A Clear New Take on EOS Lip Balm

In the continuing tradition of innovation, EOS has released its newest line of lip balms this summer with the new EOS Crystals line. Housed in a new take on the adorable pods, users will find these ones a little less round and in beautiful new crystal see through colors, read more cool related articles here on usmagazine.com. First showing the new line to the world in an Instagram post, wax-free, vegan-friendly addition is shown in it new pod. The new line will be available in two delicious new flavors, Vanilla Orchard and Hibiscus Peach and will be hitting stores in August for the retail of $4.99. As a new added bonus, the new Crystals line will have 5 essential oils packed in to keep lips silky smooth all day, available here at ebay.com.

EOS took the beauty market by surprise after it first launched, reinventing the standard old tubes into new, fun, cute new way to carry lip balm. These little balls have become a mainstay in many people’s daily routines, with their wide selection of flavors and varieties. Created with women’s actual everyday experiences in mind, EOS formulated a series of lip balms that would stimulate the senses and leave the user feeling they didn’t just have yet another basic old lip balm but were using a product that actually made them feel good. Inspiring a wave of copycats, EOS had risen to the top of the industry by genuinely caring what it delivers to its users, order your lip balm here. Made with organic ingredients in an assortment of tasty flavors, in a fun snapping, sphere that allows fingerless application, lips stay soft and silky in style.

For more info pleased visit this link, https://www.facebook.com/eos/.