. As a result, they will not have to worry about having malware prevent the software from being installed. 

In a recent discussion about technology, Robert talked about how you can improve your relationship with it. He said that it was important to keep a few things in mind whenever you are actively using technology. Deignan mentioned that you will need to focus on using one screen at a time, understand that technology can change your thinking and also that it can be addictive. 

When using technology, it is important to use one screen at a time. Using one screen at a time allows you to limit distractions and focus on a particular task. Therefore, anytime you use technology, aim to limit your screen use to only one so that you can be more productive. 

Another thing to keep in mind about technology is that it can change the way you think. Things such as emails, text messages and notifications can alter your focus. As a result, you will likely get distracted and begin to think about other things. However, if you limit the amount of messages that you receive, you will be able to maintain your focus and continue thinking about the things that will make you most productive. 

Technology can be addictive and it is therefore important to limit its use. It is widely known that technology is designed to be addictive and people can therefore get too involved with it. To prevent an addiction to technology, focus on using it only when you need to instead of it being a major part of your daily life.

De-clutter Your Inbox With Unroll Me

One of the troubles of email is receiving flooded with unsolicited messages like notifications from social media accounts, special offers, flight deals, coupons, and a lot more. Although we do not really want those, free offers are still free offers and most often we still want to read it, we just want it out of our inbox. With the app called Unroll Me, there is a better way on how to manage these unsolicited mails and read it in the future. 

What Is Unroll Me?

The Unroll Me app is a simple organization tool that enables you to take control of gray emails. These are emails that you do not really want but at times might be useful. Gray emails are usually from subscriptions services and most often clutter in your inbox and distracting you from focusing on more meaningful email. It is a free email service that combines subscription emails, newsletters, and other gray emails.

With Unroll Me, instead of getting 100 emails, you only get to see one summary email on your inbox. It keeps your inbox organized, de-cluttered, and enables you to see more meaningful messages. Interestingly, getting this free app is free and the controls to organize your inbox are insanely easy. 

How Unroll Me Works

To get this free web service app, you just have to go to the official website of the app and sign up there. This is to activate the email address where you want to use the app and allow Unroll Me to access it. The app works well with Google Apps Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Windows Live, MSN, and AOL mail.

The Unroll Me app analyzes the messages coming in your email account. It also searches for subscriptions and brings to your attention everything that it discovers and allows you to do something about it through three options. Unroll Me enables you to either keep the email in your inbox, unsubscribe from the email, or move the email to Unroll Me Rollup. It also allows you to schedule when you can receive the emails that you moved to Rollup.

You can get these emails either in the morning, midday or at night. Interestingly, you can also schedule its arrival. You can set it monthly, weekly, or daily. These are very useful choices that can help you stay focused on a more important task in your inbox and makes you more proactive.