How to Stay Clean (in Search Results!) with The Search Fixers


The old clock tower downtown has been upgraded to an LED scrolling marquee of time and temperature. Analog radio has been superseded by several platforms, and house phones are a thing of the past. The entire world is shared in the interconnectivity of the digital era. Information can be instantly sent anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye. So what’s online pretty much defines who you are and how others will form their opinions about you and your company. Study after study continues to back up the notion that just a single smudge on a company’s online profile can drastically decrease sales and sway away potential buyers. It’s been statistically proven that such impacts could hit companies so hard that they can find it difficult to recover. Which brings me to my next point. Online Reputation Management (ORM) Strategist do exist and their sole purpose is to ensure your company goes unscathed by negative digital publicity.

No matter how unfortunate it may seem. There are competitors that play in the dirt and purposefully make malicious attacks toward your online reputation. As we learned, even a drop of negative publicity can spell disaster, which is why an ORM is almost a necessity for any business to ensure their good name remains untarnished as they grow, develop, and expand.

Washing Your Digital Dirty Laundry
There’s no need to let negative reviews and comments hurt your business, especially when they can be resolved. Luckily, The Search Fixers exist and are here to combat negative publicity to protect your good online reputation and keep your competitors at bay. The Search Fixers actively watch and surveil your company’s online presence hungrily on the prowl for anything that could negatively impact your company, ready to put their fixing powers to work in the blink of an eye. With their strong passion and experienced team, The Search Fixers reputation management service works by taking the helm of your digital media connections.

Fortunately, The Search Fixers are around and ever so eager to fix bad reviews. Don’t take my word for it, do some research and contact this online reputation repair services firm now. The Search Finders tale you step by step while helping identify the source of the negativity. By identifying the source that’s damaging your online reputation, you can start to repair the damage. You’d be surprised at the difference it can make in sales, knowing your online presence isn’t being poisoned by the haters.Contact The Search Finders enjoy benefits and discounts all while keeping your online reputation smudge-free.

Losing Customers? You May Need To Fix Bad Search Results

Today’s Business

As a business owner today having a good online reputation is basically a requirement to succeed. The challenges that business’s face are that of new age of technology.

Customer Relationships

The service customers receive has become the burden for a business as there is always the possibility of a customer that is just hard to please. The past theory of simple transactions may not always be as beneficial as building relationships. Relationship building has become a new strategy to building a solid client base as well as positive reviews.

Online Platforms

In today’s world the internet has become the new source for all information. Consumers know that they have an impact on service they receive by reviewing a business on an online platform. Either positive or negative business’s have the new challenge of their online reputation.

Online Business Review

If a business is reviewed online negatively, how do they recover? One comment can lead to a reply or even someone sharing the review, and now what used to be word of mouth in the neighborhood, has now reached an unlimited number of people.

Online Reputation Management

Time spent on a business should be focused on developing and growing the business, taking time to fix bad reviews could become time consuming and counterproductive. Having a management company monitor the business’s online reviews can provide a safety net to the health of the company.

SEO Specialists

The Search Fixers is a company that specializes in SEO Management. They are able to monitor online positive and/or negative reviews about your company and fix search results. This is the new type of online makeover that companies need to ensure a positive presence online.

How Does It Work

When a company is rated negatively online it also becomes part of the search engine for the company. The Search Fixers are able to hide the negative review from the search engine keeping the company from negative online press.

Fix my online reputation!

The Search Fixers support companies in their online presence success. If your company is having difficulty in overcoming negative online press or reviews, The Search Fixers are ready to help you get your company back into positive marketing/search status.



Fabletics Continues to Lure More Customers


There is a lot of growth that is happening for Fabletics. This company is transitioning in a brand new way, and more people are getting familiar with the brand that has become known as Fabletics. This is a very new company that is moving in leaps and bounds and every one is interested seeing what this company will do next. Hudson just keeps everything going with a level of professionalism that makes it seems like she has been doing it forever. This may ultimately be the key to her future in concerns to the longevity of a company like Fabletics. This is an organization that has managed to provide a lot of cool fitness clothes, and it appears to only be the beginning.

Fabletics is a brand that will continue to flourish because the founders are amplifying this company with more stores. Kate Hudson is the name that stands out with this company, but she is just a part of the equation. There are a lot of great components that come together to make up this puzzle.

The quality of the clothes is a layer. The way that this company markets to others is a layer. There are so many intricate layers in the totality of the company, but many people may just see it as a single layer which is Kate Hudson. This is the genius of it all. Hudson has mastered marketing by appealing to her fans, but she also has a great selection of garments on display.

The Fabletics brand just seems so stylish because the customer has already been programmed to think of the clothes in this way. The name of the company is literally a blend of the words fabulous and athletics. Customers go into the stores with the mindset that they are acquiring some fabulous merchandise for working out. That is the game changer that few celebrities have considered in the efforts to lure customers.

Many celebrities are often consumed with making sure that people know that it is a celebrity clothing line. They tag their names, or stage names, to the clothing and get models to wear the clothes. Kate Hudson did the opposite by creating a name that did not even exist as she made the decision to model the clothes herself. Her marketing campaign employed a touch of innovation with quality.

Fabletics has continued has move in a great direction, but there is a lot of competition. All the people that are checking out the website are going to find a lot of interest in the stores that are coming to a a location near you. It has been a rough process, but Fabletics will compete much better with physical stores.

Creating and Editing Wikipedia Encyclopedia Articles

While creating a Wikipedia page without the experts at GetYourWiki may seem like an overwhelming task, it is a quite concise and simple process. In fact, you may not be aware that individuals can not only create their own Wikipedia page, but also edit their own pages and those of others. Creating content that is honest, ethical, and informative is imperative in order to preserve the nature of Wikipedia. The first article you write should be done using multiple credible sources of information and references. Unique content is important and once you have registered for an account and started a practice article, you can search for pages that may already exist and ask fellow writers and editors for assistance. A practice article is important in order to correct for style guide errors or grammar and spelling mistakes. A tutorial and multiple help pages are available on Wikipedia:

Writing better articles.

Editing can be done on your own article or other writers’ articles provided that it is unprotected from editing. Minor edits and major edits can be done through the Wikipedia classic wikitext or Visual Editor. These screens are accessible via the “edit” feature on the top of a Wiki page. Minor edits are used if the content is not changed and major edits refer to in-accurate content that needs to be corrected. Edit requests may also be issued on protected pages and a response will be made from a Wikipedia editor. The talk feature is a resource that allows writers and editors to converse about edits made to an article and ways to improve the content.

Time taken reviewing the Wikipedia style guides and FAQs will enable writers to produce the preferred content required. Informative pages that bring relevant and credible sources are an invaluable asset and articles should be written with care and consideration.

Fear the Finance

Augh. The first of the month. Sarah always hated the first of the month. Even though she got paid on that glorious day, the money came into her account and went right back out again. She had never been good with her finances.

She’d even tried taking a class at the local community college once. That only introduced her to credit cards and how easily she could open them and use them. For Sarah, that was one thing she was great at; charging her credit cards. In fact, she had done so well, they were almost all maxed out. And now, just as luck would have it, the bills were coming in. What was she going to do? She didn’t have enough in the bank to cover them.

She certainly couldn’t ask her parents. They had no pity for their thirty one year old daughter who couldn’t seem to get her life in order. Maybe she could get a loan. Yes, that’s it. She’d get a loan.

Three calls later, she was speaking with the Financial Manager at her local bank. He invited her in to review her credit, assets and debt. She made an appointment and it forever changed her life.

At first she was extremely afraid. Would he judge her as her father had done? Call her a “spendthrift” with no sense of protection for her future? No, not this man. Mr. Hampton would be the man who would not only educate her, but would show her the way to a debt free future.

He told her the first rule of finance was knowing what you make, knowing what you owe and knowing what you spend. They then opened a savings account. He taught her how to make a “budget”, how to plan ahead and how to live within her means. The first step was cutting up the credit cards. The second was paying them down a little at a time. She left his office with more hope than she could have dreamed of.

Four years later, Sarah walked across the stage and accepted her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Finance. She had graduated at the top of her class. She had mastered her own personal finances and now she was working with Mr. Hampton to help others master theirs.

It didn’t take long for Sarah to move up in the bank. She became the Vice President of the Corporate Finance Department. She was well respected, but more than that, she was thankful for that day she walked into the bank and put her fears of finance to the side.

Planning is the key to financial freedom. You can’t run away from your finances. Just log into Facebook and get some advice from Igor Cornelsen because you must face them head on. Living freely from debt is an amazing accomplishment and one so few people ever realize. Start early and educate yourself now. Open a savings account and put $5.00 a week in it if that’s all you can afford. Don’t touch it, watch it grow and with it, watch your financial shackles dissolve like snow.