Betterworks Introduces New Performance Management Product Called Team Edition

Team Edition is the latest offering from Betterworks, a performance management software company that makes it possible for business teams to increase productivity in the workplace. The new product is a self-service package of organizational and tracking tools that is cost-effective and is most suitable for small to medium size businesses that may have not had the opportunity to utilize them in the past, due to the fact that some of these types of programs tend to have a higher price.

By using Team Edition, business managers and their co-workers can set goals and objectives for their teams to work to achieve, and have their progress tracked with special software that will display percentages and allow the groups to provide feedback to each other. The data that is organized by this program can help executives train their employees better, which will improve their skills and give the company a greater chance at reaching its aspirations.

The CEO at Betterworks is Doug Dennerline, and the company is based out of the San Francisco Bay area in Silicon Valley. It was founded in 2013 who got the idea for the service when they were looking for ways to design an organizational tool for businesses that would make them run more smoothly while also helping them grow their profits.

With their innovative creation, managers have unlimited control over how their day-to-day tasks are carried out, and up to 100 employees on a team can set goals and have the types of discussions that will promote continuous skill development and improve work performance. The HR team also has control over upholding the transparency of the platform.

As Anul Yanamandra, the Chief Product Officer of Betterworks explained, Team Edition is a streamlined solution that gives small businesses and teams access to the kind of advanced technology that they need in order to succeed in the industry by providing them with on-demand and live group support so that they can meet objectives while maintaining good teamwork. It keeps everything organized and consolidated so that users can know exactly how well they are progressing with their goals.

The cost of the new Team Edition performance software package can vary depending on the size of the businesses that want to use it. It can be purchased directly from Betterworks by choosing a payment plan that can either be a quarterly, or an annual one.

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Incorporating BetterWorks into Four Practices that Help Managers Achieve OKR Success

Solid management is the cornerstone of any OKR program’s prosperity. Leaders have many responsibilities. Here are four ways that managers can make sure that all employees understand the path to success for the company.

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1. Set Team Priorities

As a manager, it is essential to develop clear team strategies. To meet company objectives, communication is key. Each individual employee should understand his or her role.

2. Monitor Progress

A vital role of any manager is monitoring employee progress at close intervals. Holding reviews a few times a year is not prudent. This makes it difficult to nip problems in the bud and to reward employees who consistently excel. It is smarter to conduct weekly reviews. Also, it is important to have a way of notifying and alerting employees of updated goals.

3. Communicate Effectively

Throughout the monitoring process, communication is fundamental. It is wise to deal with each worker on a one-on-one basis. In this manner, employees can ask questions and receive personal feedback. When an employee understands the importance of his or her role in a company, morale is boosted.

4. Motivate

A manager has the duty of achieving quarterly OKRs. However, to keep employees productive, a leader must provide adequate motivation. He or she must coach employees and make them feel appreciated. Positive feedback keeps everyone on the right path. Also, acknowledging growth and offering support makes employees strive to do better.

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BetterWorks, a continuous performance management solution, allows leaders to accomplish OKR success. It was designed to provide a company with top organizational tools and meaningful data so that operations run smoothly. Its unique features help businesses set goals and keep teams on track into the long-term. It is an excellent idea for any growing company.

Legendary Desiree Perez, Powerhouse COO for Roc Nation

Desiree Perez

Many see the glamour of celebrities, and not giving a second thought to those in the shadows helping power star careers. Success runs on a rough road, and one of the heavy hitting pavers is powerhouse Desiree Perez. Her name is included on a list of legends in production, management and marketing departments. Her name stands among other women known for their guidance of successful music artists over the past twenty years.

Recently listed in the top fifty on the Billboard Power 100 list and labeled “one of the most dominant females in the music industry” by LA News Watch. As the COO of Roc Nation, Ms. Perez continues to push her clientele higher into the stratosphere with her knowledge and negotiating skills. Heavily involved in the negotiations between Rihanna and Samsung, and Desiree’s success with the Beyoncé Formation Stadium, shows a keen eye for detail and haggling.

Her instrumental involvement with the Tidal app brought in nearly one million users signing up for the trial membership, largely due to her ability to bring in well-known artists and exclusive albums to the business.

Named Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation in 2009, Desiree commands respect for her ability to be involved in management, publishing, and label operations. Since that time, her work reflects the absolute talent she manages for Roc Nation.

Desiree Perez

Unroll Me – The new solution to email overload

If you receive loads of emails every day, you know how tedious it can be when trying to find the ones that you need to read first. It becomes a pain when you receive too many promotional messages that you do not need. You email ID can be added to any messaging list, and therefore, there will be nothing that you can do when it comes to the number of promotional messages that end up in your inbox. When such a situation occurs, you will have to find a service that can tidy up your inbox by classifying the emails. Unroll Me is one such service.


Separating subscription messages from important emails


What Unroll Me does is to identify every message that gets to your inbox based on the sender. It has specialized mechanisms that allow it to detect sources that are likely to be subscriptions. Therefore, when messages arrive from these sources, they will be hived from the inbox and taken to a separate folder. This action leaves your inbox with only the emails that are important and therefore, you will have an easy time reading them. In addition to that, you will be able to manage those that are classified as subscriptions.


Working with accuracy and speed


One of the reasons people like using Unroll Me is the fact that it is accurate. It identifies subscription messages without making any mistakes. However, in case there is a message that has been classified as promotional, and you feel that it should be in the inbox, you can ask the service to take it back, and it will do. In addition to that, the speed at which this service works is terrific. You will be surprised at how fast it will scan your messages no matter how long you have taken without checking them.


After the scan is complete, you will get a Roll Up from Unroll Me in your inbox. This is a report that represents the results of the scan. You can easily see the number of messages received from various sources every day. Therefore, it will be much easier for you to manage your subscriptions apart from tidying up the inbox.

ClassDojo – An App Dedicated To Transforming The Classroom

ClassDojo is an app that allows communication in the classroom. The app allows students, teachers, and parents to share videos, photos, and messages throughout the day. ClassDojo is used to work together as a team. This is done by sharing the in class experience and bringing ideas to life in the classroom and homes. The mission of ClassDojo is to transform education for kids around the world. Developers of the app believe that those who use the app have the power to create an incredible classroom that is the best for them. Along with this, developers believe that when a simple way of doing the right thing is to give to good people, amazing things will happen. ClassDojo transforms education together by allowing students, teachers, and parents to build the classroom that they want and need.

There are 4 essential functions of the ClassDojo app. The first function available is called “Classroom“. Classroom is where students and teacher construct their classroom culture by choosing skills and values that they want. Feedback can also be shared here. The second function is Messages. Messages allow those who use the app to instantly message each other. This function comes in handy due to the fact that phone numbers or contact information are not be shared. Messages come in 35 languages and have a ‘Quiet Hours” option available which notes the time that teachers will not be available to message. Along with this, there is a function called “Stories.” Stories help parents stay connected. This is done by creating a timeline of what is done in the classroom. Lastly, there is a function named “Big Ideas.” This gives teachers and parents a way to access original concepts and ideas. Ideas that stem from this function deal with important topics such as emotional/social skills.

Skout Travel Is Such A Fun Way To Play On The Skout Network

The Skout network makes it a lot more convenient for two people who are busy to talk with one another, especially if they can’t talk on the phone. Say two people are working at the same time, but they want to give each other message. Two people may go on the Skout network and talk to each other in real time, and they’ll send and receive messages back and forth, without ever disturbing those around them. Some people prefer messaging services as opposed to making phone calls because it’s not always the right time to make a phone call.

Skout isn’t only for messaging alone, but Skout has features on the network that allows people to have fun. The Skout Travel feature is something that has been raved about ever since its inclusion in the network about two years ago. Skout Travel allows those who are financially strapped to still travel to other places around the world, without worrying about a hefty bill. For only 25 Skout points, a person can use the Skout Travel feature, and they may find themselves visiting some amazing destinations around the world. Some choose to visit places in the USA while others visit international destinations.

Those who are traveling with the Skout Travel feature can also meet others that are located in the same place they travel to. So it’s possible that a Skout virtual traveler might make a friend on one of their travels, and then they can meet them in person one day. A lot of people also use the Skout Travel feature as a way to scout out different locations for future vacations, and they learn more about the destination that they want to travel to in the future. Skout Travel is very useful for anyone who wants to learn more about their country or the world at large.

Skout can also be used as a place for dating, which is what many of the users on the network are doing today. Those who use the Skout network may have found themselves a significant other, but some are still playing the field on the Skout network. Dating is incredibly easy on Skout, and a personalized search can help a person to find someone that may interest them. Someone who lives in New York City can conduct a search for another person who lives in the same city, and a Skout user can put in specific information about the type of person may want to date.

As far as searching for someone who is located in the same city, Skout has location services that can easily be turned on, and then two people from the same city can find each other on the Skout network. The location services that Skout is something that make the network extremely popular, especially among those who are looking to date or find friends locally. The Skout network has more than enough to offer anyone that joins, and joining the network is also free of charge.

Creating a Connection of Love

Meeting and connecting with someone online can be a challenging experience. AnastasiaDate provides simple steps which enhance online dating and creates an awesome experience for singles. AnastasiaDate is an online dating service providing singles with a connection of love. The site offers simple and various steps which enhance the online dating experience and simplicity is a great feature. Being very thorough about connecting singles together in order to make a perfect match, this online service is one of the very best. Their experience offers many ways for singles to connect. This is accomplished through live chat, camera sharing, call features, and even assists with flowers and gifts.

Live Chat is a great way to form a connection with someone of interest. Communication plays a vital role in establishing a relationship of growth. Another great benefit of the online site is its calling feature. Calls are necessary in order to establish a connection. Just hearing the voice of someone who cares and shows interest,can bring love into the picture. When talking to another person does not seem like just quite enough, sometimes camera sharing can be used to convey stronger feelings. For some people, being able to see the face of the person you are talking with brings the strongest connection of all. A very important part of every relationship is showing your partner just how much you care. While chatting, calling and live camera chat are all great gifts and flowers are wonderful for showing love to one another. This is a service often overlooked by many online dating services available, but not by this one. A gift of flowers or box of candy is a great way to show a woman interest.

International single women are available and longing to connect with the perfect man of their dreams. Eager to introduce themselves, their lifestyle, culture and custom, enables the connection to be created smoothly. Many cultures long to find a deep connection with other people. The cultures and customs have roots that hold great meaning and women long to share with a man who is compassionate about the meanings.

European women are both beautiful and graceful in all they do. Finding the woman of your dreams is achieved simply through AnastasiaDate. Meeting women from around the world is an very exciting adventure. International singles brought together is one of the many reasons to choose this online site.

Having a companion to provide company when loneliness sets in, is a great gift in itself. Happiness and making dreams come true are goes of this online dating site. Bringing together single people in search of these same goals makes this online dating site successful by creating a connection of love.