Being a teen feminist shaped Rebel Wilson’s career

Every successful film star has a background that inspired their actions. They will always look at their days in school or when they were growing up with their families. For Rebel Wilson, one of the things that she says that shaped her career is being a feminist when she was a teen.

At such a young age, she already believed in the power of being a woman and how it can change one’s fortunes. Her parents played a major role in this situation too. Right from when she was in school to when she was starting her career, everything pointed towards accepting feminism.

Attending an all-girls school

Rebel Wilson was enrolled in a school that only admitted girls. It was a Christian high school and therefore, they were required to abide by strict guidelines. She says that this school encouraged her to embrace feminism because all the people around her were faced with the same problems and challenges. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Pitch Perfect Star – Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Hair Secrtes | Today

She remembers having discussions with her friends and noticing that their fears and worries were the same and therefore, they started accepting that being a woman is something that they should be proud of. It is the same mind-set that she carried into acting when she went professional.

Encourage to take on any career

One of the best things that happened to Rebel Wilson when she was attending high school is that the teachers did not force anything on them. They encouraged every girl to go out and embrace any career that they like.

Unlike some schools that push kids into specific careers, this one did not have any problem with any career that anyone chose. That is how Rebel ended up in acting because she had found the encouragement that she wanted. From that point, she believed that she wold one day rank among the best actresses in the world, and she did.

Becoming a household name

When she eventual started appearing on TV screens and other public mediums, Rebel Wilson was so happy that her career was beginning to shine. She had worked so hard for this position. Looking back, she had fought with being a shy child and came out of her shell.

She had also left her comfort zones and joined drama and debating clubs in school. Such bold steps had turned her into what she is and so, she was now becoming an inspiration to many young women.

On March 2nd 10980. Rebel Wilson was born in Perth, Australia. She was among the four children sired by parents who were beagle-breeders. Although she started acting at a younger age, her bust onto the international scene happened when she moved to West-Hollywood. She now has many films under her name and is still involved in the production of many more.

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