EOS Lip Balms Are Now Available In Delicious, Crystal-Clear Varieties

In recent years, the attractive spheres of lip balm made by a company named EOS have become wildly popular with consumers. In a recent US magazine online article, the author looks at the new Crystal lip balms that were introduced by EOS in August of 2017. More helpful contents here on frenchtribune.com.

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth, and women and girls everywhere love the way the company’s lip balms make their lips feel smooth, fresh and soft. In just a few short years, EOS has revolutionized the world of lip balms, and is continuing to do so with the new Crystal varieties, additional info.

Befitting their name, EOS’s new Crystal lip balms are as clear as crystal, and you can see right through them. The Crystal lip balms contain no wax, and they are vegan items, available here at walmart.ca.

The new Crystal lip balms from EOS are packaged in cute little pods, but their shape is a little bit different from EOS’s original lip balm containers. The Crystal lip balms are available in tasty vanilla orchid, and hibiscus peach flavors, and each balm contains five essential oils.

As with the original lip balms from EOS, their exciting new Crystal lip balms are reasonably priced. Most EOS lip balms are sold at major retail stores everywhere, and can also be purchased from the EOS website, https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.