Daniel Taub Has Been A Successful Ambassador For Israel And Is Highly Revered By The People

Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Britain, is one of the leading diplomats for his country, is an Orthodox Jew, and one of the most popular envoys Israeli has ever known.

He has established strong relations between Israel and Britain and spent time with businessmen in the world of academics. He considers his job a way of making people understand the views of Israel and the Israeli people. He does this with thoughtful discussions and cooperation.

Daniel Taub recognizes the turmoil in the Middle East and the complications of the situation. He believes the people of the region must be treated with humility since we are unable to dictate the events occurring in the area. He focuses on what is important to Israel and the agreement with Iran. He admits the situation does concern him because of the nuclear capabilities of the country.

He says the peace agreements with Jordan and Egypt are resilient and he believes they will hold. He sees the challenge other countries are facing in their ability to move forward together and feels these are opportunities that must be built upon. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

Daniel Taub wants the opportunities with America to be nurtured and commends America for the latest technology they have supplied to Israel. He feels Britain’s relation with the Labor Parties needs to be examined for the good relations of the past to be reestablished.

He does not think showing progressive support for Israel should be complicated. Despite the upheavals he believes an Israeli-Palestinian accommodation is possible. He does not feel withdrawal is an option until the security needs of Israel have been met.

Daniel Taub fights against anti-Semitism and has seen positive developments in Egypt. There was a promising story on Egyptian TV concerning an Egyptian Jewess he believes made a positive statement. Learn more about Daniel Taub: https://www.bloomberg.com/authors/AC5IR9iOgJI/daniel-taub

He considers himself an ambassador to the Court of St James’s and not the Jewish community although he acknowledges the importance of the community and their concern for Israel. He is aware of the generosity offered in medical, academic, and social projects and has faith in their work.

Daniel Taub and his wife Zehava held in affection by the Jewish community and he accepts all invitations when able. He speaks with the people and even when he disagrees he sees value in their opinions. He knew when he became an ambassador it would be demanding and for a limited time so knowing his role will soon cease is not an unhappy surprise.


David McDonald is A Man of Simplicity & Passion

David McDonald is the kind of man who feels passionate about few things. He is a simple man who loves his family, his hometown, and his White Sox. There is one thing that McDonald is passionate about though, and that is high quality, value added proteins and other commodity food products to leading distributors and end market retailers all over the world. As such he is in a perfect position as president of the OSI Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of such protein based food products.

The products that are offered by OSI range from sausage links to beef patties and everything in between. There is also a growing business in meat alternative for markets such as India, Indonesia, and the middle east. The company is privately held and currently operates more than 50 facilities in 17 countries with two more facilities opening in china in the next year. Not a bad place to be for a company that started as Otto & Sons Meats in the late 60’s and was for the longest time the biggest supplier of beef patties exclusively to McDonald’s Systems for use in their signature Quarter Pounder and Big Mac Sandwiches.

There are other things that matter to McDonald though, his family being at the top of that list. He also feels very strong in his desire to help make the world a better place through his extensive work with non-profits and other philanthropic endeavors. He is still an avid supporter of Iowa State University, where he got his Bachelors of Science in Business in 1987. He is a member of Alpha Gamma Ro and is still active in the organization, helping to foster a sense of purpose and achievement in the next generation of leaders that will come forth from its stories and prestigious ranks.

He is a leader with an extensive background of success, being recruited directly into the position of OSI president from his time at Iowa State. Even to this day is passionate about a spirit of growth and engagement to the challenges of the future. It is in that philosophy that he strives to make OSI better every single day to learn more about us: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group click here.

David McDonald is a man who enjoys simple pleasures, but maintains an undying passion for his industry, and for helping others to be their best. He is a great example of a leader who knows how to stay grounded, even when success has lifted him up high.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is the passionate founder and managing partner of JMH Development. JMH is a luxury real estate development company that focuses on building in historic districts. Jason Halpern has a passion for the adaptive reuse of historical buildings; such as the Starwood Aloft Hotel in South Beach that opened in June 2015.The Hotel features an outdoor pool, roof deck, 24-hour fitness center, and 2,349 square foot meeting space, and it is located only one block from Miami Beach. Another example of Jason’s passion for historic buildings is 184 Kent Street.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

The building was purchased as a turn of the century warehouse in Brooklyn and was then converted into 340 luxury rental apartments. The building was originally constructed in 1913 and was successfully renovated by JMH Development in 2011. For their efforts in building the Starwood Aloft Hotel and 184 Kent Street in Brooklyn, the company received the 2015 Americas Lodging Investment Summit Award and the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award respectively.

Jason Halpern with Crunchbase Production

While Jason Halpern is known for the role that he plays at JMH Development, he is also an active philanthropist, and he has allotted a lot of his time and money to help the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical. Jason’s passion for philanthropy has carried over to his work with JMH Development where he recently started a partnership with global water non-profit charity: water, providing water to over 650 Ethiopian and Nepalese people. This partnership allows for JMH to pay twenty thousand dollars to the charity for every contract signed at the Miami-based residential development. Jason continues to pursue philanthropy and to help those around him.

Ricardo Tosto, Honing The Practice Of Brazilian Law

Brazil is home to an extraordinary number of practicing lawyers. In fact, only the United States has more lawyers per capita. This is due to the predominance of law schools in the region. In Brazil, if you have a legal problem with a business or a civil matter; this means that there are many established law firms willing to take on new cases. For each type of lawyer in the country, there is a focus area, which allows for a dedicated practice.

Unlike the legal education in the US, there’s a Minister of Education who oversees the progressive quality of study courses. Guidelines are in place to ensure that students receive the proper education needed to pass the bar examination. Aspiring Brazilian lawyers must have their education approved, prior to being allowed to sit for the bar. Since 2012, the newspaper, Folha de S.Paulo helps prospective students select the best law school by publishing a list of the Top Ten Universities. It’s also important that the schools offer courses needed for specialty areas of law.

Brazilian lawyer, Ricardo Tosto is one such individual who practices a specialized discipline. Ricardo Tosto decided that general practice wasn’t for him, instead he chose Administrative Law, Election Law, Commercial Law and Civil Law. He litigates cases regarding credit recovery, financial institution contract resolution, Acquisition and Bankruptcy Review and Commercial Restructuring and Reorganization. The legal skills of Ricardo Tosto have earned industry recognition, he was nominated as the best lawyer in Brazil. And his law firm, Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, received commended acknowledgment by the Brazilian Editorial Publication, Análise 500. The publication compiles a survey, which names “the 500 most admired law firms.”Also, Ricardo Tosto was selected as one of 2017 best Latin lawyers. The annual list recognizes the top 250 lawyers of Hispanic origins. Although Brazilian lawyers are many in number, very few have reached the elite professional accreditation as Ricardo Tosto. His professional associations include: founding member of the Brazilian Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies and he’s a member of the International Bar Association.

Don Ressler Believes In Taking Advantage Of The Fitness Boom

Don Ressler is well aware that the fitness boom has taken over the world. This booming wellness industry has projected that the U.S. apparel market for athletes will cross over $100 billion by 2020.

Hence athletic wear is not just a clothing trend, but a lifestyle now. This is why the Fabletics brand has been able to find a unique niche in this crowded space on Pando.com. They have a unique e-commerce business model to provide technically precise athletic wear that is cheaper than the competition. Next is a co-founder like Kate Hudson who can have her influence as a style icon.

Fabletics is a part of JustFab which is a portfolio of brands. JustFab has generated $500 million in sales this year. The Co-CEO of JustFab is Don Ressler who knows how to make all the right moves for this brand.

He has the unique ability to be able to spot trends. Don Ressler and his wife have a passion for fitness. They wore athletic wear a lot and realized the huge gap in the market. Besides, these were not very fashionable. Also, they were really overpriced. He got together with his business partner, Adam Goldenberg. They mapped out the business as they saw its huge potential. They knew that people want comfortable clothes, in which they look good too. But they are not willing to pay exorbitant amounts for them. Hence Don Ressler decided to carve out space here.

They met with Kate Hudson. She had a vision for a lifestyle brand that was fashionable, and this is how Fabletics came about.

Fabletics has become a key player today in this category. It is a fashion-athletic brand. They are not focusing on being a yoga brand or a tennis brand or a cycling brand. This is a premium product that provides great performance. But it is fairly priced when compared to its competitor. Besides, it is a stylish product available at a price that allows people to feel good while buying it.

Don Ressler also spoke about the fact that they have made online shopping fun and stylish. But they are well aware of the fact that many people are not comfortable doing online shopping. This is why the brick and mortar stores are an integral part of their business model. This way Fabletics is able to reach out to all kinds of customers at varying levels.

Read more: Don Ressler Is Part Of The Incredible Success Of JustFab And Fabletics

Your Career in Technology

Over the past couple of years, the industry of technology has gone through a lot of changes. With all of the innovation in the market, companies must make investments where they count. Over the years, Eric Pulier has worked hard to develop a great reputation in the field. Not only that, but he is ready and willing to make a difference in the lives of there people in this area of business. If you are ready to build wealth at a high level, make sure to take a look at what he is doing in this area. Eric Pulier has proven that he has the knowledge and the skills that you need to make an impact in the lives of other people. Click Here to learn more.


Eric Pulier


From the time he started in business, Eric Pulier has always wanted to help other people get to a new level in their career. There are a lot of people who are exited about the changes that are coming to the business. Not only that, but he is ready and willing to help those people when the times comes. Throughout his career, Eric Pulier has always wanted to help other people get to a new level in their life. He believes that you can drive innovation and value in these areas if you are willing to work hard on the process. Overall, he is a great person to learn from because he is willing to take the time to teach you how to succeed in various areas.


Final Thoughts


Overall, Eric Pulier is a great leader in the world of software and technology. He has had a hand in various areas of business, and this experience allows him to make a huge difference in the lives of other people. With all of the changes that are going on in the world of business, now is a great time to start preparing for the future. If you are someone who wants to change the way that you are making a difference in the lives of others, you need to figure out how you can find something you are passionate about.




Learn More About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein works as an Israel philanthropist and a real estate specialist. He is also a partner in Hager Pacific. Milstein with his wife Gila launched Milstein Family Foundation in 2000.


Milstein was raised in Israel. His father Hillel Milstein worked as an estate developer. Milstein has served in the Israel Defense Forces, which is a mandatory requirement in Israel. Later on, he enrolled in Technion. He graduated with a degree qualification in economics and business from the institution.


During his studies, he worked alongside his parents in growing and developing the family’s real estate business.


Milstein got married to Gila in 1974. Immediately after that, the family moved to the United States. In 1983 he advanced his education and graduated with a master’s degree in business administration. In the United States, he worked hard as a sales professional for commercial real estate.


Adam Milstein is among the leading influencers of Do-Gooders. He was also named to the list of the individuals who have contributed immensely in philanthropy globally.


On the list,Adam Milstein is named No. 187, which is based on his Facebook and Twitter accounts. He is the chairman and also co-founder of the Israeli-American Council. He leads other prominent Jewish organizations such as Hasbara Fellowships, Campus Coalitions, StandWithUs and AIPAC.


On the list, he is categorized among topmost world leaders who have embraced philanthropy like Bill and Melinda Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Trump. Others include Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.


Milstein sees philanthropy as one of the most important things in his life, and he is happy to be included in the list.


The primary goal of Milstein Foundation is to advance the mission, which is based on two pillars: the nation of Israel and strengthening the Jewish people. The foundation embraces the principle of active philanthropy and funding of projects that impact the community positively.


Milstein Family Foundation strengthens the Jewish people by igniting their pride and providing Americans who support Israel with expertise and knowledge. The knowledge is critical in promoting advocacy for the state of Israel and also in the bolstering of the alliance between the United States and Israel.