Niranjan Shah Represents what Makes America Great

Niranjan Shah like many East Indian emigrants in America has prospered in his new home. He received his bachelor’s degree in India and his master’s degree in Mississippi. He later relocated to Chicago and made his mark on the engineering industry. Niranjan Shah, like many of his fellow countrymen have used the opportunities available in the United States to excel in his Chicago business and prosper.

*Some of the statistics that suggest Indian emigres are some of the hardest working people making up this melting pot are below:

*In 1990, Indians had a $52,908 median income, the highest of all the emigres.

*The worldwide consulting staff is 2% Indian.

*Indians were the most prominent ethnic group in a list of London’s wealthiest families.

*Despite representing only 1% of the population in Hong Kong, Indians own 10% of the exporting businesses.

*In England, Indians own 60% of the retail outlets.

*Indians excel in running hotels and motels. Two well-known Indians, B.U. Patel and H.P. Rama own flourishing hotels: a 440 room Clarion Hotel in San Francisco and a 170-room hotel in Orlando, Florida, respectively.

*Indians commonly hold positions of authority in the consumer banking, investment baking and research.

*Corporate America has many Indians serving as CEOs and other higher executives, such as senior Research and Development Managers. An excellent example would be Vinod Dham, vice president at Intel who hired 400 engineers who later developed the Pentium chip.

*Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems, sold it at age 30 and now works in venture capital.

*Umang Gupta sold his software company for $45 million at age 44.

Many Indians obtain their undergraduate degrees in India, but come to America for higher degrees, such as their master’s degree. Niranjan Shah followed a similar path in obtaining his education before moving to Chicago and starting a very successful business. Like many Indians he spoke fluent English before coming to America, so assimilation was without any major effort.

Niranjan Shah is an excellent example of the great things achieved by Indian emigres in the United States. As an entrepreneur he has provided employment for many. As a United States citizen, Shah has contributed to political candidates in Chicago and in the federal government. He has also showed his civic mindedness through serving on college boards, city commissions and hospital boards.

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Nitin Khanna Has Found Success With His Technology Businesses

Nitin Khanna was born in India into a family of entrepreneurs. He got his education at a good school outside of his village and moved to the United States for college at Purdue. He got involved in the paper industry and then with computer technology before starting his first business. He did it with the help of his brother and they created a technology company that helped the United States government with its electronic ballot system. The company was a big success and led Nitin Khanna to create another technology company.

Nitin Khanna put together MergerTech, which helps technology start-ups and all of the companies that need help with selling or expansion. It is run around the world and has banking services, as well. The idea for the company came to him through his experience and knowledge of the field and also through those who asked for advice on mergers and more. He has also worked on other ventures over the years and has found much success and is now getting involved with technology in India. He has invested in software there and has made several other investments. He is always taking on new things in his career and even owned a club in Portland, Oregon for a time.

Nitin Khanna got a degree in Industrial Engineering. He lives in Portland, Oregon and serves on the board of several organizations, including Vendscreen. He wants to make the world better and tries to do that through his work and he tries to live a balanced life, which includes spending time with his family after work each day. He works with people who have good experience in the field so that they can help him bring his ideas to life and he likes to work on an idea until he knows that everything has been figured out for it so that it will succeed.

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How Guilherme Paulus has achieved his successful career in the hotel industry

Guilherme Paulus is a renowned Brazilian hotelier with over 20 hotels and resorts that he operates. Other than that, he is a globar entrepreneur and also heads the board of advisors of Brazilian Tour Company. Having been in the service industry for quite a long while, he has learnt a lot and experienced growth in different ways.

He started his first hotel in the year 1995 and that has grown to a successful business with more than 5000 employees. Guilherme Paulus started out as an intern but his passion for entrepreneurship pushed him to start a hotel with the help of Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Due to his young age and few resources, Carlos provided the investment while Guilherme contributed to the idea in terms of groundwork.

The partnership between the two lasted about four years and that became the starting point of Guilherme’s GJP hotels. According to Paulus, it has not been an easy journey but with his passion and a set of principles to run by, he has made it to where he is.

Guilherme Paulus says that his days consist of written weekly schedules, a lot of optimism and gratitude. This gives him a form of organization and productivity throughout the week. He also likes being involved in the day to day activities of his hotels. He is therefore travelling from time to time so that he can interract directly with the customers as well as the employees.

Among the things that have made his business successful is focussing on different markets. Guilherme insists that local tourism is as important as international tourism and that embracing both has made his business grow immensely.

This Brazilian hotelier is amused by technology and its ability to shorten the distance between information, action and change. That has made business interesting and easier. Faith is what drives him to make that first step into anything that ends up anywhere. He says that when you love what you do, you put in work, time and energy to make it a reality. Guilherme Paulus confirma participação no Fórum Conectividade; inscreva-se grátis

Guilherme Paulus has become a global entrepreneur through investing. He says that the best way he can spend his money is by saving it. Click here to learn more

The Key Facts Influencing Kyle Bass’ Appraisal Of Chinese Markets

There are two main things which seem to substantiate Bass’ claims about China’s soon-to-fail economy. He doesn’t think it will be an “Armageddon” moment, but he does believe it will result in a necessary buyout of some variety on behalf of Chinese banks. The two main facts which seem to back this up are the doubling of company defaults since last year–they’ve more than doubled, in fact–and the corporate debt contraction of the country, which reached an all-time peak in May of 2016.

Both of these are indicators of a possible collapse, or implosion; but they aren’t definite indicators. Bass has predicted the same since before either indicator were available to examine. In 2015, October, he began his rhetoric pertaining to the possibility of Chinese implosion. As of July, 2016, that implosion has yet to happen. Several months ago, Bass predicted that there would be an economic downturn similar to America’s in 2008 (though he said there wouldn’t be a “Lehman Brothers Moment”). Bass said this downturn would come within two or three years, but there was a “forty to fifty percent” likelihood it would hit in 2016. Forty percent is less than half, or less than binary; or less than the flip of a coin. What Bass implied accidentally is that there is a fifty to sixty percent chance China’s economy won’t face downturn this year.

Later, in a UsefulStooges report, Bass said that if China allowed their currency to experience depreciation “materially”, it would be one of the best times in history to invest in Asian markets.

This all is very conflicting, and seems to indicate Bass has a manipulative aim behind his words. Fringe investors who have capital, but a lack of experience, may be spooked enough to withdraw investments for several years, helping Bass’ prophecy become the self-fulfilling variety.

This wouldn’t be out of character for Bass, who regularly manipulates American markets legally. Consider CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs, which uses public sympathy to force price-drops on pharmaceuticals, decimating their stock value and curtailing R&D funds while Bass skips away millions richer. If he’s willing to do that to sick people, what’s he willing to do to healthy investors?

Brian Bonar Brings A Different Style To His San Diego Restaurant

There are restaurants and then there are exceptional restaurants. People eat at restaurants all the time. However, exceptional restaurants are few and far between, especially in modern society where restaurants are not valued in the same manner as a few decades ago. Although restaurants may not be seen in the same light as they once were, there are still some restaurants that stand head and shoulders above most other restaurants.

One of these restaurants is Bellamy’s, which is located in San Diego, California. Bellamy’s is a restaurant that has name recognition and is very popular in the San Diego area. Known for great food, Bellamy’s is a restaurant that has something for everyone. The chef at Bellamy’s is world renowned chef, Patrick Ponsaty. He is considered one of the best chefs in the world. His accomplishments in the chef profession are well documented.

While Patrick Ponsaty is widely considered a top chef, the spotlight has not shown bright on Patrick Ponsaty until recently. As a chef, Patrick Ponsaty is well known for his skill and talent concerning food and operating restaurants. However, beyond the inner circle of people in the restaurant business who understand the behind the scenes responsibilities that Patrick Ponsaty handles, he has basically gone unnoticed by the general public.

This situation has changed because Patrick Ponsaty has been given a great opportunity. The owner of Bellamy’s, Brian Bonar, has given Patrick Ponsaty the opportunity to be a collaborator on all aspects concerning BellamyÕs. This opportunity provides the freedom to make decisions that Patrick Ponsaty has always wanted. Even though he has guided many restaurants to high levels of success and popularity, Patrick Ponsaty usually did it behind the scenes. posited that Brian Bonar, the owner of Bellamy’s, is a different type of restaurant owner. He thinks out of the box and enjoys trying new things. For his restaurant Bellamy’s located in San Diego, California, Brian Bonar wanted to provide the people in the San Diego area with a restaurant similar to a European bistro according to his Facebook page. His objective has been and continues to be to serve great food that amazes people. Also, Brian Bonar strives to provide this food in an astrosphere where people expect to be added to a waiting list or to make reservations weeks in advance.

Brian Bonar understands what makes a successful restaurant. He understands the importance of a great executive chef, which is why he currently has Patrick Ponsaty as the executive chef at Bellamy’s. There are many restaurants in the San Diego area. However, there are very few exceptional restaurants in the area. With Bellamy’s, Brian Bonar is adding to the number of exceptional restaurants in the San Diego area.

Why Having A Wikipedia Page May Be Your Smartest Business Decision Yet

Getting your name out there in a world where media is spread faster than light may seem like an easy task, however controlling the information sent out into the public may be harder than you think. Company pages can be informative but may not answer all the questions an individual may have and social media pages can often be flooded with negative comments whether they hold any truth or not. When people search for certified information Wikipedia is the first page they look at. Wikipedia is one of the most widely known sources for information on a myriad of things including people, companies, past events, TV shows, and the list goes on and on. If you make a Wikipedia page that is well written and properly formatted, it can help spread the specific information you want out there and omit the things you don’t.

For those who aren’t entirely sure what to expect Wikipedia is a giant communal encyclopedia available for free online. The collaborative aspect may seem questionable but Wikipedia is a trusted, reliable site that only allows proven, unbiased, and quality content. They have strict guidelines in place and will flag or remove any content that violates their rules or has no confirmed standing. Wikipedia pages require external links to validate the content written on your page such as articles about yourself or your company, blog posts, and even an official website.

Not only is Wikipedia widely known and used its one of the top five results that pop up in the first page of Google results. Research shows that 87% of people don’t scroll past the first page of results which means you or your company will appear at the top of the page with the Wikipedia tag. This can help with branding, reputation, and exposure by creating attention within the first couple of lines after being searched.

Not every business owner or person is a writer which can create a bit of a headache if its not your forte. The Wikipedia writers for hire at Get Your Wiki can help ease the tension of Wikipedia business page creation. These veteran writers have been helping edit, correct, and create Wikipedia pages for years. Don’t let the stress of writing stop you from getting the exposure and presence you need to succeed.

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