The Importance of Diligence and Wasting very Little Time and How Lori Senecal is an Example of Such

For marketers, one of the most important factors in success is time. While it does stand to reason that no success occurs overnight, there is a factor of time when it comes to marketing. With marketing, the best thing to do is reach as many people in as short of a time as possible. In this case, it is important to make sure that a lot of work is done quickly in the form of advertising campaigns and marketing efforts. Lori Senecal is very good at that. This is one of the reasons that she is considered one of the most trustworthy advertisers in her industry.

When Lori Senecal has started running CP+B, the culture was much different. People have often spent a lot more time on small talk. However, Lori understood what the customers are there for. They need to get their business going and the profits coming in. For one thing, the businesses tend to either be making money or spending money. Many businesses are renting physical locations and need to keep up with their bills so that they can continue renting the facility. They can’t do this without gaining sales. In order to gain sales, they have to boost the traffic with advertising.

According to GCReport, Lori Senecal has a lot of understanding of time. She has used this understanding in order to change the culture of the company so that it is more efficient and focused on the task at hand. With all of the focus on the tasks, they can help the customer not only avoid having to downsize, but also gain enough capital to expand their business. This is one thing that Lori has had on her mind when she has taken over CP+B. She has not only wanted her company to be able to expand, but has also wanted the other companies to expand as well because of her efforts. She recently spoke at 3% conference.

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White Shark Media are Digital Advertising Experts

White Shark Media has great expertise when it comes to Digital Marketing. No business can survive without an online presence and White Shark helps clients navigate the sometimes murky world of online advertising. It can be intimidating and White Shark helps clients sink their teeth into it. Their emphasis is in helping small to medium sized businesses develop their digital marketing success.

Client feedback is important to White Shark and they have recently implemented suggestions which have led to the revamping of their services. They are now offering more robust, thorough, and well-rounded marketing solutions in response to customer concerns. Google AdWords campaigns are also a focus of their commitment to satisfied customers. They now provide reports on the strategies used and customers are able to review them and see exactly what’s being done on their behalf to grow their customer base.

Communication with clients is also a renewed, stronger priority for White Shark. They have made it easier for clients to engage with them as they have installed a new phone system that facilitates quick and easy communication. Direct extensions are available and monthly video conferencing as well.

White Shark Media has received notice as one of the fastest growing digital agencies in North America. They have developed a reputation for their cost-effective Search Marketing strategies and aim to provide a superlative customer experience. They have an array of proprietary marketing tools which deepen their effectiveness and help them stand out from the run of the mill marketers.

In 2012, they were singled out by Google the most popular search engine. They were invited to Google HQ in Mountain View, California, where they received support and training to increase their growth. These efforts culminated with White Shark being honored with the designation of Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partnership. The future is bright for White Shark Media and their clients.


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