Gino Pozzo Looks For New Ways Of Assessing Soccer Success At Watford

The Watford Football Club has a long history in English soccer with their most successful era coming in the late-1970s and early-80s under the leadership of Chairman Sir Elton John and manager, Graham Taylor. The manager made a brief return in the early-21st-century and led the club to more success and a return to the top flight of English soccer. After the success of the return to the Premier League, Watford bounced around between the lower-leagues of English soccer before Gino Pozzo identified the possibilities for success offered by the Hornets even though they were outside the top flight.

Gino Pozzo took a look at what he could expect in the future as the owner of an English soccer club when he decided to establish a new way of doing business in the sports industry. Pozzo arrived at Watford with the idea that a new coach should be limited in their powers because their career at the club would be limited. The research completed by Gino Pozzo showed a coach in the Premier League’s mid-table had a lifespan at a single club of around two seasons. This may sound shocking but Pozzo believes that after two seasons the coach will have either failed and be removed from their position or will be so successful a larger club will sign them to become the head coach.

A similar approach was taken to the signing of players with Watford refusing to sign established players for inflated prices. Instead, Gino Pozzo established a large scouting network that will bring him information on potential young signings that can be purchased for the future of the club. At Watford, success is measured by retaining their Premier League status and embarking on a run-in cup competition that can have a positive effect on the finances of the club.

Russell Gimelstob – Serving Aces in the Corporate Finance World

Before entering the corporate workforce, Russell Gimelstob was a star athlete at Newark Academy. At Newark Academy Gimelstob was an All-State selection for all four years of high school due to his talent on the the tennis courts. All four years that Gimelstob was on the team, Newark Academy won the state title. His skills on the court were so impressive that in 2013 he was inducted into the school Athletic Hall of Fame.

Russell Gimelstob’s achievements on the tennis courts and in classrooms continued into his studies at Cornell University. At Cornell when he was not nabbing his undergraduate and post-graduate degrees, Gimelstob was a prominent fixture in Cornell tennis. He competed all four years during undergraduate studies. His sophomore year was an undefeated season in Ivy League doubles play, and he and his doubles partner competed in the NCAA tournament. He served the team as captain during his senior campaign.

The aces didn’t stop after college. Russell Gimelstob volleyed mortgage backed securities for Goldman-Sachs. His success as a trader helped pave the way for him to move up with the company. In just two years he was already an analyst. In that role he helped serve up real estate loans.

After Goldman-Sachs Gimelstob became an associate at Dune. He excelled for the company in setting up investment executions throughout the West Coast. He was pegged to become a partner at Dune, and then he moved into the role of Head of Acquisitions.

When not on the clock, Russell Gimelstob can be found making a difference in the community. He has served as a Fisher Center Policy Advisory Board Member for the Hass School of Business at the University of California in Berkeley. In 2012 he was recognized by the Hebrew Academy for Special Children.

Throughout his collegiate and professional career Russell Gilmestob has served up many aces. His successes have been notable, and few have emulated them.