Niranjan Shah Represents what Makes America Great

Niranjan Shah like many East Indian emigrants in America has prospered in his new home. He received his bachelor’s degree in India and his master’s degree in Mississippi. He later relocated to Chicago and made his mark on the engineering industry. Niranjan Shah, like many of his fellow countrymen have used the opportunities available in the United States to excel in his Chicago business and prosper.

*Some of the statistics that suggest Indian emigres are some of the hardest working people making up this melting pot are below:

*In 1990, Indians had a $52,908 median income, the highest of all the emigres.

*The worldwide consulting staff is 2% Indian.

*Indians were the most prominent ethnic group in a list of London’s wealthiest families.

*Despite representing only 1% of the population in Hong Kong, Indians own 10% of the exporting businesses.

*In England, Indians own 60% of the retail outlets.

*Indians excel in running hotels and motels. Two well-known Indians, B.U. Patel and H.P. Rama own flourishing hotels: a 440 room Clarion Hotel in San Francisco and a 170-room hotel in Orlando, Florida, respectively.

*Indians commonly hold positions of authority in the consumer banking, investment baking and research.

*Corporate America has many Indians serving as CEOs and other higher executives, such as senior Research and Development Managers. An excellent example would be Vinod Dham, vice president at Intel who hired 400 engineers who later developed the Pentium chip.

*Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, sold it at age 30 and now works in venture capital.

*Umang Gupta sold his software company for $45 million at age 44.

Many Indians obtain their undergraduate degrees in India, but come to America for higher degrees, such as their master’s degree. Niranjan Shah followed a similar path in obtaining his education before moving to Chicago and starting a very successful business. Like many Indians he spoke fluent English before coming to America, so assimilation was without any major effort.

Niranjan Shah is an excellent example of the great things achieved by Indian emigres in the United States. As an entrepreneur he has provided employment for many. As a United States citizen, Shah has contributed to political candidates in Chicago and in the federal government. He has also showed his civic mindedness through serving on college boards, city commissions and hospital boards.

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Long-term success In The Investment Business

Timothy Armour was elected as Chairman of Capital Group in July 2015. He is responsible for Capital Group’s management committee and Capital Research and Management Company. He has a rich 33 years of experience in the field of investment business gained during his employment at Capital Group.

Timothy has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. He began his career at Capital Group as one of the participants in The Associates Program and then diligently worked his way up the ladder.

Capital Group in Los Angeles has many successful partnerships behind its back. In 2015 Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management based in Seoul announced their strategic partnership in order to cooperate and develop active investment strategies for Korea-based institutional and retail investors. Capital Group has the whooping amount of $1.4 trillion in assets, and Samsung Asset Management has $166 billion in AUM. They will work together and develop various retirement solutions as well as asset allocation products in order to enhance Samsung’s active investment capabilities. It was stated by Samsung Asset Management spokesman that the partnership would be a highly beneficial one that will help them achieve their goal of becoming one of Asia’s top three home-grown asset management companies by the year 2020. Janet Yang who is an independent investment research firm analyst gives an A rating to Capital Group. She defines it as a stable and sound investment culture.

In 2016, Timothy Armour wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal which talks about how to find long-term active managers who can greatly contribute to a company. He states that one should not settle for average investing returns. A good, worthwhile manager finds value in a large number of places and thus helps the investors do better than just average. A good manager makes that happen for longer periods of time. They research companies well and make an in-depth analysis about them and continue to educate themselves daily so that they stay on top of the field of investment business. A good manager is also actively social and meets up with people such as investors and competitors alike. Timothy Armour gives a great insight of the matter in his article.


Sam Boraie Continues to Revitalize New Jersey’s Cities through Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a New Jersey-based real estate development firm. Headed by Omar Boraie, the firm is one of the premier development companies in the northeastern United States. Over the last five years, the firm has channeled a significant amount of its efforts in the area. They have spearheaded the development of outstanding properties in the city of New Brunswick. See,

Their efforts are noticeable as their multi-use facilities have attracted new residents as well as small businesses. Boraie Development has also played an integral part in the revitalization of Atlantic City by rousing a boom in real estate development. This has expressly aided in the recovery of the city from the economic downturn.

Boraie Development’s Plan for New Brunswick

Sam Boraie says that his company has completed numerous projects that mark the beginning of its long-term goal of transforming the city of New Brunswick. Some of the projects that the company has completed include The Aspire (a 238-unit high-rise near the New Brunswick Train Station), One Spring Street (a 25-story, mixed used space of 400,000 sq ft), The Beach at South Inlet (features 250 residential units), and Albany St. Plaza (features 250,000 sq ft of office space and 20,000 sq ft of retail space).

According to the NY Times, other projects that the company is currently working on include The Rector (a 26-story building with residential units), and The Estates at Waverly Place (this project will result in seven custom homes). Mr. Boraie asserts these projects will transform New Brunswick into a major economic hub.

Since these projects are huge and require substantial financing, the company has partnered with different investors (both individual and institutional) to speed up their implementation. Thanks to the company’s huge campaign, new investors have shown interest in their long-term plan to make New Brunswick an economic hub. According to Rutgers Magazine, Shaquille O’Neal (a former NBA star) was the first to respond to the campaign.

Philanthropic endeavors

Besides dedicating most of his efforts to their family business, Boraie has also dedicated his life to supporting charitable initiatives. A good example of his outside beneficiary is the State Theatre New Jersey where he is a trustee.

The State Theatre puts on several yearly productions in different cities in New Jersey. For this to be successful, they rely heavily on charitable aids, most of the time this aid comes from the Boraie Development Company or the Boraie family. Sam is also involved with Elijah’s Promise, a charitable institution that strives to discontinue the poverty cycle in communities in New Jersey.

Elijah’s Promise aims at terminating hunger, creating businesses that stimulate social prosperity, providing healthy and hygienic foods, and empowering the locals to get stable and sustainable employment opportunities.


My Favorite Makeup Products From Lime Crime

I really love makeup. Makeup lets me play around with my look each day. One day I can put on a formal look that is just right for my college classes. The next day I might pick out something that is right a date when I want something a little wilder. On weekdays, I look for makeup that is perfect when I’m at part-time job and I need to look sharp for our clients at the law office. So I look for places to buy makeup all the time.

Lime Crime

One of my favorite places to buy makeup is Lime Crime. Lime Crime has all kinds of fun products you can buy. I typically buy several makeup products each year. A friend of mine recommended that I check them out. She said they had all kinds of fun items. I’ve found this to be very true. I have a extensive list of products I like to buy there a few times a month.

Unicorn Lipsticks

Lipstick is one of most essential products for my look. I like to have a lot of lipstick around to help me have colors on hand for all occasions. Some of my favorite lipsticks of all time the unicorn lipsticks from Lime Crime. The ultra pigmented, semi-matte products are just perfect for the times when I want to make a fun fashion statement and be who I am. I really like how the softer colors of this line are subtle but still manage to stand out. I also like how there are so many colors available. I can pick and choose from shades including banana yellow, mint green, vibrant orange and Malibu pink. So if I’m feeling really in a feminine and girly mood one day I can have coral nude to wear. The next day, I might feel a little bolder. Then I would opt for the black. I also like the other kinds of lipsticks available in this line including the one with a slightly more vivid look. I know that I’m going to have a huge selection whenever I want from Lime Crime.

Danger! Kyle Bass is Predicting Again!

Kyle Bass the founder and CEO of Hayman Capital Management is spouting a new theory in a CNBC interview, and this time his target is China. Mr. Bass claims that Chinese Banks have grown too fat, and the result will be big losses on loans. In fact, Mr. Bass is predicting that the entire Asian financial market is going to decline as a result of the hefty Chinese banking industry. He is predicting two years of trouble for Asian lenders, and he is including the Japanese in his theory.

Also, Mr. Bass claims that even though the Chinese banking industry is overweight, the Chinese government is committed to the recapitalization of its banking industry. What that means is only double digit growth will end, and if the double digit growth dies out in China, the rest of Asia will follow in its footsteps. Asian banks have grown 400 percent in less than a decade, and they have grown to four times their GDP. He claims the Chinese banks will lose all their equity, but the financial institutions of other Asian countries will bail them out.

In the same interview, apart from Asian collapse, he is still predicting that he will have his way with the patent challenges here in the United States. He claims they are bad pharmaceutical patents and he’s filed over 30 challenges against these so-called bad patents. Mr. Bass had already made his views clear on the patent challenges in different interview at Useful Stooges. He then said, he was in it for the money, and the scheme is nothing more than an opportunity to take over pharmaceutical companies when the patent challenges cause their stocks to drop.

Mr. Bass then expounds on his predictions about the oil industry, and he is bullish on oil. He claims U.S. oil production will drop one million barrels a day by next year. He says, we better hope that Iran can pump enough to cover our loss. He doesn’t believe the Saudi’s can pump out any more oil than they already are pumping. His prediction for the equity market is expecting the Federal Reserve to raise rates.

This is the same Kyle Bass who Useful Stooges reports, supports the corrupt dictatorship of Cristina Kirchner in Argentina, and supports their failure to repay their sovereign debt at the cost of fellow American financiers. It was also brought to the public’s attention in the same interview, that Kyle Bass’s support of General Motor’s in its recent litigation over fatal airbag failures is due to his own interests in General Motors. On national TV he accused motorist of being at fault for the fatalities and injuries resulting from the airbag failures due to drunkenness of the drivers.

Shaygan Kheradpir Has Had Success Through His Ambition

Years of studying hard paid off greatly for Shaygan Kheradpir, and he was able to do many big things for the companies that he worked for because of all that he learned while attending Cornell University. He got his doctorate there, and he has been able to take all that he learned through the years and use it for good. Not only was he able to help to develop some great products for the companies that he worked for, previously, but he is also now able to serve as CEO of an independent technology company. He’s been able to do some big things throughout his career, and many people have come to respect him for that.
There are some people who should be looked up to for how ambitious they have been in their careers since the very beginning, and Shaygan Kheradpir is definitely one of them. He’s proven that hard work can pay off in big ways. He put his all into studying, and now he has put his all into his career, as well. He has made sure to do everything in the best possible way, and everyone who wants to have a good career should consider that and do the same.
There is no telling what can be done when one is smart and ambitious. Shaygan Kheradpir of Juniper has always been both of those things, and he has been able to accomplish a lot because of that. And he is only going to keep learning and growing as he continues in his career. He’s the kind of man who knows that there is never a point in which his career is good enough, and he has continued to press onward and do better things in his career with each passing day.
Everyone who wants to do good things in regard to technology, or in any field, should be looking to Shaygan Kheradpir for inspiration. They should consider the fact that he put in many years of schooling, and they should consider all of the places that he has worked for. They should realize that there are many steps that will need to be taken in order for one to get to a good place in their career, but they should also realize that every step that they take will be well worth it once they are able to have the kinds of success that Shaygan Kheradpir has had.

James Dondero Is A Man Of Success

I have interacted with many successful investment personalities across the world. One of such people is James Dondero, the founder and president of Highland Capital Management Firm. It is not in my veins to write about people but James Dondero’s success in capital investment drove me nuts. We met in 2015 at Agora Financial Investment Symposium, a platform dedicated to delivering investment ideas and connecting entrepreneurs to industry experts and investors. The symposium has a good reputation as the world’s number one investment research conference. Each year, Agora Financial Investment Symposium attracts renowned speakers such as James Dondero to offer a day-and-a-half lectures on stock markets and investment ideas.

I’m writing today because I would like to share James Dondero’s successful career path. His journey towards prosperity will motivate you to succeed in whatever you are doing. Mr. Dondero started his career journey immediately after graduating from University. He had pursued accounting and finance degree at the University of Virginia’s business school. His desire for education didn’t end after graduation. He has managed to pursue other courses that have enabled him to earn several certifications. Some of the notable certification that I found listed in his LinkedIn profile includes Certified Management Accountant, Certified Chartered Economist, Certified Public Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst.

Dondero’s employment history on Nexbank started when he got a job as a financial analyst at Morgan Guaranty’s training program. After working at the institution for many years, James wanted to look for other challenging positions. He resigned from Morgan Guaranty’s training program and got a job as Corporate Bond Analyst at the by the American Express. James wanted to climb the career ladder as quickly as possible. He was poached by Protective Life to work as the Chief Investment Officer. This is the highest position that any person would be interested in serving. He found himself at the helm of managing the firm’s assets of over $2 billion.

James’s career goal was to have one of the leading capital investment firms in the United States. He left his prestigious position at a Protective Life to establish Highland Capital Management Firm. He opened the company’s first office in Dallas Texas. At first, the company acted as an alternative to credit management. After establishing a global reach of several clientele bases, the firm started to offer credit strategies through separate accounts, private equity, collateralized loan obligations, hedge funds and long-only funds.

If you ask me, I will tell you that Mr. Dondero is one of the experts to contact for advice on investments ideas. Through his advice, I have been able to know how, when and where to invest my funds, how to save and lend wisely and make informed investment decisions.

James advises individuals and companies on how to grow their wealth by use of adverse financial investment opportunities such as natural resources, short-term equities, long-term equities and emerging markets. I prefer Highland Capital Management Firm because of their good reputation in matters of capital investment.

Susan Mcgalla, an American Businesswoman and Executive Consultant from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Susan McGalla is the P3 Executive Consulting founder and currently offers expert insight based on her wide experience in fashion industry. Her career started at the American Eagle Outfitters whereby she held numerous management positions in-between 1994 and 2009. She additionally served as the American Eagle President at the finishing of her time in the company. Susan sits on various boards such as HFF Inc, which a publicly traded firm is giving business real estate services including the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research-Institute & Foundation. She has been a former trustee of Pittsburgh University and a director at Allegheny Conference for Community Development.

Susan started her profession at Joseph Horne firm where she operated in different marketing & managerial positions from between 1986 and 1994 and later joined the American Eagle Outfitters that year. She commenced her career as divisional merchandise as the purchaser for women’s clothing where she worked at the firm in various managerial duties. Later she was promoted as the President of the company and CMO (Chief Merchandising Officer). As the American Eagle President, Susan of oversaw the starting of the firm’s aerie and 77 other brands. She later left American Eagle Inc during January 2009 where she became a personal consultant for retail & financial investment industries. In October 2009, Susan was appointed to the HFF Inc Board of Directors. In January 2011, she succeeded Ed Thomas as the CEO of Wet Seal Inc and after leaving Wet Seal Inc, she started her own private firm: P3 Executive Consulting. Currently, she is the Strategic Planning & Growth Director for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan was born and brought up in East Liverpool, Ohio together with her two brothers whereby her father was a coach for a local football club. She acquired a Bachelor’s degree in business & marketing at Mount Union College where she presently serves as part of the Board of Advisors. Susan is a wife to Stephen McGalla a prosperous manager. There is no privacy behind her success as the Pittsburgh-based business person entail a career history that is accompanied by dedication, hard work, and dedication. She is an expert in business management, fashion branding, and retail positioning.

Her innate confidence and tireless work ethic pulled various job offers although she left vacated on her person terms to become an individual consultant dealing with retail & financial investment industries. Nevertheless, the corporate world took her back when the surviving Wet Seal Inc gave her a CEO Job. In the time with Wet Seal, Susan was tasked with reinventing the firm. She researched, established and executed a full brand plan position where she launched a 3 to 5 year yearly budget, creative and strategic planning progress. Later Susan focused her proficiency in building her brainchild (p3 Executive Consulting). The key players in the financial world come to her whenever they seek for answers about retail & clothing fields. Her all-inclusive Consulting provides advice to clients in marketing, branding, talent management and product merchandising among others. Susan emphasizes of owning her person victory because of keeping away from “glass ceiling” and rather concentrating on her work.


Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas Texas and was started back in the year 1993. It is more of a private company with private equity. Since it is a huge company, it has been split into several branches like structured investments and distressed funds. Since it deals with alternative investments, it majorly deals with emerging markets, natural resources, short term equity and long-term equity. It has also managed to accumulate a very large client base that consists of governments, corporations, and financial institutions. It majorly specializes in incomes that are hedged and fixed. Its success in the industry has enabled it to accumulate a vast value of assets amounting to $18.7 billion. They have also in the recent past opened two international branches in London and Singapore.

Highland Capital Investment is headed by an individual known as Jim Dondero, who is not only the co-founder but also the current president of the company. His career looked a little shady at the beginning when he took up the position of being an analyst. After several transformations, he later became the portfolio manager and at the same time he also ventured into investment. His investment was channeled to cars whereby he ventured in Collateral Loan Obligation, which is best known as CLO. Before he joined Highland Capital Investment, he used to work at the GIC Company. His prowess was impeccable as he had managed to accumulate assets that were worth $2 billion dollars that he managed and took great care of. James Dondero had a portfolio management that comprised of derivatives, loans, and bonds. He also took up a position in American Express as an employee where he stayed for only a short period. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia with a degree in Finance and Accounting. It should also be noted that while at Virginia University, he was able to clinch the highest honors which are Beta Gamma Sigma and Beta Alpha Psi. He has now perfected the field of being a credible analyst and management accountant. Apart from that, he has taken very honorary positions like in the American Banknote and MGM Board of Directors. James Dondero has also been of assistance in terms of ideology in CCS where he holds a position on the board of directors. He also boasts of the long experience that he has gained over the years (30 years) in the credit and equity market platform.

Next Point Residential best referred to as NXRT appointed James Dondero alongside Arthur Laffer to be in the team of Board of Directors. This is a company that is responsible for managing families with middle-income salaries. One of the greatest moves of Highland Capital Market has been the decision it made to buy NextPoint Credit Strategies Fund for an alleged price of $8.79 per share. Their desires for growth and expansion oversaw them raise their stakes to purchase further a very large amount of next point’s shares that amounted to 113,799 shares. This was considered to be a very big move by James Dondero, who was particularly in charge of initiating this deal.

Get Luxury Men’s Shoes From Paul Evans

A well made pair of italian shoes is something that all people like. Shoes that conform to the ball of the foot and fit well in other areas are shoes that people can cherish and wear often. Such shoes can also serve as the basis for a foundation that allows the owner of the shoes to feel well dressed and confident no matter what they are doing at any given time frame. Shoes that fit properly are also shoes that can help anyone walk more easily. A pair of shoes that conform directly to the owner’s curves can also make any outfit tha the owner is wearing look even better.

A pair of luxury men’s shoes are typically crafted from the finest materials available. Such shoes are made from high quality leather that will last a long time and continue to look good. Many such pairs are crated from various types of leather that are brought together to create a pair of shoes that have many colors and layers of texture that help contribute to the overall impression of shoes that help the wearer look well coordinated and powerful. Such shoes are often made by hand by artisans who may spend a great deal of time just to create a single elegant pair for sale. The resulting shoes will often feel great when the wearer wears them.

Someone who is looking for the right pair of shoes will want to work with a company that is devoted ot providing customers with access to such high quality items. One such company is Paul Evans. This company provides their customers with access to shoes that have been crafted from the finest available materials by artisans who are dedicated to helping customers enjoy shoes that will fit well and last a lifetime. The shoes at Paul Evans are readily available for a price that many people are pleasantly surprised to discover that they can easily afford. Purchasing a pair of men’s luxury shoes from Paul Evans can be the ideal way to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or a wedding anniversary.

A pair of shoes of this type can become something that the user owns and passes down to another person. Wearing a pair of luxury men’s shoes can also be a sign to others that the owner of the shoes is someone who undersands and appreciates the finer things in life. Those who wear such shoes convey to others that they are discerning customers who value quality and understand what high style means. Buying a pair of shoes of this kind can also demonstrate to others that the wearer has a sense of personal style that is timeless and elegant.