Bennett Graebner The Chosen One of Reality Television

To be chosen in the entertainment world is to be effective and Bennett Graebner is just that one. With a diverse background of experience from Vassar college to film school and beyond, Bennett Graebner has embraced many roles and positions in the production field. Along the way his climb up the ladder of success included duties mastering grip work cameras and support equipment before taking the necessary steps upward to higher and more coveted positions within the production industry.


Due to Graebner’s experience with hands on duties he bears a truly complete understanding of all facets of behind the scenes execution that make a television team successful. Production has many moving parts that keep the team running and who better than Graebner to find a way to keep this in motion effectively while minimizing any undue stress on the production team (Vassar).


After all the strict timelines and deadlines are never far from his mind as well as the creative vision. Adding to his gift is an eye not only for detail but lighting and framing which are paramount to his craft. With a resume that includes hits such as The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad and Love at First Kiss it is clear to see that Graebner has the golden touch as it deals with love and the search for it. The reality television world is red hot right now and Graebner has his hands in the fire of success especially among the demographics of 18-34 year olds. 


Awards have been added to his trophy case from BMI Film and Television, ASCAP Film and Television. Also,Bennett won a Teen Choice Award among others. He says that storytelling whether scripted or not are fall under the same ideas and principles. There is a story line, character, creative drama and a conclusion if done correctly. The story will fail without the connections between actual people and that is the unique beauty reality television holds. In this ultra-competitive world of entertainment Bennett Graebner continues to be the one with vision to make television storytelling relevant and fresh.

Available news on Graebner´s latest tv productions.

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