World Power – George Soros

George Soros is an American billionaire who was born in Hungary August 12, 1930. He lived in pro-Nazi Hungary and also under communist rule. He is of Jewish descent but does not practice his religion. His father was an attorney who changed his name to Soros. The family moved to London where he studied finance at the prominent London School of Economics. He made his fortune in America and is a New York fund manager on Also he is chairman of Soros Fund and Open Society Foundations.

This well-known billionaire is actually a power in politics and supports the Democratic Party. He believes in an open society and freedom of religion. He has reportedly known Hillary Clinton for over 25 years and greatly admires her. He wanted to insure Hillary’s election and after her nomination donated over 25 million dollars to her campaign on His admiration for her and fear of a Trump victory were motivating factors. He was afraid that Trump’s warnings of terrorism would only stimulate more violence.

An interesting note, although not related to the campaign itself, is that George Soros supports such causes as Black Lives Matter. There are rumors that he was behind the protests of Trump’s victory such as “he is not my president”. His foundation denies this and any claim of association with violence.

The dramatic election of Donald Trump and phenomenal defeat of Hillary Clinton has the Democratic Party’s attention at George Soros truly believed that the election of Hillary Clinton’s electoral vote was a “done deal”. He is said to have a hard time accepting that Trump won the election. The Democratic Party is on its toes and is discussing changes. These discussions are being led by the Democratic Alliance of which George Soros has an active role. They contribute heavily to the Democratic Party. They have plans to sabotage the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s term on and any efforts to negate the policies of Barack Obama. The Democratic Party plans to regain the support and trust of the American people and their power in congress.

The first 100 days of Trump’s term should be interesting to say the least. George Soros is not going away. His power and influence will continue to be felt here and in Europe. This powerful man should not be underestimated. We are entering a new era where someone who was basically not involved in politics was elected, So how the Democratic Party deals with this should be engaging getting the full attention of the American people.