Discover The Benefits Of A Flexible Account

Transform your financial outlook with the privilege of a reliable NexBank account. Their account holders have the benefit of actually knowing their money is being protected by the highest backed governmental insurance with FDIC. In fact, NexBank is also backed with $40 billon dollars in assets and their stockholders are ready to back to them 100% in any attempt to expand. Their new online services has a nationwide following of over 246,000+ customers. They prefer a bank that chooses their personalized account holders over big name advertising ads featuring high end celebrities paid by excessive Bank fees.

At a recent Texas Annual Strategic Financial Opportunity Conference, CEO and president, John Holt, spoke with other major financial institutions on expanding their core financial services, transparent banking practices to win over their customers, and strategic financial services. He proudly announced their recent $24 million dollar common equity by the efforts of key NexBank executive, John Holt. It has never been easier to take back your financial freedom with an account that puts your money to work. NexBank wants to see their customers meet their financial goals with integrated banking solutions. Say goodbye to excessive Bank fees by becoming a customer of a trusted local Dallas, Texas bank. They have proudly served the needs of their community for over 40+ years.

NexBank Features

– Anytime access to your account

– Multiple account access

– Online bill pay options

– Direct Deposit

– Free checks

– Mortgage accounts

and more….

You’re invited to the NexBank website to learn more about their car loan options with flexible installment payments, first-time home ownership, and online banking features for all services. Join NexBank to save more of your hard earned money to maximize your weekly paycheck or monthly salary. Speak to a friendly customer service professional today for details.


Equities First Holdings Stock Loan Venture

What does Equities First Deal With?

Equities First provides financial solutions to high-net-worth individuals and businesses who are seeking non-purpose capital funds. They specialize in a new type of loan lending program developed to supply liquidity at reasonable terms via a transparent and secure process. This method of funding offers many people with better financing terms and a low cost of capital than more traditional financing options. Equities major global investment specialties include Capital Allocation, Alternative Finance Solutions, and Financial Services.

The beneficiaries of Equities First Holdings

Entrepreneurs who want to start a business can significantly benefit from stock loans from lenders like Equities First Holdings LLC. In the infant stages of running a business, it is important to hold on to equity as Venture capital is not the best option for all new ventures. On the other hand, we have Global microloans which currently amount to over $38 billion and only 75 million qualified business entrepreneurs  for them.

These loans are cashed out to only those who are not eligible for a traditional bank loan probably because of poor credit or low income, but the downside of these loans is that the borrower has to pay high-interest rates of up to 35.23% per year. Most startup businesses struggle to make money at their infant stages, and then you add a high-interest rate, and that’s why most businesses on these type of loans rarely do well.Stock loans offer a low-interest rate compared to the other alternatives.

According to Equities First Holdings, High Net Individuals or businesses can use their equities as collateral to secure a stock loan for three years. For example, if a person has stocks in Company Y and predicts the shares will appreciate sooner in some years to come.

Rather than he liquidates his position in Company Y, the shareholder in pen and paper transfers them to his loan lender and his given the loan proceeds. If Company Y’s stock appreciates before he pays his loan, the company retains 100% of the maturity. Equities First Holdings LLC always makes enterprises or individuals aware of the risks, expected outcomes, and benefits of these loans.

The lawsuit that has put Laidlaw and Relmada Therapeutics on a collision

Stakeholders of Relmada Therapeutics Inc. recently got information that the company is protecting their interests after an application to amend a lawsuit. In a mail to the stakeholders, the company says that it has filed a motion to adjust an earlier complaint against Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd. This is part of the suit that had been filed in the Nevada District Law court.

About the filed motion

The company is making an additional claim focusing on breach of the fiduciary duty. It is claimed that when Laidlaw was Relmada’s investment banker, they disclosed confidential information. The company was also seeking compensation for monetary damages when it had to respond to some of the misleading and false materials in December 2015.

Temporary restraining order

The Nevada court had previously issued a restraining order and injunctions against Laidlaw. The order was also imposed on their principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern. Relmada holds the belief that the company must be compensated for the damages that arose from the entire situation.

Background information about Laidlaw & Company LTD

I have heard a lot about this Company that offers investment banking services. In addition to that, the provide institutions and individuals with wealth management services. Under the leadership of Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, the company has been all over the news for various reasons. When I look at their client base, it indicates that they have a lot of following even though there also are various complaints leveled against them such as the one by Relmada Therapeutics.

The company is headquartered in New York and services clients from other regions. According to their principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, the mission is to ensure that institutions, as well as individuals, find better ways to manage their wealth. Their financial services are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.