Isabel dos Santos- An Inspiration for Women

Isabel dos Santos is an inspiring lady who has managed her businesses quite well by taking care of various aspects. It is important to discuss that women like her are not lazy, and they are always looking for opportunities to feel the best out of them.

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Como apaixonada pelo meu país e pelo meu continente sinto que é meu dever estar na linha da frente da nova era e realidade da economia mundial, defendendo o nosso lugar, tal como fiz neste momento, partilhando um painel de debate com Mikhail Bogdanov, Vice-Ministro das Relações Exteriores da Federação Russa, Apresentador Representante Especial no Médio Oriente. Por isso participo hoje no Russia-Africa Summit, em Sochi, na Rússia. É uma honra para mim poder participar activamente no desenvolvimento do nosso país e continente, procurar novas parcerias e investimentos que nos vão conduzir ao progresso. O sector privado é o futuro para África. Um futuro que está nas nossas mãos 🙌🏾, mas ainda há muito por fazer #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Africa #Angola #economia #investimento #RussiaAfricaSummit #desenvolvimento As passionate about my country and continent I feel it is my duty to be at the forefront of the new era and reality of the world economy, defending our place, as I’ve done here along with Mikhail Bogdanov, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Special Presidential Representative on the Middle East. That's why today I am participating at the Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi, Russia. It is an honor for me to be able to actively participate in the development of our country and continent, to seek new partnerships and investments that will lead us to progress. The private sector is the future of Africa. A future that is in our hands 🙌🏾, but much remains to be done

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Isabel dos Santos is one of these women who are extremely ambitious, and they want to get the best out of life. It is necessary to state that she has worked excessively a lot to establish her businesses despite having her family wealth. Isabel dos Santos mentions in one of her interviews that her businesses have been managed entirely due to her efforts. She did not try to take help from her family to help her, and she has been taking risks herself. So, she inspires others to learn from her and get on their feet to do something in life.

Isabel dos Santos believes that it is not impossible to manage aspects of business by a woman. She has become a role model for those women who feel they cannot do anything without having a man on their side. So, she acts as an encouragement and motivation for these women who want to aim for something big. Isabel dos Santos believes in the power of will and conviction to do something in life. She does not believe in sitting back and just seeing things unfold in front of your eyes. Instead, she thinks that others can perform a big role in changing their lives if they can passionately look for it. She has, therefore, become an example for these people who are looking for ways to do great things in their life. She thinks that they can do this if they are dedicated to performing the tasks in their life.

These goals have been achieved by her after carefully analyzing the aspects of life, which she considered to be important for her. She has become a beacon for such ladies who find darkness in their lives, and they can get the courage to see her. They can change their lives also like her; just a little courage is required to do so!

About Isabel dos Santos:

Isabel dos Santos: Stands For Education and Human Rights

Isabel dos Santos is an African entrepreneur fighting for children’s rights. In a summit held in Russia, she heard how others thought Africa could improve, and she injected what the realities of the situation were.

Dos Santos can speak freely on the subject because she is from Angola, which is a country on the coast of Africa. Her father was the president for some time, and her mother was of Russian descent. Isabel’s family instilled in her a strong desire to serve her country and fellow citizens, and she stood up for them at the Russian event.

Her mother and father saw to it that her education was strong. They sent her to elementary schools in the UK, and Isabel graduated from King’s. With her degree and educational background, she began working for other companies, but today, she is the CEO of her own corporation. Isabel Dos Santos is a part of many businesses in Africa and Portugal today.

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At the Russian conference, Isabel dos Santos discovered that many other leaders and entrepreneurs thought that the biggest problem for the people of Africa was their lack of reading and writing skills. Dos Santos pointed out these rudimentary skills are vital, but they do not take in the whole pictures. She expressed the need for skill development and employment. Teaching someone to read and write can help them, but having something meaningful for them to do with their new skills was even more vital. Isabel Dos Santos let it be known that looking at the simple tasks was not enough. Firms and individuals that want to contribute to the growth of Africa need to think and act big. They need to think about what type of skills will be useful in today’s world and economy.

Isabel dos Santos has long been an advocate for the women and children of her homeland and all of Africa. She believes strongly that they should be allowed the same opportunities as men. In parts of Africa, there are a lot of male-dominated fields. As time progresses and the next generation grows up with new ideas, girls should become further integrated into the workforce and commerce. Source:

Lightspeed’s Venture Capitalist: Ashley Brasier

Ashley Lightspeed always had an interest in projections, building, design and blueprints. The daughter of an architect, Ashley spent much of her youth and collegiate career at Duke drawing sketches of buildings the way her father did. She spent time abroad in Copenhagen and continued to build interest in blueprints, but the way she approached them would change. Shortly after graduating, she began working for Bain consulting firm. Here, she was able to get a taste for client oriented service but craved something more. She wanted to do something more future and tech involved. Something that could utilize her love of blueprinting. See more on Ashley at

After leaving Bain she was on to Thumbtack, the site that helps pair local people with specialists in their area such as contractors, plumbers, landscapers, etc. During her time with the company she served as Category Manager for the Weddings and Events section of the site. A fundraising event lead her to her first big brush with venture capital. The idea of looking ahead excited her and she soon left Thumbtack and attended Stanford GSB. While attending, she worked side consulting projects to financially support herself and hone her skills and passions. It was around this time that she found Lightspeed and took the dive into really helping entrepreneurs with their business models, looking at market trends and building blueprints for financial success. Now a member of the consumer investing team, Ashley works closely with companies in order to enhance their growth strategies. Just as she would draw blueprints with her father in her youth, as a career professional in venture capital, she now draws blueprints for companies’ success. Ashley Lightspeed has built her career upon the foundation of prototyping as a key to learn and adapt through change; helping companies and their leadership thrive and become healthier and more profitable.

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Ashley Lightspeed of Lightspeed Ventures, has what it takes to lead the Digital World

Ashley Lightspeed is a talented entrepreneur and digital media advisor. She currently serves Lightspeed Ventures as one of the partners guiding the way for start-up companies to thrive in today’s world. She is known to have acquired quite the knowledge in different fields that prove helpful in earning a decent livelihood these days.

Ashley Lightspeed knows the arts and media industries and also knows how to run a business effectively. To attain all of the mentioned abilities Ashley first got an undergraduate degree from the Duke University, under its prestigious Arts in Visual and Media program that opened doors for her in the digital world. See more of Ashley at

Prior to working at Lightspeed Ventures, as a consultant and investor of new companies, Ashley began her career at Bain & Company. She worked there as a Senior Associate Consultant, creating prototypes for the company’s customers. After serving the company for many years, Ashley decided to join the workforce of Thumbtack to get experience as a Category Manager.

Her interest in joining the Lightspeed Ventures encouraged her to get a renowned MBA degree from Stanford University and put another star on her resume. She finally joined the Lightspeed Ventures Partners in 2018 as an investment partner. Lightspeed Ventures is a company with a sight of the future that invests and supports the latest ideas and businesses that take over the world and become new trends.

Ashley’s passion is prototyping, which she took on from quite a young age. She still uses prototyping as the principle of the work that she does at Ventures. Another thing that Ashley greatly emphasizes on is craftsmanship which is used to aid a firm in making decisions related to providing valuable products and ideas to its customers.

Ashley Lightspeed is an inspirational businesswoman who has a clear view of how she’s going to change the world with new technology trends for the better.

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Philanthropist Jason Hope And His Work With SENS

 Entrepreneurs are essential in a country for economic development. A successful entrepreneur should be innovative, initiative, have excellent analysis skills, knowledgeable, make efficient decisions and be a team builder. There are exceptional ones like Jason Hope who have futuristic skills ability to see the future market and start developing it before that time. Jason Hope is an extraordinary businessman, a philanthropist and a technology investor who has contributed to the growth of America’s economy and development.

Jason attended University of Arizona state for his degree in Finance and his Master’s in Business Administration. He accumulated knowledge and skills in finance and management, and after his education, he decided to dive into business. Hope got inspired by Mobile technology system as it reached and benefited a vast population. Even though it is not new in the market mobile technology still has space for development and growth.

As a result of this realization, Hope ventured into selling premium services in the text messages, which laid an excellent foundation for his future a researcher in medicine and an entrepreneur in technology while still giving room for his futuristic skills.

Currently, Hope makes money from his technology firms’ portfolio. Initially, he opened a mobile company for communication that resulted in partnerships with industries involved in technology. He can generate money through firms like Search Engine Optimization that offers marketing services, Interactive Software, Business and Computer Systems of Information and Digital Media Solutions, which are in his investment portfolio. Hope have confidence in technology as the future of society.Entrepreneur Jason Hope Invests in Research Against Aging

For Jason Investment in technology is the right way to go for investors, he back this up with his success that didn’t take him long to achieve after his investments. Hope got the motivation to invest in individuals and companies while still building his portfolio after his breakthrough. Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era

Jason built his career on his sense of doubt according to him it’s healthy for any entrepreneur to have that. It benefits one by being on the look-out, makes you think ahead and formulate strategies for overcoming future challenges. He used that doubt as a motivation for his passion for seeing change

Jason delights in donating to an organization that makes positive impacts in human life. He had satisfying moments when he funded SENS Foundation with 500,000$.The fund aided in SENS research that aimed at unlocking secrets to the anti-aging process and advancing future medicine. SENS is also working on ways in which Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer, and respiratory illness can get treated via advanced technology. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Working with Dr. Aubrey De Grey and SENS toward finding treatment in various diseases was a great pleasure and delight for Hope. Jason Hope Helps Push Anti-Aging Efforts Forward

Susan McGalla, Helping Women Become Leaders

Susan McGalla is a business woman who was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Susan McGalla is very well known because she has gained success by doing what most women are not able to do and that is gain executive positions in large male dominate companies.

Susan has had several leadership positions throughout the years in large companies. Some of these companies include American Eagle Outfitters and an executive position with the Pittsburgh Steelers as well. For Susan earning these positions were not a piece of cake; however, she just decided to work as hard as she could so that she could reach her goals.

Gender and ethnicity diversity is very important. Many students have shown that businesses that have gender diversity are almost 20% more likely to do better than businesses that does not have gender diversity. Studies have also shown that businesses with ethnicity diversity are almost 40% more likely to do better than businesses that are only ran with one race. Even though these statics have been published it is still hard to create businesses that are diverse because of some people’s mindsets. It is especially difficult for women to hold executive positions since males are less likely to place women into these positions.

Susan McGalla believes that it is important to create diversity in the work place. There are many women who cannot figure out how to enter executive positions. Susan advises those women to find a professional sponsor. Having a sponsor will give you as a women better opportunities to have better positions. Your sponsor will be able to communicate with the employee to inform them what your are capable of doing. Sponsers will help employers give you assignments to prove your self as beings a strong leader. If you are a women who is serious about your career, locate a sponsor!