What is the Academy of Art University’s Annual Spring Show

The San Francisco, California art school was founded as the Academy of Advertising Art but is now named the Academy of Art University. There are 283 full-time teachers and 1,154 part-time teachers. There are about 11,000 students and it was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens.

Richard S. Stephens was a painter and magazine editor who was President of the school until 1951. His son Richard A. Stephens then took over as president until 1992. Elisa Stephens, his daughter, took over as president and the school admissions raised to its highest levels in 2000 with about 18,000 students.

The Academy of Art University owns the Automobile Museum which has 200 vintage cars. Since 2005 the school has been involved with the New York Fashion Week event. Plus it has courses online and on campus and the school has associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees in about 25 subjects.

During the Annual Spring Show at the Academy of Art University, students have the freedom to explore many companies that come to the event. The general public along with alumni and a large variety of business leaders come to the school to check out the best works from the students. The school showcases the best art from its students in over 40 areas of art. The best of the best will remain on display for a set time.


The Annual Spring Show is a great networking opportunity but in reality, the school has a focus on networking from day one. During orientation students are told that every teacher is an industry professional. An example of this is the School of Animation and Visual Effects program. There are the school’s in-house productions and Studio X. Plus, Companies such as Disney, Marvel, Nickelodeon, and others send executives to the Annual Spring Show.

The innovation and talent of students of the Academy of Art University is on full display during the Annual Spring Show. The Academy of Art University is the largest privately-owned school in the United States. Its student often find careers in movies, video games, fashion, architectural design, and many others.

How Seattle Genetics’ Clay Siegall Hopes to Change the World of Cancer Treatment

There is nothing that is more horrifying than a loved one dying from cancer, and being unable to do anything about it. This is the situation that Clay Siegall had to endure when he was a teenager. After his father fought a six-year-long battle with cancer, he finally succumbed, and in his observation, Clay realized that his father had not succumbed to disease itself and that it was the side effects of the chemotherapy that undid him. This is what made him get interested in looking for ADCs as an alternative cancer therapy. Clay, therefore, decided that he was going to study zoology, and after he acquired his bachelor’s degree in zoology, he pursued a Masters and PhD in genetics.

After school, he worked for some companies connected with medical research. There was a time when he was working with the National Cancer Research Institute. In 1998, he decided to consolidate the experience he had gathered and started his research center. He founded Seattle Genetics and has been running it for close to two decades now. Since its inception, Seattle Genetics has been working on the creation of ADCs or antibody-based Cancer therapies. These are therapies aimed at eliminating the need for chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer treatment.

The company has had its fair share of ups and downs when trying to change the way cancer treatment is administered. Clay admits that there was a time when their finances were so low that even getting salaries for the coming month for their employees was a challenge. However, he has been carrying out public and private funding campaigns, which has led to massive success. Their partnerships with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline have brought in millions of dollars for the company.

The company held its first IPO in 2001 and had been trading as SGEN on NASDAQ. The first of their ADC, Adcetris was approved by FDA about two years ago and has become one of the most popular antibody-based cancer therapy in the country and beyond. When asked about the way forward for Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall states that they are not planning or willing to sell out. He added that they expect to have the other treatments that they are still developing receive approval from the FDA. The company has come a long way in the improvement of treatment of cancer, and they are on the verge of transforming it completely.