Business Strategy Can Be Made Simple

Paul Saunders has been working on improving investments in the state of Virginia. He’s enjoyed his success and has wanted to share the success with his colleague. Kevin Brandt brought “a lot to the table.” He wanted to merge Kidder, Peabody, and Company Incorporated with the new company. This process began in the 1980s.


Whenever James River Captial first opened, it was called KP Futures Management Corp. The two businessmen decided to speak to clients about investing, marketing, and planning. Paul and Kevin think that business plans should be the first priority in a business. Some business owners may choose to have Crowdsourcing as a way to promote their business. The technique helps them to get investors on board. Since 1986, James River Captial has been helping to break the mold for businesses that would close down.

James River Captial has a headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. The company first started off as a small company that wanted more investors. That’s why Kevin and Paul can help so many people with their business plans. Most venture capitalists look for ways to invest. Paul Saunders has education from the University of Virginia. He started the Saunders Family Foundation to help other people with business funding and personal loans.

Kevin and Paul have ways to get investors into investing after a presentation. It seems that businesses wait to invest after a certain time of the year. Both businessmen enjoy helping their clients. Most clients become better at their business transactions on laptops. They have always been able to keep their clients in the loop about businesses that are wanting to franchise. Counseling has helped clients reach their business goals. Without those solutions, the clients would give up on their business dreams.

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