Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall Uplifts Economy

Roberto Santiago is from Joao Pessao. He got his education at Pio X-Marist College and finished his Business Administration degree from Joao Pessoa’s University Centre. He commended his professional career at the Café Santa Rosa, which is a manufacturing firm in Brazil. After some time, he resigned from his job at Café Santa Rosa to establish his own business – Cartonnage, which is a trade that specifically deals in the sales of cartons crafted from cardboard.

Then Roberto Santiago entered the real estate, and he purchased a parcel of land where he proceeded to construct the Manaira Mall. The said mall occupied 75,000 meters of land within Joao Pessoa City, and it took a couple of years for him to make his dream a tangible one. The Manaira shopping mall was formally opened in 1989 and houses about 280 stores which comprises of a gym, a college, financial institutions, numerous shopping stores, a food court, and gaming area.

Manaira is known because of the popular Domus Hall which is well situated at the rooftop of the shopping mall. The said hall has sufficient space for graduation ceremonies, exhibitions, conferences, and weddings. It has four thousand seats that can be big enough for standing individuals as plenty as ten thousand. The hall is equipped with high-end music systems, has soundproof walls, and air-conditions.

In an attempt to modernize the shopping complex, Manaira is also constructed with gaming zones for children and adults, which is ideally situated at 18,000 ft. The said area contains 200 modern betting machines along with numerous restaurants that serve an assortment of food for the various taste inclinations of the customers

The Manaira Shopping Mall’s location was cleverly selected by Roberto Santiago in order to provide shoppers with a great view since it is constructed in-between two beaches. The mall likewise possesses a parking lot that is approximately 135 feet that can accommodate around 3,000 vehicles.

When 2013 came, Roberto Santiago again built a shopping mall which he named Mangeira. It is quite similar to the Manaira because of its diverse content settings that similarly has the same significant commercial bearings. The two mall complex swayed the commercial development of the area positively since numerous business companies migrated to the city enhancing its economy. Aside from this, plenty of employment opportunities were created because of the malls’ presence, and the land value within and around the surrounding areas increased considerably. The convenience given by the cited developments in the city attracted people to settle within the surrounds for the convenient lifestyles it offers.

As the living standards continue to improve, Roberto Santiago takes the lead in providing quality services and satiating entertainment activities customers tend to look out for.

James Dondero-Supporting the CommunityJames Dondero-Supporting the Community

It was announced by James Dondero, President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, that the firm has gifted $1 million to help The Family Place. The Family Place is a prominent organization in the Dallas area that supports families affected by violence. The money will help the organization to raise the remaining $2.8 million needed for its Legacy Campaign over the next six months.


The grant will match 50% of any funds raised for the campaign upto a total of $1 million. The Family Place has raised and additional $200,000 to go towards the Legacy Campaign which will be matched by Highland’s grant up to $100,000. Highland’s grant will ensure that the Family Place will have the money it needs to meet its goals.


According to James Dondero, it’s the civic community that makes things happen and Highland Capital Management is proud to invest in community programs that will better them in the long run.


The Legacy Campaign is building a new Counseling Center in Central Dallas that will provide care to those that are victims violence within their family. It has been named to honor Ann Moody and will include 13 shelter rooms, a dental and medical clinic, counselling groups, a hotline/call center, and spaces for job training.


The building will help well over 2,000 victims every year and will house the Be Project. The Be Project provides education on teen dating violence and bullying prevention and reaches more than 6,000 students every year. The facility will even provide a place for family pets to reside for the abused families and will have an on-site center dedicated to child development.


James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management and under his guidance, Highland Capital Management has gained about $14.9 billion in assets and has become affiliated with NexPoint Residential Trust, NexPoint Capital, NexPoint Advisors, Acis Capital Management, and NexPoint Capital . Dondero has well over 30 years of experience.


In 2014 Highland Capital Management has been recognized as a 5-star designation for Global Allocation and has been top ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund by Morningstar.