A Chat With Doe Deere

The Fascinating World of Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a woman who lives by her own rules. She is a serial entrepreneur, and she encourages other woman to take life into their own hands like she did. Deere was born in Russia, and she later immigrated to the United States with her family when she was just a teenager. Deere and her family found that it was difficult to make ends meet in the United States, so they had to look for help; they were homeless until they were put together with a diligent social worker who helped them to get on solid ground. Deere has never forgotten the help that she received from that kind person, and that is why she is dedicated to doing good for others.

How Doe Deere Started Lime Crime Cosmetics

Recently, Deere did an interview with entrepreneur.com. She spoke about the difficult time that she had when she immigrated to the United States and the struggles that she has had to endure as a female entrepreneur. When Deere was young, she loved to play with makeup and to experiment with color. As she got older, she continued to enhance that love. Deere decided that she was going to study fashion and design. After her studies, she created her own fashion design company. After the design company, Deere started up Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime Cosmetics came from Deereā€™s love of makeup and color.

Deere Never Stops

Deere continues on with her entrepreneurial endeavors. Apart from Lime Crime cosmetics, she has also started up a new clothing design company called Poppy Angeloff. Deere is a family woman and she is also an active business woman as well. Deere puts her family first at all times, but she never loses track of her passions. Deere is also a motivational speaker; she encourages women around the world to never quit chasing their dreams. Deere tells her story of rags to riches, and she helps women to realize that anything that they desire is within their grasp.


Wengie Helps Your Hair with Some Life Saving Life Hacks

Let’s be honest with each other, life hacks can be amazing ways that help transform your life in unimaginable ways, if they work that is. I’ve spent enough time cleaning my car with toothpaste and washing my hair with breakfast ingredients to successfully call myself a life hacker. In my life hacking career, I’ve come across some hacks that changed my life and some that were less than successful and left me smelling questionable for a few days, beer and egg hair wash I’m looking at you.


Sharing more success with life hacks and certainly better hair, Wengie, the Youtube starlet famous for her life hacking videos, shared some life hacks to help tame the problems girl’s with long hair often face daily.


Wengie Helps You Find Your Stride in Multitasking Your Morning


Every morning starts and ends the same, I’m inevitably rushing out of my apartment with one part of my routine destined to be finished en route to work and let me honestly say subway make-up sessions rarely work in my favor.


Luckily Wengie’s latest video shows you and me how to multitask our morning so being on time and looking good are not mutually exclusive ideals. With only a hair dryer, some angle mastery, and a solid drawer Wengie’s video shows us how to turn any hair dryer into a hands-free model, freeing up your hands to perfect your wing tips before rushing out into the world.


Easy and quick to do, you can find the whole video available at Wengie’s Youtube channel.



Back to School – Yummy Supplies!

This video is of eight ‘DIY’ Back to School Supplies! The twist on this video is that all the supplies are edible! They’re perfect for pranking friends, freaking out your teachers, or curbing that hunger during class! Let’s get started.

Edible Crayons!


  • Jello Mix


  • Straws


  • Duct Tape

First, make the jello, then pour it into the mold, let it set, sharpen it, and voila!

Pencil Shavings!


  • Brazil Nuts


  • Pencil Sharpener


  • Sharp Knife

Using a knife, trim the nut down so it will fit into the hole in your sharpener. After that, just sharpen it! Make sure your sharpener is clean, though!

Eraser Pen!


  • Musk Stick


  • Sharp Knife


  • Eraser Pen (Without the eraser, of course!)

Simply trim down the stick, place it in your eraser pen and start snacking!

Gum Eraser!


  • Any pencil


  • Scissors


  • Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum

Simply dig out the eraser from your pencil, then cut a piece of bubble tape gum and roll it up, then squish it into the back of your pencil where the eraser should be!

Edible Sharpies!


  • Food Dye Pens


  • Paint


  • Sharpie


  • Cool Ade

All you have to do to make these is paint your food dye pens, write the word ‘Sharpie’ on them, then, suing a syringe and your Cool Ade, flavor the tips!

Gummy Eraser!


  • Gelatin


  • Food Coloring


  • Condensed Milk

Mix ingredients, pour into a mold, let it set, then trim it to the right shape and there you have it, a gelatin eraser!

Drinkable Glue!


  • Elmer’s Glue Bottle


  • Glucose Syrup


  • OR


  • Vanilla Yogurt

Simply pour out the glue, wash the bottle really well, then pour in the glucose or, for a white glue bottle, pour in the vanilla yogurt.

Yummy Glue Stick!


  • Starbursts


  • Non-Toxic Glue Stick

Clean all the glue out of the stick, stamp all your starbursts in and voila! You’re done!

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