mproving Your Winter Skincare With Genucel

IDo you ever think about why wintertime is so conducive to chapped lips? It’s not uncommon for people to drink less water during the wintertime which is a habit that can produce dry and chapped lips. This isn’t the only reason to get out the lip balm. If you see dry skin elsewhere, and if you’ve been making sure to stay on top of your hygiene, there’s a large chance you’ve been encountering other negative effects related to dryness. Luckily, Genucel is a product that can help greatly with wintertime skin care.

There are many natural ways to remedy dry skin such as making sure that you’re intaking water in the wintertime, running a humidifier occasionally, using acne treatments less frequently, and keeping your skin covered while the weather is on the colder side. In addition to these,claims alivenewspaper, you need to keep in mind how your skins aging has an effect on dryness. Genucel provides many wonderful anti-aging regimens such as the Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy which is something you do not have to be old to use, you can start using it an age as early as your twenties. Genucel treatment offers many products, including the plant stem cell therapy, eyelid treatment, Genucel XV, immediate effects, jawline treatment and Deep Firming Serum. All of these products fight against the areas on your face and neck that have already experienced some effects of the weather in many winters prior.

Winter is a time of many wonderful occasions including New Year celebrations. It’s important to maximize the enjoyment of these things by not letting skin that is dry and flaky have a negative effect on what would otherwise be a time to celebrate the new year. Make sure to use lip balm, wear plenty of clothing when going to winter parties and to drink a lot of water while consuming alcoholic products. But, most of all, keep all of these tips in mind to ensure you do not suffer from the effects of winter on your skin. It will be a longterm investment that will pay off greatly. Read more about Genucel on trustpilot.


EOS Lip Balm Review from

You may have spotted an ad for EOS lip balm on tv or in a magazine (Allure). You probably were taken in immediately by the visually appealing shape of the packaging to the lip balm. What is EOS exactly though? Luckily numerous beauty vloggers have reviewed the products. The YouTube vlogger emilynoel83 reviewed the EOS lip balms on her channel.

She was interested in the products at first because of the round packaging. The packaging is round and shaped to be easy to hold onto. The shape makes it easier to find in your purse if you reach inside of the bag. The shape also has a grip on it to make holding it that much easier and a flat bottom for it to be set on any hard surface.

The Youtuber emilynoel83 said that of the ones she had tried she thinks that the Summer Fruit and the Honeydew are the best options for a base for your lipstick because they are slightly thicker in consistency. They don’t smudge lip color either. The Lemondrop one has SPF in it. The Lemondrop is slightly easier to apply than the other ones that emilynoel83 has tried. She said the Lemondrop one is great to pop on anytime you go outside.

The ingredients in the EOS lip balms are 100% natural. These unique lip balms are also 95% organic. The combination of organic and natural ingredients are great at hydrating your lips all day long.

The lip balms are sold for around $3 to $4 each. You can also buy them in sets. Walgreens always carries the EOS lip balms. They were one of the first retailers to start selling them. They’re also available at Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, CVS, and Amazon. You can also buy a variety of them directly from the EOS website.


A Review of New EOS Crystal, The First Vegan-Friendly Product

EOS Lip Balms are one of those products that have absolutely skyrocketed in a very short period of time and managed to remain an incredibly popular product for nearly a decade. The company utilizes product placement as a marketing strategy and typically gains a multitude of fans that see the product in music videos or in reviews by beauty bloggers. They also can see EOS typically being pulled out of purses of some of the top names in the industry, such as the Kardashian crew or included in magazine features such as, “what’s in your bag”, (Allure).

EOS is highly specific about what flavors it puts out to its fan base. In fact, the latest line of EOS Crystal has just two flavors. Many rollouts are known to have just 2-3 flavors, which keep the lines of EOS products to be concise, ensuring that only the best lip balms are available to its customers. These flavors are Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The two flavors almost seem like they have specific personalities. Vanilla Orchid is soft and sensual and has a very feminine scent. Hibiscus Peach is bright and cheery and has all the promise of a summer day on a Jamaican beach. For the first time, EOS Crystal will be completely clear (hence the name crystal). The EOS Crystal will also have a slight tip. Fans have called for this in order to have more precision and EOS, as always, listened to its fans and rolled out this update with the new EOS Crystal. More on

EOS Crystal is also a very special line due to the fact that for the first time in EOS history, there will be no wax in the lip balm, meaning that vegans will delight in the fact that this lip balm is perfectly friendly to them.


Review: You Have to try EOS!!

Not only does EOS Cooling Chamomile soothe but also heals my skin. I can’t believe how well it actually works. I like the smell and it really does work well. EOS in general just has a unique way of displaying chap stick which makes it fun and new. I wish I would have found EOS years ago but I was hesitant. I am so thankful I listened to one of my friends and bought this. My lips will forever be soft thanks to EOS and I will continuously buy the Cooling Chamomile. I’m so glad that the pain on my lips are now in the past.

EOS lip balm has a unique way of applying it to the lips. The consumer doesn’t have to put the product on their fingers first to apply but directly on the lips just like chap stick. The lip balm soothes and heals like any typical brand of chap stick and it smells nice. It’s big enough to find in a bag but small enough to fit just about anywhere (Allure).

One of the best qualities about the lip balm is that it is always updating and changing to help benefit the consumer the best way possible. It is all natural lip and skin care and many don’t know how much they care for the people who buy there stuff. There are plenty of different scents for anyone plus they have different types like crystal, organic, active lip balm, and many more.  Check this at link