Highland Capital – Philanthropy through Charities

Highland Management Capital, a SEC registered investment adviser is currently affiliated to over 15.4 billion assets. Mark Ogada and James Dondero founded the LP in 1993. Highlands Capital is one of the largest alternative credit managers. It is also the most experienced service provider in this industry in the entire world. It offers specialized services including credit strategies, which encompass credit hedge funds, separate accounts, long only funds, distressed funds as well as distressed or special situation private equity accounts. It also deals with collateralized loan obligations.


Highland is also known for offering its clients the best alternative investment options such as short and long equities, emerging markets as well as natural resources. Highlands have a diverse client base that includes foundations, endowments, public pension plans and governments. They also have funds for funds and financial institutions as well as corporations as their clients.


Highland’s headquarters is in in Dallas Texas. However, the company maintains its main offices in New York, Seoul, Sao Paulo and Singapore. Highlands cares about the community the most. Financial markets but also being proud contributors to the community and what it does. In different manners, the company has been able to influence the life of its employees and workers through a commitment to making a difference in a number of ways.


One of the most notable ways that this difference comes about is the volunteer programs that the company organizes. The employees are also involved in the advisory committee. The company is also well known for taking part in charity work. This is seen by the numerous donations it makes to the community and the many national nonprofit organizations that it identifies. In fact, in 2005 Highlands capital together with like minded partners committed over 10 million dollars to different nonprofit organizations.


According to the co-founder and president of the Highland Capital Management, there is a search for a partner that will manage the company’s philanthropic budget, which has grown to over 3 million. The company is known to partner with the Dollars foundation under the leadership of Mary Jalonick who coordinates the team of experts and donors.