Old And New Exfoliation Methods Video Tutorial By Wengie

The job of exfoliation is surprisingly difficult. Many mainstream cosmetic products and old-world remedies can get the job of clearing skin done. The secret is to find the exfoliation treatment that is right for a particular skin type.

According to Wengie, a widely-known cosmetic and skin treatment expert, exfoliations should be performed only 1-3 times each week. Many people think that everyday exfoliation is ideal, but skin health demands a more moderate approach. Exfoliation techniques also factor-in skin dryness, age, an elasticity.

Wengie’s six most recommended exfoliants are herbal commercial scrubs like St. Yves Apricot scrub, Futiderm Cream, Aqua peel gels, peel masks, hot and wet thick weave towels, and the Konjac Sponge.

Wengie is a YouTube sensation who loves informing the viewing public about notable skin and beauty products that should not be ignored. This Aussie/Filipino bombshell has an electrifying personality, and connects intimately with her fans. Her video commentaries range from dating tips and wardrobe enhancement, to practical advice like finding the perfect skin exfoliant to restore all skin types.

St Yves scrubs are very easy to use and do not damage skin. Futiderm Cream is a chemical peel that produces Hollywood results, but should only be used on certain skin types. Aqua peel gels are an Asian favorite gel that forms a smooth rubbery layer on any skin of the body, and can be peeled away while removing blackheads and oil. Peel masks work in the same way as the gel peels, but are washed rather than pulled. Hot towels are a traditional beauty trick that use the fibers in good cotton weaves to scrub pores, as steam and hot water relaxes skin. Lastly, the Konjac Sponge is similar to a charcoal stone that can provide a DIY dermabrasion treatment at home.

Wengie personally uses all of these exfoliation methods for her trouble skin. She always has a beautiful appearance in every beauty advice video post, and she is quick to attribute her look to these products.


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