Andy Wirth Chats About The Fight To Incorporate Olympic Valley Properties

The Reno-Gazette Journal recently published a talk with Andy Wirth about the incorporation fight in the Olympic Valley. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, and he has invested quite a lot of energy in his fight against incorporation. There are several different divisive issues within the incorporation battle, and this article explains how Andy views the situation in the Olympic Valley.

#1: Andy Is Against Incorporation

Andy owns a few lodges in the Olympic Valley that are rustic and beautiful. He has staff members who count on their jobs to live well, and he is pleased to have a strong snow season in 2015-2016. Andy has pointed out that the last few years have been difficult, and he does not believe that incorporation is a necessary issue at this time. He takes issue with several things the incorporation lobby would do.

#2: Higher Taxes Are Not Helpful

Andy fears higher tax rates across the Olympic Valley when incorporation takes hold. Incorporation in the Olympic Valley would put a council in place that could levy taxes on homeowners and businesses to municipal projects. The current tax structure is friendly to businesses and homeowners, and Andy is afraid that many people who cannot afford higher taxes will be pushed out of the valley.

#3: Increased Government Intrusion

Andy does not want to see a local government intruding on the operation of his businesses when he believes the area is governed well at the current time. Andy is not against incorporating in a wise manner, but he believes that the current incorporation lobby would impose government rules that are not necessary. Businesses like his ski lodges could be buried in paperwork, and local residents could be subject to building codes that are unnecessary.

#4: A Financial Threat

Andy ultimately believes that incorporation would force him to lay off some of his staff, and Andy sees a future in which incorporation could see smaller businesses closing. The economy in the valley could be destroyed, and Andy does not want to see a place that he calls his home devastated in such a fashion. Avoiding incorporation right now will help save everyone money.

Andy Wirth wants to help the Olympic Valley grow, and he does not see a reason to incorporate the valley at this time. His opinions are held by many business owners, and he wants to garner consensus instead of forcing through new regulations.