Academy of Art University and Fashion Design for Disabled

The Academy of Art University is the biggest privately owned art college in the United States, measured by the number of students. The school is based in San Francisco and has close to 16,000 students enrolled in the school. The school was established in 1929. The school originally began as a school for advertising art, before branching out to other area of art, design and media instruction.

Today, the Academy of Art University trains students in the areas of communications, design and the arts. The school maintains an inclusive admission policy and accepts nearly all of its applicants. The school believes that there should be no barriers between students and an art education. The school has over 1,400 teachers on staff, including 283 full-time teachers.

The Academy of Art University has both regional and national accreditations. The president of the university is Elisa Stephens, who is the granddaughter of the founder of the school. The school has nearly 30 degree programs at all levels, including associate’s, undergraduate and master’s degree. The school also offers continuing education programs for those who simply just want to take a class. The school also offers courses online, but certain degree programs are only available on campus.

Recently, Academy of Art University graduates participated in a panel that discussed the issue of inclusive design for fashion. The main topics of discussion revolved around whether to design fashion for smaller and more select audiences, or to branch out to target many different groups outside of the traditional mainstream, including persons with disabilities. Much of the discussion centered on how to properly design fashion for the disabled.

The panelists were all alumni of the Academy of Art University who are disabled in some way. They were able to share personal insights and stories about the intersection between design and disability, and they were in an excellent vantage point to know the challenges faced when designing for disabled. Fashion design for the disabled is a growing market, because as many of 20 percent of Americans have some sort of disability.

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Boris Ivanov And Gazprom Set Sights On Africa’s Untapped Gas Reserves

The fact that Africa has numerous untapped gas reserves is well-known, but breaking into these markets has presented a challenge for some of the larger oil and gas companies. Some of the more common challenges are associated with legal regulations that are unique to each country as well as the profound cost associated with establishing infrastructure in some of these areas. Recently, Boris Ivanov Gazprom has proudly announced the discovery of a huge Algerian reserve, and it intends to expand its market reach as a result.

Boris Ivanov leads Gazprom and has plans for growth in Portugal and Spain. Up to this point, Boris Ivanov Gazprom has provided as much as 30 percent of the European gas supply, but this has not included Portugal and Spain. The new Algerian well has produced up to 75,000 cubic meters of product per day, which is sufficient for breaking into these markets.


Algeria is not the only African country that is receiving attention from Boris Ivanov Gazprom. This is a Russian company that is state-controlled, and it is also focusing on tapping into reserves in Nigeria, Namibia and Libya. In fact, it plans to open 18 new wells in the upcoming year. Boris Ivanov Gazprom has successfully found ways to maneuver through the complicated legal structures in these and other African markets. One of the strategies that has been successful for the company thus far is partnering with smaller gas companies that are established in these areas. Some of the firms that Gazprom has partnered with or is positioning itself to partner with are Tullow Oil, Sonatrach, Equinox and Namcor.

The cost of accessing these reserves also must be taken into account. According to Boris Ivanov, Gazprom may spend up to or more than $1 billion for infrastructure related to the Kudu offshore site in Namibia. Nonetheless, the company is moving forward with the projection that this cost will be more than recouped in the future.

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Igor Cornelsen Relies On His Principles To Invest

In the glamorous city of Curitiba in southern Brazil, Igor Cornelsen was born on October 4, 1927.

When he was a young man, he went to eh Federal University of Parana and finished at this university in 1970.

After graduating from university, he was quite in demand as he had the ability to make complicated calculations like equations with compound interest rates in his mind. This was considered a sought-after ability as there were no convenient office computers to make his complicated calculations.

After looking through all the offers, he thought his skills would be best used as an investment at Multibanco. To work at this company, he had to move to Rio de Janeiro. He quickly became a part of the board of directors in 1974 and a CEO in 1976. By 1976. he had only been out of college for six years.

Before founding his own firm, he worked for Libra Bank and Chartered Merchant Bank.

In 1995, he started his own firm. This new firm finally allowed to use everything that he he learned in college. He could actually talk to his clients directly in any manner that he wanted to as he was the boss. Since this firm was started, it has been a success.

Igor Cornelsen believes that his success in the marketplace has come from having personal principles. For one thing, he looks at the markets carefully and follows studiously looks at the investment news. He likes to look at developing economies. Developing countries give you the opportunity to buy low and sell high.

Before Igor Cornelsen made a decision, he would make sure that he had all the hard facts and he tries to make sure that these hard facts are based on unbiased information. To him, the best source of information about investment ideas is the news service called Reuters. Reuters has a tendency to be unbiased.

One big difference between Igor Cornelsen and other investors is that he does not take tips from other investors. He does not mind listening to his friends and colleagues, but he will ultimately not take their tips. He thinks that their tips could be biased and that their past experiences could affecting their current judgment.

With his principles, Igor Cornelsen has been able to become a successful investor.

Laerte Codonho Routinely Takes On Powerful Competitors and Wins

One might be tempted to say that the soft drink wars in Brazil are heating up, but then again, this is an industry that has been volatile since its early origins in 1904. The battles for market share against competing brands have always been rough and tumble affairs this South American nation of 209 million people.


Today there are nearly 200 soda companies in Brazil. They’re all fighting hard for market share. The big players still dominate. The largest elephant in the room has long been Coca-Cola, the international behemoth and the king of the soft drink world. Coca-Cola commands a 55% share of the Brazilian soft drink market. Second is AmBev with a 19% share. The third-largest is Brasil Kirin with 5% (Istoedinheiro).


But many smaller, Brazilian born brands have been rising in recent decades, much to the dismay of giants like Coke, Pepsi and AmBev.


One of the most innovative and aggressive upstarts is Dolly, the soda brand created by Laerte Codonho and launched in 1987. Dolly was originally expected to remain a local or regional brand, but industry observers have been surprised at the rapid growth of this home-grown brand. Dolly soon expanded its reach to go from regional to national competitor.


The success of Dolly can be attributed to the marketing wizardry of Laerte Codonho. His knack for making advertising appeals that resonate and drive interest in his line provides a master class on how to launch a successful start-up in a realm where the competition is overwhelming.


As Laerte Codonho´s  company began to grow and gobble up market share, his powerful competitors reacted by employing every tactic they could think of – legal or illegal – to stop the rise in popularity of Dolly. He has been accused falsely of everything from tax evasion to clearing forested areas to set up his manufacturing facilities.


Laerte Codonho has fought back in the courts and the forums of public opinion. Time and again, he has won those battles against enormous odds. While handling these conflicts, Codonho has always found ways to innovate. For example, he was the first to sell diet soda in Brazil.

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QI Group’s Vijay Eswaran: Millionaire Entrepreneur With A Heart Of Gold

Dr. Vijay Eswaran is a well respected, international businessman who is the epitome of success. Born in Malaysia on October 7, 1960, his natural curiosity and drive have taken him around the globe in search of solutions to global business issues. Vijay Eswaran drove a cab to put himself through university at the London School of Economics, where he finished with a degree in socio-economics.

After finishing school Vijay Eswaran opted to travel and explore Europe. His time in a Franciscan monastery was the impetus for him to write his first book called “In The Sphere Of Silence”, a self-help book teaching inward reflection. Always the traveller and in search of higher learning, he was awarded a professional degree from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. It was at this time that Vijay Eswaran developed a keen interest in binary system marketing.

In the interest of adding to his already in-depth knowledge of accounting and marketing principles, he attended the Southern Illinois University where he received his MBA in 1986. At this time, Vijay Eswaran returned to his home country in search of an opportunity to apply his wealth of education and experience. His focus was turned to multilevel marketing (MLM) business models, which eventually lead to his co-founding of the MLM business called the QI Group.

Vijay Eswaran created the QI Group along with his business partner Joseph Bismark. Both men remain as the company’s Executive and Deputy Chairmen. The QI Group is a culturally diverse company that invests in start-ups, educational programs and community development. The company is an active stakeholder and participant in programs that address serious global issues. QI Group is proud to be part of the World Economic Forum.

QI Group believes in giving back to communities and the world at large. As part of the ASEAN community, they are promoting regional growth and helping to support its economic improvement. QI Group is also involved in the Closing The Gap Project to ensure that everyone has access to educational tools and support. As an influential company, QI Group seeks to be a role model for other corporations to follow.

Vijay Eswaran and the QI Group support diversity and inclusion. Their employees include 46 different nationalities, and they promote gender equality, cultural awareness and opportunities for people with disabilities. QI Group is a model for the future of commerce, investing and the world today.

Sujit Choudhry Is a Revered Attorney Who Deals With Constitutional Law

There are periods when territorial disagreements take place. Some essays have also been composed to explain some of the challenges that come about as a result of these disagreements. The collection of essays is known as “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions.” The articles are relevant, especially when handling issues relating to some of the conflicts that are present in some parts of the globe. Some of the regions affected by these conflicts include Yemen, Myanmar, and Libya.

The collection of essays is made up of a case study that was carried out while also referencing 17 countries that were undergoing a territorial disagreement. The authors referenced the following regions; Iraq, Ukraine, Nepal, Cyprus, and Sri Lanka. The essays usually offer some insight into how a realist can view the various issues that come about as a result of political and territorial issues. A conclusion is also drawn from some of these case studies. The studies are quite comprehensive, and it is also possible to come up with a comprehensive solution that is relevant to each case involving territory and constitutional transitions. Sujit Choudhry is well-known when it comes to addressing matters pertaining to constitutional law. He was in charge of writing a policy paper that accompanied the case study. Choudhry also offers some advice on issues relating to the constitution.

As an attorney, Choudhry works at the Center for Constitutional Transitions as the director. He is also the founder of the organization. His primary focus is on matters about governance and building the constitution. Some of the nations that have benefited from the services of Sujit Choudhry include Ukraine, Yemen, South Africa, Nepal, and Tunisia. Sujit Choudhry has also published many research papers, although most of them relate to the constitutional laws in Canada. He has also been addressing people at various distinguished events. He has also managed to gain some cultural diversity since many nations have been seeking his services as a constitutional attorney.

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The Perks Of Betterworks New Team Edition

Several enterprises around the world are familiar with the Betterworks name. Betterworks is a software for continuous performance management. Currently, they are in the process of revealing their team edition to customers around the world. This edition is loaded with features, comes as a self-service package, is cost-friendly and has all the tools to meet the performance management needs of enterprises. This edition is great for performance, accountability and alignment for small and midsize enterprises.

Enterprises rely on information about employees to learn and adapt changes that are vital to the success of the entire organization. They need this information to improve. Betterworks team edition allows for them to gather this needed information to improve. Organizations want to fuel performance in workers by highlight their strengths, engaging with them and motivating them. The team edition offers all of these enterprises.

Goal setting is one of the features of the team edition. Team members can join together to create goals and list what goals should be tackled by certain people. Goal setting can be defined with parameters like who will be completing the task and by when. Alignment and corrections is another feature by Betterworks. Lastly, the software has a self-service feature where the customer can get on-demand support.

Betterworks is a tech company what is truly passionate. They have a lot of drive and ambition to change and create the way people perform when working. When you are working, you should feel confident and permanence should improve. This does not always happen. Betterworks is working hard to improve this with their technology. The new team edition will allow teams of people to improve dramatically.

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Who Is Igor Cornelsen?

With the news today, many investors worry when it comes to investing in Brazil. According to a source, Brazil’s economy declined by eight percent in January 2017 when compared to the end of 2015. One man still believes Brazil is a gateway for successful investments.

Igor Cornelsen

In an article, Mr. Igor Cornelsen was said to be born in 1947 in Curitiba, Brazil. It says that during his college years, he was admitted to the Federal University of Parana school of engineering but later changed his course to economics. Later, Igor Cornelsen graduated in 1970 with a degree in economics.

History In The Making

The article continues to discuss Igor Cornelsen’s work history. After graduation, he landed a job as an investment banker at Multibanco. Due to his exceptional skills, Mr. Igor Cornelsen quickly became a rising star. In 1976, he became the CEO of Multibanco until 1978.

New Horizons

After leaving Multibanco, (which was later acquired by Bank of America) Mr. Igor Cornelsen joined an investment firm called Unibanco until 1985. Post Unibanco, he moved on to become an investment advisor at London Merchant Bank (which was later “re-branded” to Libra Bank PLC). Due to its success, he served on the board of directors for seven years and also became the company’s representative for Brazil. Next in the article, it states in 1995 Igor Cornelsen founded The Bahamas based company, Bainbridge Investment Inc. To this day, he provides leadership and his expertise to Bainbridge Investment Inc.

The article goes on to discuss his expertise and abilities when dealing with investment strategies and ideas. In it, it goes a little deeper about how his extensive knowledge about economics paved his way to successful investment ventures. The article ends with a tiny bit about his personal life. It describes that Mr. Igor Cornelsen goes golfing and that his day starts “off early in the morning”.

Raffaele Riva’s Take on the Startup Business

Raffaele Riva is a prominent entrepreneur specializing in startups in New York and London. His expertise in nurturing the startups from scratch to the profit-making stage is admirable. His career spanning a decade has helped many upcoming entrepreneurs in getting the experience they need in the industry. Oxford University’s Saïd School Of Business provided him with the impetus he needed to succeed in the business.

The MBA from the institution blend with other degrees from other institutions are the recipes of his unmatched expertise in the startup business. Riva tried his hands in business in 2006 by starting a company with his schoolmates. The company picked up quickly to the delight of Raffaele Riva and his partners. They later sold it, prompting him to work smarter in the industry.

Riva developed a closer relationship with business gurus and Chief Executive Officers that honed his skills tremendously. His knack for investment didn’t disappoint him because his hard work in one decade helped him build his brand in New York and globally. Raffaele’s participation in conferences, public events, and webinars has won him a reputation from distinguished New York City entrepreneurs.

Riva has spent the last ten years helping visionary founders and startups with great investment ideas. His experience in the capital and financial sectors plays a vital role in his ability to provide constructive guidance and advice to budding investors. Raffaele Riva advises the upcoming investors to establish the capital that resonates well with their ventures.

He admits that the angel investors can’t invest their equity capital to any vision or company and expect positive returns. They must weigh their investment options in the right way. He warns the investors not to rush to the companies that tend to pick quickly instead of learning to grow with a startup venture. He advises them to seek information from the right online channels.

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The Secret behind Toyo Setal’s Fast Growth

Toyo Setal is a Brazilian company that many specializes in engineering, procurement, commissioning and construction, abbreviated as EPC. Started 7 years ago, the company has made great strides in its trade and has become one of the most sought after company in the world. The company offers different services to its vast clients among the services being Basic design, Testing, and pre-commissioning, Construction Management, Personnel training for operation and maintenance, Executive Project and Enterprise management among many other services. Toyo Setal has gone a step further and incorporated the new technology in its system. This has helped in reducing air and environmental pollution in Brazil.

Besides, environmental pollution control, the company has gone further to develop projects that are beneficial to the locals as well. One of such projects is the training of environmentalists, who in return, educate the locals on the importance of taking care of the environment. These projects have contributed to the reduction of the unemployment gap in Brazil. Toyo Setal is also committed to bringing back the original ecosystem in Brazil. It has started initiatives to rescue and keep animals in safe places. It is not only confined to dry land animals but also to the animals that live in water. It also ensures that tree seedlings are planted to bring in the fresh air and to ensure enough flow of oxygen.

Toyo Setal’s efforts have not gone unnoticed. It has won several awards among them being the Innovations in the Integration of Engineering Projects Award which it stroke in 2014, just two years after it began its operations. This is sure to prove that the company is set to go even further in the near future. What has made Toyo Setal achieve so much within a short period of time is its overall staff. From the CEO to the other staff members, they all work as a team since they know the advantages of working together. This is evident in the company’s policy. Every worker is conversant with the company’s policy since they all contributed to making and lying down of the same. The company’s transparency is also evident, and this has also contributed to its growth.

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