Why EOS Is Making Headlines With Crystal Clear, Vegan Friendly Lip Balms

In previous years, consumers were forced to use lip balms that did not taste that good or that gave the protection needed in weather either from sun or wind and rain. The cold season is also another time of year that people will find themselves standing in front of the chapstick counter trying to find the right lip balm to use. Before now, there were limited kinds of lip balm.

According to usmagazine.com, when Evolution of Smooth first came on the market, they knew that they would have to advertise something different than what people were used to in order to make the sales they needed. The idea came to them about changing the shape of the lip balm package. Before now, lip balm was sold in a solid tube or in a small round container. When EOS came to the market, they offered the new brand with a totally new shape.

Users who wanted to have something more than traditional lip balm were now introduced to a whole new concept. The new concept was to create a sphere of lip balm that could be easily seen and easily used. The new concept was a hit and has since became a leader in the lip balm industry.

If you are looking for something to use to increase moisture in your lips, EOS has nearly any flavor you can think of, click here. There is no shortage in the flavors they sell and recently they have released a whole new type of formula by removing the once loved beeswax from the formula.

Beeswax has been the leader in ingredients for lip balm for a number of years. For users who are not interested in a formula which has beeswax, they are now presented with the clear formula that is made from shea butter and coconut. This new combination has taken users to a whole new level when the release came about and they sold out of the new formula within hours of the release.

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