Become A VIP By Getting The Coveted Black Card From Magnises

Having a black card of any kind is a social status symbol that many people would love to have. Some of the best cards are black, whether they come from a credit card company, a flight company, or if its for a Magnises membership. The Magnises Black Card is no different from any other card, except for the fact that it allows membership into Magnises and has a strip on the back that allows it to be used as a credit card because it’s connected to the user’s bank account. The owner of the card will have their name imprinted on it as well.

There are so many great benefits for a Magnises member, especially if they have an active social life. Getting Magnises card requires a small annual fee of $250, which breaks down to just over $20 per month, even though it all has to be paid at one time. Just think about having one year of unlimited benefits when using the Magnises card, especially since a lot of different events will occur in New York City within a month, much more within a year, so there’s a lot of fun things that a Magnises member can do.

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There are dozens of partnerships that Magnises currently has, which means that Magnises members will be treated like a VIP and will be able to get benefits from these partner relationships. Bars, restaurants, clubs and more will be willing to give discounts and special treatment to a Magnises card holder. There are other perks as well, such as getting a personalized driver that can be there at the members beckon call, and there are even personalized trainers in gyms that can help anyone who is ready to get fit, and these are all Magnises member benefits only.

It’s also important to know about the Magnises events that are only for members. Magnises also has a clubhouse that is available to any member that wants to stop in at any time, whether they are bringing a client or are coming on their own. The clubhouse is a favorite of many Magnises members because it’s elegantly decorated and allows the members to watch TV, fraternize with others, and they can have a drink to unwind from the day. The clubhouse is open on a daily basis, which allows any of the Magnises members to visit the location when they’re ready.

Magnises is becoming so popular that their launch party had celebrities, such as French Montana. Billy McFarland is the person who started up Magnises, even though it first began as a series of many functions and parties that Magnises would throw. Now, getting a membership to Magnises is something that is cool and hip, and there are more than enough perks to make getting a membership worthwhile. Those who are looking to customize their Magnises membership should also take a look at the perks that are offered through the different passes that Magnises now has available.

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