Aaron Lupuloff Heads Foundation For Top Public School District

In an age where American Exceptionalism is no longer apparent in its school systems, Gwinnett County Public Schools stands out as an example for all. Noted by a prominent online life-style website as being among the 20 top schools in the country, Gwinnett County Public Schools promotes a new standard of excellence with its math, science, technology and sports programs. The community has rallied behind Gwinnett County Schools, providing the resources for all its students to be successful. At the center of it all is Aaron Lupuloff, Senior Executive Director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. It is the vision of himself and his organization that has led to Gwinnett County’s success. Because normally, Gwinnett County may not have become as successful without his support.

Gwinnett county houses a variety of demographics across racial and earnings backgrounds. Normally, this could lead to conflict among students and a lack of cohesiveness due to unequal opportunities and cultural barriers. But unlike other schools, Aaron Lupuloff and the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation support the student population with supplemental programs, school materials, and meals to level the playing field and promote community. In practice, all students are embraced rather than a relative few, promoting achievement for all and fostering a community dedicated to the success of every student. This applies to achievement both in and out of the standard school day.

Aaron Lupuloff and the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation promotes student participation in sports, art, and scholarship as a way to further motivate students and support togetherness. Taking inspiration from his experiences as a father, Lupuloff noted that the success of his children was due to such programs, allowing them to be successful both later in life as well as throughout their academic careers. This motivated Lupuloff to give back and allow others the same opportunities for success.

With Aaron Lupuloff at the helm, the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation can expect even more success in the future. The vision and drive of himself and his organization will continue to propel Gwinnett County Public schools into the future. To see more about Lupuloff visit about.me


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