How Nitin Khanna Forms The Strategy For His Businesses

Forming a strategy for any company is not a task that you can take lightly. For Nitin Khanna, the CEO of MergerTech, it is something that requires a lot of consideration. The accomplished entrepreneur says that he has been successful in various companies because he approaches every situation with the mentality to get things done. He ensures that every strategy that he formulates is geared towards delivery and execution. In addition to that, he tries to be consistent with his ideas whether he is hiring people or working on various projects. Here are the other things that help him to form the best strategies.

Finding the right people to work with

For Nitin Khanna, a company cannot progress is it cannot find the right people to work on various project. Therefore, a good strategy is one that outlines how employees will be hired. You need to come up with a hiring policy that ensures that you get the best in the job market. In addition to that, he tries to train the people that he hires so that they understand the kind of working style and culture that he wants. Once they blend in, they become an important part of the company.

Making people to like the mission and vision

Coming up with a mission and vision statement is one thing, but making people to like it is a different story altogether. Nitin Khanna says that his companies often focus on making people understand what the statement entails. He says that once everyone likes the ideas that he presents, they will be more obliged to work within the strategy, and this means that the company will be more prosperous. A strategy is not just about a few aspects of the company; it should cover everything that happens every day.

Born in 1971 in India, Nitin Khanna already knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur at a tender age. Many of his family members were into business, and she had witnessed many transactions being carried out at home. Therefore, even though he studied engineering, he still found his way into entrepreneurship. He is currently the CEO of MergerTech, one of the companies that provide support for tech businesses.

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Vijay Eswaran Is An Inspirational Figure Who Is Helping To Educate A New Generation Of Entrepreneurs

Vijay Eswaran is the executive chairman and founder of the QI Group, which is a company that is involved with the building of a spread of companies from various industries. It is headquartered in Hong Kong but also has locations in other parts of the world. Over the course of his life, Eswaran has traveled all over the world and has learned a lot from his travels. It is his belief that it is best to be focused on the present moment so that the past does not distract a person from the important work they are currently engaged in.

Vijay Eswaran likes to take a moment of silence for himself at the beginning of every new day. He has commented that this helps him to remain focused and ready to do what needs to be done. Eswaran has learned that listening is one of the best things that a human can focus on, and he has learned to do this very well during the course of his career.

Vijay Eswaran was taught to value education at a young age, and he studied at the London School of Economics when he was older. It was there that he earned his degree in economics, and he went on to receive his MBA from Southern Illinois University. While he believes that there are people who can find success without a degree, he feels that life is made much easier for those who earn one. He has commented time-and-time-again that the current college paradigm is running off of an outdated model from the 1800s and hopes this will change soon.

Vijay Eswaran drove a taxi cab for a living earlier in his life while he was studying accounting. This helped to pay his way through school, and after this, he took some time to hike around the world. Eswaran has also spent time at monasteries, where he took an oath of silence one time for over a month. His life experience has taught him the value of giving back to others, and in this vein, he continues to use his position and knowledge to help guide the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Stream Energy’s Charity Wing

Stream Energy is a famous energy company in the united states. The company deals with supplying natural gas and electricity in the country. It also provides wireless protective d=services to households and companies within and outside the nation making it an international company. The founding principles of the industry are Mr. Pierre Koshkaji and his friend Rob Snyder, and they founded the company in the year 2004. Stream Energy has its main offices based in Dallas Texas, but it also has offices in states like Pak land, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Delaware, Georgia, and Texas.

Stream Energy is the leading energy producer and retailer in Dallas and indeed one of the largest companies in the state. The company tries its best to keep intact with the community hence making it a highly reputable company in the country. It aims after improving the livelihoods of individuals living in Dallas and does so by conducting philanthropic activities. Stream Energy has been trying its level best to give back to the community through many charitable activities it has undertaken, but the most remarkable ones include the financial funding of families affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Also, the company was the only company which came in to offers assistance to people affected by Tornado in Texas. Another event was during the homeless crisis which had affected the Dallas city and the company came in and offered basic needs assistance like clothing and food to the homeless children in the town.

In 2016, Stream Energy launched a philanthropic arm and named it Stream Cares Foundation. The wing is an independent one and was established mainly to steer the wheel of conducting charitable activities and help in boosting the living standards of Dallas residents. The foundation works together with other charitable organizations to help it achieve its goals.

Stream Cares Foundation also will be the one responsible for the annual Girl Doll Experience which is a project conducted annually by the company to aid the families of the government armed forces. The new wing will boost the company’s interaction with the community.

Richard Lui Reforming the E-commerce Market

Born in Jiangsu part of china, Richard Lui grew up to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs of e-commerce. His family was into coal distribution, and they taught him the advantages of working hard early on. This was exactly what he needed in a very competitive society. As he grew older, he furthered his studies and obtained a bachelors degree in sociology. Richard Lui then received his EMBA from the Chinese European Business School. After graduating, Richard Lui took some time out to learn another skill. He became a computer coder and soon after started working with a herbal firm called Japan Life. He held several positions there as the head of two departments, including the computing department. Richard decided to leave Japan Life and start his first business in 1998.

He opened a shop in Beijing selling magneto-optical products and providing customer service if needed. Another purpose of the company was to streamline business ventures. At that point in china, most retail companies were selling fake goods but Richard Lui saw this as an opportunity to grow. Quindong sold largely good quality products instead, gaining the trust of its customers across china and going against the trend of fake goods. Richard managed to open twelve stores across the area within the next five years. It was a highly successful chain of shops that became very profitable.

At this time the SARS outbreak was really affecting the business because workers couldn’t go out easily. The sacrifice they made was to stay indoors for most of the time while working. The model worked over time, but at this point, Richard was searching for ways to make business more efficient. After tinkering, he decided to start up a new venture, He shut down all his shops and started the current e-commerce platform. Today the business is worth $57.6 billion with Richard having a net of $11 billion. Its thriving nature has allowed retail titans like Walmart increase shareholdings to 12%. is now regarded as one the elite sites in Asia alongside Alibaba.

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Nicolas Krafft Making L’Oreal Globally Ethical

L’Oreal is based in Paris and manufactures personal care products. The company puts ethics at the center stage of their practices and even holds an annual Ethics day. Ethics day is an opportunity for the company and its employees to ponder their commitment and teamwork in engaging in ethical practices. Nicolas Krafft holds the position of Vice-President of Global Business Development and holds to the L’Oreal philosophy on ethics. The company ensures that they maintain ethical approaches and do not take a reactive view to issues relating to ethics and ensure that their practices are ethical from square one.

The company bases its philosophy on four major principles that are courage, respect, transparency, and integrity. These principles direct the company’s charitable activities, their social responsibility, the environment, and innovation. They aim towards being respectful to the environment, human rights as well as the environment. During Ethics Day which Nicolas Krafft strongly supports employees all over the world take time to reflect on ethics. Ethics Day provides all employees a chance to air their concerns as regards ethics and how to deal with issues in their area of operation.

Employees that have questions can ask for answers from the senior management staff at the company such as Nicolas Krafft. During the 2018 event more than half of all the company’s employees got involved in discussions on ethics. The views held by L’Oreal are founded in the company’s internal systems that encourage employees to make public unethical practices and to make known their thoughts on various issues.

The personal care multinational has people working for them that advise managers on ethics and the company also encourages employees to speak up on inappropriate behavior through a website meant for whistleblowing. All employees are required to go through an online program to train them on ethics and the company also holds events such as Ethics day dedicated to ethics.

About Nikolas Krafft

Nicolas Krafft is the VP of Global Business Development at L’oreal. He started working at the company in 2004 and rose through the ranks to his current position. He attended the University of St. Gallen for his undergraduate studies.

Nick Vertucci and his Business Success

The businessman is best known due to his huge investments in the real estate sector and his many years of experience have made him an expert in the area. He pioneered the Nick Vertucci Companies that are based in California where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. The entrepreneur decided to launch the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy to help many entrepreneurs that were willing to invest in the sector. The institution has transformed the lives of many investors by equipping them with the necessary business skills. He is also one of the brains behind the Turn Key System which has helped investors to acquire, refurbish, and rent bank-owned properties.

Nick Vertucci is an experienced poker player. In the last fifteen years, he has participated in many competitions. Even though he is not making millions of money from poker like in his real estate investments, he still enjoys the game. According to him, his real estate success is due to the experience he has acquired from playing poker. Recently, the real estate investor has put an effort to improve his skills in the game. Mr. Vertucci won $7500 from a poker competition that was held in California and was ranked eighth during the event. There were 250 opponents during the event. He has participated in many other high profile tournaments with some of the best players such as Mike Matusow and Phil Lakk.

Nick Vertucci published a book titled Seven Figure Decisions. Before he ventured into the real estate industry, he had lost everything. To become a millionaire, he had to make bold decisions which involved taking high risks. In the book, he outlines how he overcame various challenges to achieve his goals. According to him, he acquired his skills from a real estate training company which he joined after meeting one of his friends. He was able to repay his huge debts and later acquired millions of dollars from his ventures.