Dogs are man’s best friend. They have been close to humans for many centuries now. Today pets have become even closer to their human masters. They have human names, stay in the same houses as the people and can even share their beds. They are given attention almost the same as humans give themselves. The food that these pets eat is also quite similar to that of the humans to be sure that the dogs remain healthy and happy in the family. Beneful is a famous dog food label in the USA. It is produced by Nestle Purina PetCare and came into the market in 2001. According to a survey by Nielsen, Beneful is one of the best sellers in dog foods and is used by over 14 million dogs every year.

As popular as it is, Beneful has received many critics from bloggers. They claim that its products contain substances that are harmful to the dogs. Propylene glycol is one such substance that has caused dispute. This ingredient is not poisonous as stated. Confusion arises because people confuse it for ethylene glycol that is virulent to dogs when consumed. Propylene glycol used in several foods for both humans and their dogs. It is however not used to make cat foods since cats are sensitive to it. Critics also site the decision to produce foods that have a colourful appearance as not right. They claim that colorful fruits are attractive to people, but dogs do not mind what their foods are like. Mycotoxins present in the Beneful are also another reason for critics to talk on. These mycotoxins are however found in most dry pet foods and according to the EU and FDA, slight amounts of these mycotoxins are allowed and would result in no harm to the dogs.

A case was even filed by some of the concerned people in 2015. This case has not yet concluded as stated by Nestle Purina PetCare as the lawyers for the litigants have altered their statements several times. A considerable number of complainants have also distanced themselves from the case file. No notable finding is available from research conducted on the product as it all appears healthy for the dogs use.

Janet Jackson, who is the Vice President in charge of nutrition research at the company, says that research by her unit has the role of accepting all new products. She stated that all products by the company was safe for use and if it was anything contrary, it would not have been given the green light to commence. This statement was echoed by Ms. Juli Plassmeyer. She is the companies Vice President in charge of marketing. The company promises to continue producing healthy foods for healthy dogs.

Healthier Pet Food at an Affordable Price

Beneful, a product of Nestle Purina Pet care is a brand of dog foods. It includes wet dog food, dry dog food and dog treats. Results of a SWOT analysis revealed Beneful as the most significant brands of Nestle Purina based on revenue. Beneful brand name came into the market in 2001 and its marketing strategy is on nutrition and appearance basis. For more information on Beneful, follow this link: Https:// Fresh pet Inc. factory is based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is the sole manufacturer of industrial frozen pet food. It is among the fastest growing innovators in the pet food market and focuses on delivering healthy products. At Fresh pet, fresh ingredients are used; preservatives shunned and time meals sit on the shelves reduced. With this, clients are assured of fresh, healthy products for their pets. Its primary clientele is cat and dog owners. With the increase in demand for healthy and fresh foods not only for humans but their pets as well, traditional pet-food companies have had to shift to healthier foods in their lines. They are also faced with the inevitable task of restructuring their marketing strategy to keep up with the competition from new companies in the field such as Fresh pet and Blue Buffalo Co. The competition among pet-food companies has made each company make efforts to stand out. For instance, Colgate-Palmolive has dog food that will help in weight loss. Nestlé’s Purina gives a provision for pet owners to order for personalized meal blends through their website. Mars Pet care has adopted the farm-to-table approach through its Nutro Farm’s Harvest line. Purina has a brand for older dogs that is easier to digest. There’s also an emerging Youtube trend with the tagline “he’ll have what you are having” that has seen pet-food companies come up with foods that are somewhat similar to human food such as lasagna and beef stroganoff for dogs by Mars’ Cesar Home Delights. This trend seems to work as there has been a notable increase in sales of premium dog food by about 45% since 2009. In defense of the inflated prices, Fresh pet’s Thompson is of the opinion that for people who value wellness and health, it is a small price to pay. For more information on dog food sales surge with innovations, follow the following link: