Genucel by Chamonix is Changing the Skin Care Game

For most of us, aging can be a scary thing. Let’s face it, no one wants to age. The fear of aging has started an anti-aging cream craze for women who need to erase those fine lines and wrinkles.

The craze is so big that everywhere you turn, there is an anti-aging ad waiting for you to click. Unfortunately, most of these ads were created to deliver high hopes and grand promises. All of them claim to be able to turn back the hands of time when it comes to making your skin look younger.

There are hundreds of skincare products on the market that offer women a way to remove unwanted wrinkles. And while some of them work, a lot of them are full of chemicals and are overly expensive products. Even generic brands and anti-wrinkle serums are attached to high price tags, making self-care a difficult thing to invest in.

This is where Genucel differs in the skincare market. We understand that women don’t want to be stuck with unwanted wrinkles. And now skin regimens and skincare creams are no longer an elite thing, it’s an everyday woman thing.

Most people associate high prices with quality which is far from being the truth. Genucel believes that you should know exactly what you are putting on your face, it should be of high quality, as well as affordable.

What Makes Genucel Different

We know how important it is to know exactly what you are putting on your face. Our ingredients are based on human skin regeneration. To effectively develop a skincare product that works, we had to study the body’s anatomy.

Genucel by Chamonix contains ingredients from Hyaluronic acid, to Enzyme activation. It’s a cream that has been created with nature in mind. It works with the body and gives the body exactly what it needs.

Not all anti-aging products fail the consumer but most do. And that is why Genucel has made it their priority to create a product that is tried and tested by everyday women who are looking for gentle, subtle results.

Makeup Tutorials on YouTube: Adopting The Lime Crime Look


Women get a thrill and feeling of excitement opening up a new package of Lime Crime cosmetics. It is the same kind of feeling that you get opening up a surprise birthday gift. You know that it is something special, and you can’t wait to get your hands on it. Women simply love the bold and beautiful colors that are representative of the company. Doe Deere is the one that created this makeup line, even-though she started out as a fashion designer with her own brand on eBay. Deere relates that she was always fascinated by makeup and colors. She started her own makeup line out of frustration because she couldn’t find the type of bright makeup colors she liked.

Lime Crime Tutorials Beginnings

Doe Deere shares that she has always really been a makeup enthusiast. Her love of colors started in Russia. She relates that Russian women wear very bright and lively clothes. Kids play with very colorful toys. This helped to fuel her fascination with colors. She migrated to the United States during her teens. This love for color followed her to America. She relates that she regularly posted makeup tutorials on her website online back in 2004. Her aim was to show others the proper way to wear bright colors. Later on, she developed her own makeup colors that specialized in bright colors. Deere still looks back very fondly on those early days. Now, girls across the Internet are offering their own unique takes on tutorials featuring her line of cosmetics.


About Lime Crime

Doe Deere relates that she has always loved bright makeup colors. She has a special passion for creating new lipstick colors. Most cosmetic companies create colors that are in the brown, red, and pink color range. Deere finds that those colors are boring. She likes to experiment with colors like blue, purple, greens, and yellows. Clearly, the fashion in magazines and around her is her real inspirations.

Today, Doe Deere continues to create new and fascinating products for all her little unicorn followers across the world. The company is famous for her Unicorn lipsticks and Velvetines. The new metallic Velvetines are also a great sensation, and are detailed in full in this PR Newswire release.

The Shea Butter Business Of Eugenia Shea

It seems like a lot of lotions and beauty products are making their main ingredients Shea Butter. This may because it is widely known that it heals the skin from dermatitis to wrinkles and is a multi functional Vitamin A cream. It has the same ingredients that is found in Cinnamon, cinnamin acid another wonder. Reports are being written that the same oily matter that the skin produces, is what is in Pure Shea butter. Just a reminder that only Pure Shea Butter will give all the advertised benefits. There are a lot of companies that are very reputable. It’s is still advised to do a through research.

Eu’Genia Shea is a shea butter that is founded by a mother and her daughter Naasakle maybe one of the best. The mother used her grandmother ingredients to bring the company to life. They feel that everyone should own a moisturizer made with Shea Butter. It can also used on the hands, feet, hair, for stretch marks, Eczema relief, Natural Hair, Sun burns and so many other use that is being discovered daily. It is loaded with Vitamins A & E and will only enhance their look.

In their finish product the main ingredient is Shea Butter, a cream that is similar to Cocoa Butter which also have an abundance of antioxidants and Vitamins A & E. Some products may contain Shea Oil. This helps for a smoother application because it’s high in fatty acids. There is also Baobab Oil, which is known as the wholesome oil. The Baobab tree is called the tree of life by some. Moringa Oil is also used. Some may say that it slows down the aging process, while providing protection from whatever nature dishes out. The company is working with True Moringa in Ghana, making sure that they always have an abundant of supply. Essentials oils are used for fragrance.

People who have used Shea Butter for a period of time, only have wonderful thing to say. Some are saying that it has helped to keep their psoriasis in check, after so many years of suffering. Most people these days are worried about what they place on their bodies. The organic ingredients that this Eu’Genia uses has help many make up their minds. The simply natural feeling is also what draws some to this company. A lot of users say the moisturizers are perfect for a busy life style. No fuss. Just apply it and you are done.

Surviving a Hack in Business

Pretty much anyone that is involved with technology on any level is vulnerable to being hacked. When accounts get hacked, a lot of damages can be caused to the account holder. This is why it is important to make sure that every account is protected. Among the people that have been hacked is Doe Deere, the owner of Lime Crime. Doe Deere has been hacked by Richard Prince, 66, who works at Gagosian Gallery. The artist has taken a screenshot of the image that Doe Deere has tweeted to a friend. He has made a few tweaks to the text and printed out a 48 by 65 copy.

Of course hacking and theft is not a pleasurable experience. However, it is not surprising that anyone would want to steal an image or likeness of someone like Doe Deere. She is very artistic in her self presentation. She experiments with different looks in order to find a look that she is satisfied with. She is very creative with the looks that she puts together. It is perhaps this creativity that brings out the hackers and the rip offs. Doe Deere definitely presents a unique image to her audience.

Doe Deere not only presents a unique image, but she also encourages others to find their unique image. Her company makes it possible for people to find their own look with high quality make up that does not run, Her make up can be applied without any type flaws. The make up stays in place and looks very smooth. Customers present images of them using the make up in order to show examples of a great look that is put together with creativity and artistry. In fact, Doe Deere has gotten her start by showing make up as it would look when applied on a person as opposed to showing it on a blank piece of paper.

Doe Deere and her friend Joseph Mckenny are taking this incident very well. They understand that with their success is going to come imitators and even people that are going to try to steal their work.

Finding a Nail Polish Color to Match My Skin Tone

I have been wearing nail polish for several years, and have never given it much thought. I always based my selection on my favorite colors or the current season. Who knew you could find nail polish to match your skin tone? I was not aware of this until I spoke to a friend about cosmetics a few weeks ago. When she told me she always uses colors to match her skin tone, I had to look it up and see for myself.

It turns out many women choose nail polish colors that match their skin tone. I am excited to share this with everyone else.

The first thing I learned was to match the shade of the nail polish with your skin tone. There is no hidden secret behind that. It should be pale colors for pail skin and dark colors for dark skin. If your skin is a medium tone, then you should try to find nail polish in medium colors. I think this is a good tip for anyone who does not wear nail polish to stand out.

I have also learned that you need to check the complexion of your skin. I have blue veins on my wrists, which means I have a cool complexion rather than a warm one. If you have green veins, then you have a warm complexion. I can wear bright colors such as pink and coral. I do still wear my blue and green nail polish at times.

The friend I spoke to about nail polish has pale skin. I also noticed that she does not use darker shades of nail polish. She told me that darker colors would make her pale skin stand out. My other friend with pale skin does wear darker colors. She finds trimming her nails and wearing colors such as plum gives her a sophisticated look.

What about my friends with darker skin? They usually choose darker colors such as blue or red. I do catch them with pink or bright purple when spring rolls around. It looks like women with darker skin can wear just about any nail polish color.

I am not going to let these tips stop me from wearing the nail polish color I want. However, I do not mind matching the color with my skin tone from time to time. I always shop with Lime Crime on and their color choices are amazing. The colors are bold, vibrant and absolutely stunning. My favorites are Parfait Day and Once In A Blue Mousse. Lime Crime also carries lipstick, lip liner, eye shadow and glitter. I am so glad they offer products in light, dark and neutral shades. I feel like I have my pick of the bunch. Any girl who wants to show off her personality through cosmetics should do their shopping with Lime Crime.


Beauty is the outward physical complexion of someone. Beauty is what the public see in one. Someone’s age can describe beauty, gender, skin color, the body shape, and size. Beauty is an important aspect of the life of human beings. Beauty is associated with the body caring and maintenance. For the body to achieve the results of vision, it has to be pampered and properly care. Caring of the body is based on beauty products and other cosmetics. There is a variety of body products manufactured to keep your body healthy and beautiful glowing. These Lime Crime products on are classified into categories so that their users identify them quickly.

There are body products that fall in the class of makeup products. Makeup is cosmetics such as eye pencil; lipstick or powder applied to the face. Make-ups are used to alter the appearance of the face. Makeup can give somebody more beauty because they add up spices to the to the original beauty. Also, makeups are used by artists and comedians who apply them so as to appear like the real person who the story or play is talking about and yet he is an impersonator.The makeup products are further divided into two class: the eye makeup, and the facial makeup.

The other products that are helpful to aid one maintain his or her beauty are the skin care products. Skin care products play an integral role in nourishing, moisturizing, cleansing and keeping one stay with confidence. Skin care products are usually applied to the skin of the whole body. These products include the body lotions, creams, petroleum jelly and others.

The fragrance is other examples of beauty products. Sometimes fragrances are classified under skin care products. Fragrances give the body different taste of refreshment compared to skin appliances. Fragrance products are classified into two categories: we have fragrance made specifically for the children and fragrance for the adult.

When it comes to body cleaning, beauty products play a significant role in ensuring that the products used for cleaning are of quality. There are products like body washing soaps to ensure that one uses quality soap for washing. Some washing soaps are antibacterial hence they help to cure skin diseases. Hair and nails also need to be highly maintained hence bringing an additional value of beauty. There are products like the hair food, hair nourisher, and shampoo that gives you hair strength and keeps it glowing. There are also nail art beauty products available to make nails beautiful.

There is a company that is widely known for its beauty products. This group is known as Lime Crime. The enterprise has a variety of products that range from skin care, fragrance nails, hair, tools, brushes, body and men products.It also includes a team of qualified experts who do make ups for their clients; they do nail art. The expert also offer other services like the manicure and pedicure to ensure complexity in your beauty.