Adam Sender Switches Careers, Keeps Focus

Adam Sender was one the best when it came to hedge fund management. It was a career path that was he chose because he knew that he could make a lot of money. With art Sender would again find that there were opportunities to make a lot of money. This difference would be that he would find a career that he was passionate about.

I have found it rare for people that are in the business world to make a total switch to things that are associated with the arts. I have seen artists in music switch to business, but I rarely see businessmen pull away from their specialty to connect with their creative side. For the record, Sender is not a painter or a photographer by trade. He simply has a passion for those that work in this profession. He has the ability to see and collect the art work that has been deemed valuable by other art collectors. He has done amazing things like discover and purchase art for six figures that is now worth seven figures. This is a highly impressive thing for anyone that collects artwork.

With Adam Sender (Observer) it is a mystery – at first glance – to see why anyone would leave a job that provided the type of security that his previous position held. It is only when people take a look at then number of art pieces that he has purchased do they realize that he may have actually increased his wealth by pursuing his passion. Sender’s life is a true testament to the old saying of finding something [career wise] that you love and the money will soon come. It is Sotheby’s that started selling some of the 800 art pieces that Sender has collected over the years.

He has art that is diverse from more than 139 artists. I thought that this was quite an impressive collection, far from a fluke. There are people that think that they want to venture into something else, but they will find themselves looking for the exit once things do not work out. Sender didn’t have this problem. He was already collecting art on a regular basis when he had the salary that comes with being one of the top hedge fund managers. It was this salary that would give him the ability to further transcend into a full time art collector. His collective art that is being sold by Sotheby’s is worth a reported $70 million dollars (on the low end of the spectrum). It is safe to say that Sender has transcended into a position that gives him satisfactory earnings and satisfaction in general. His passion has given his pleasure.