Jonathan Cornelissen: Data Camp and Angel Activism

Jonathan Cornelissen is a philanthropist and company founder, but before finding his footing in his industry he was just a kid with a love for math. His parent say that he always loved it and it’s no surprise he ended up attending Sint-Albertus College for Greek Math in 1998. Jonathan Cornelissen worked hard at his academics and achieved his degree in 2004. Later he would simultaneously attend two different colleges between 2004 and 2009 one of which was the result of the Erasmus Exchange Program he had in which he had enrolled. 

Immediately after achieving his awards, Jonathan Cornelissen went on to co-found a project in Belgium that would be recognized as the first non-profit online private tutoring service ever offered. It was named and today he remains a board member for this company. Jonathan Cornelissen decided to advance his skill set and enroll in a three month course for developing at the Code Academy (LinkedIn). 

A year after he founded his first company, Jonathan Cornelissen co-founded Data Camp in New York. In fact, he was the company’s first CEO. He helped the company acquire a large amount of their students and subscribers. Today Data Camp is doubling its revenue every year since being founded in 2013, and Cornelissen still has a heavy hand in the company’s operations. However, he does partake in his own philanthropic endeavors such as working as an Angel Activist for several different brands. He is also always looking out for new innovative company ideas. 

Currently, Cornelissen is CEO at DataCamp and is still very interested in entrepreneurship and management in other sectors since seeing the amazing growth he was able to bring to Data Camp, however his greatest joys right now are his philanthropic efforts and informing young investors about what he’s learned through his blog posts online. Since Cornelissen has a love for the creation of new things, entrepreneurship and a natural thirst for knowledge it is more than likely we will see more from him. Hopefully very soon. 

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Jonathan Cornelissen: The Emergence of DataCamp

Starting a company and ensuring that it breaks even brings a bundle of joy to any entrepreneur. Though challenging at first, the pioneers make a great achievement that may stay for years in their lives, especially if it is the first attempt. After completing his Ph.D. in 2012, Jonathan Cornelissen thought of starting a platform where people could learn more about R and statistical programming. Cornelissen co founded DataCamp; the idea came up when, at one time, he tried to search for an interactive platform where his students could learn the two things above. He could not find one, but instead, he found many platforms that offered coding skills that were not applicable for statistics. 

On the same breath, he decided to start a project whose aim was to build a platform that students or people could use to learn R and statistical programming. They identified the project as RCademy. Since Jonathan Cornelissen struggled so much to learn and understand R, he wanted to ensure that the learners get more from data. Looking at the name given to the project -Rcademy- and future authenticity, they decided to change it to DataMind but also provided a provision for change (Twitter). 

In 2013, Jonathan Cornelissen, together with Martijn, received Dieter and Albert who helped them to proceed with the project by building the prototype. Later in the year, the three of them except Albert started a company bearing in mind the same concept. They faced a severe financial challenge of raising the capital for the start since they knew the company could take longer to generate income. They pooled together their savings which added up to twenty thousand dollars, but it was not enough; hence, they decided to relocate to Chile from Belgium to participate in the Start-up Chile program

Through this program, the Government of Belgium gave them a grant of approximately twenty-five thousand dollars. iMinds also gave them an investment of roughly fifty thousand dollars. The funds helped Jonathan Cornelissen and his team to start the first version of their platform and the first courses on the platform. DataMind struggled to establish, but the finances ended again, and they decided to join Techstars NYC program after getting support. They then established now after two years of being under Techstars. In 2015 and 2016 they raised more money, and in April 2017 DataCamp company rapidly grew.


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High-Quality, High-Tech Nutritional Lifewave Patches Promote Energy

The wave that is spreading across the globe today is that of health and wellbeing and finding healthy ways to address aches, ailments, and disease. Lifewave, an alternative nutritional company developed by David Schmidt over a decade ago, features products that enhance your system for more energy and happiness with a healthier, longer life. LifeWave products are patented, and they focus on delivering more energy to your body, creating deeper sleep patterns, reducing stress, enhancing better mental health, and encouraging an overall feeling of youthful vitality with high technology nutrition patches. 

Suzanne Somers has also been Lifewave’s Ambassador for the past 10 years; she tried the patches when her health was in crisis and can testify first hand the incredible results that they naturally produced (Waveofvitality). 

Ms. Sommers travels the world sharing about the wonderful benefits that can be obtained by using Lifewave high-quality, high technology patches.

Lifewave Products

Today, LifeWave has fifteen different patches that enhance well-being and promote longevity, and X39 is one of the newest and most popular. With the recent release of stem cell technology for public use, these patches instigate stem cell growth in the area where they are applied. With more active stem cells produced in concentrated areas, injuries and other deficiencies heal faster as the stem cells reproduce more healthy cells. This is a medical breakthrough!

Every package of Lifewave patches contains 30 patches, a one month’s supply, and they come with a Money-Back Guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk in trying the latest in healing and restoration for your body. Lifewave patches focus on one area, and they eliminate the need to swallow handfuls of pills or take conventional medicines. All of Mr. Schmidt’s products are 100 percent natural with no added chemicals. 

These advanced nutritional patches address such issues as sleeplessness, activating the immune system and increasing your energy levels, so you feel younger and are more active throughout your day. Try Lifewave today, and see for yourself what a difference localized nutrition can make!

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Sujit Choudhry, Constitutional Law Expert, Co-Edits Valuable Collection of Essays

Sujit Choudhry, the Director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions and internationally recognized constitutional lawyer and scholar, has co-edited a collection of essays titled, “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions.” This selection of essays aims to address issues in the constitutional design process stemming from territorial disagreements. The 17 case studies included in this collection offer policy recommendations for countries with ongoing territorial disputes as they relate to constitution-making and implementation. These essays curated by Sujit Choudhry provide broad analysis in the form of in-depth case studies that are essential reading for scholars, as well as policymakers. “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” provides unique and highly valuable insight that is directly applicable to current issues relating to territorial politics in particular high conflict zones including Myanmar, Libya, and Yemen. Sujit Choudhry and his co-editor have also collaborated to co-author policy paper under the same name that serves as a companion to the essay collection. Both the collection of essays and the policy paper are available online.

Sujit Choudhry, a distinguished scholar of constitutional law, is a leading expert on the Canadian constitution who has served as an advisor on constitution building, governance, and rule of law processes for over 20 years. Holding law degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard, in addition to being a Rhodes Scholar, Sujit Choudhry served as a full-time constitutional law scholar at UC Berkeley, University of Toronto, and NYU. Choudhry has received numerous accolades for his extensive work including the Trudeau Fellowship in 2010, the Trailblazer Award from the South Asian Bar Associations of Southern California and Northern California in 2015, and was named Practitioner of the Year by the South Asian Bar Association of Toronto in 2011.

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The Intense World of TigerSwan

james reese tigerswanTigerSwan is one of the world’s most elite special ops team founded by veteran Jim Reese in 2007. It is designated as a leader of Service-Disabled-Veteran-Owned Small Businesses. The training takes place in North Carolina at The Range Complex. It comprises tactical training with live ammunition and simulated hostage situations. There are shooting exercises at far distances to become skilled with using a long-range rifle. The training is intense and the ops must be able to utilize their skills in all types of physically uncomfortable conditions. There are times when they might have to wait in in the arid desert for that split second chance to take down a moving target. TigerSwan’s use of Chevy Tahoes and Suburban trucks are invaluable because of their horsepower and high torque. The Chevy SUV’s are capable of handling the rough terrain at high speeds and are equipped with off road tires, skid plates to protect the truck’s underside, and most importantly a unique suspension system to aid in maneuverability. Founder James Reese says that the Chevy trucks are the op team’s first and last line of defense because they are built like army tanks. Team members agree that when a Chevy gets run into or even battered with bullets they still continue to function to get the job done. James Reese is a retired Lt. Colonel and member of the infamous United States Delta Force. He has served 25 years in the American Military and has also become a decorated combat leader during that time. He is currently the founder, the Chief Executive Officer and leader of TigerSwan and employs service disabled veterans. TigerSwan is based in Apex, North Carolina and has offices globally. He oversees all operations and currently has over 300 employees. James Reese himself is a service disabled veteran.Marcus Amick(2017). What It’s Like To Train With The World’s Most Elite Special Ops Team. Retrieved from https://www.tigerswan.comCrunchbase(ND)  Stories by James Reese Tigerswan. Retrieved from

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Organo Gold offers organic coffee as a healthy new experience

Coffee consumption has evolved over the years. Initially it was just a convenient beverage, brewed and consumed at home for breakfast, to start the day with a boost of energy. However, starting around 1960, coffee shops were opened to create a place for socializing and meeting people. Read the reviews at

The coffee shop experience was more important than the coffee. But more people became exposed to coffee and words like espresso, Frappuccino and latte became part of the language. Today we are in a new phase where coffee drinkers are more sophisticated. They demand organically grown coffee beans and sustainable production methods. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold is positioned to meet this demand with its broad line of coffee products. Furthermore, Organo Gold is the only producer that adds organic Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder to all of its products. This is a traditional Asian herb that is reported to be rich in nutrients and antioxidants. These health benefits are demanded by the new generation of coffee drinkers.

Organo Gold also promotes recipes for new drinks that expand the popularity of coffee. Some of these new drinks include Cinnamon Mocha, Pumpkin Spiced Latte, and Iced Orange Creamsicle Coffee. There is an Organo Gold coffee drink for every season and every occasion.


Steve Lesnard and The North Face – Driving Innovation in Backcountry Apparel

When The North Face was looking for an industry leader that could explain in a compelling narrative about their existing and new product lines, they chose Steve Lesnard. Lesnard has two decades of leadership in the industry, working on state-of-the-art innovations in backcountry apparel, including leading drives where apparel and technology were married. The North Face chose Lesnard to be their new Vice President of Global Marketing. Lesnard listens to his backcountry product evangelists – that include trail runners, mountaineers, climbers, skiers and backcountry snowboarders. That is how The North Face keeps churning out state-of-the-art backcountry apparel.

The athletes explained they needed waterproof/breathable gear to breathe better, be less constrictive and firm, all the while taking up a bit less room in their packs. This set The North Face into a three-year cycle of research and development as well as extensive, third-party product testing through Underwriter’s Laboratory. They developed a product they call “FutureLight” that is made with 90 percent recycled content that is nanospun. The nanospinning technology creates minute holes in the product that help moisture move to the outside of the product, rather than be on the inside.

When athletes are in rain or snow and sweat, they risk hypothermia in cold temperatures when their skin gets wet and clammy. FutureLight is lighter, softer and more breathable than competing waterproof/breathable products on the market. Like all North Face products, it has a lifetime warranty. The North Face has been committed to sustainable products since 1996, when they produced the first Denali jacket made up of recycled fleece. Because FutureLight is almost entirely made up of recycled materials and it has a lifetime warranty, it is sustainably produced, which will preserve the ability to “Never Stop Exploring” for everyone on the planet.

The Career Accomplishments of Marc Beer

Marc Beer has created an impressive career reputation over the years. One attribute to his success is the proficiency in which he handles challenges and his flexibility in finding solutions. His level of education and natural ability have shaped his career. Marc began in the sales and marketing sector for a pharmaceutical company, Genzyme (NASDAQ: GENZ) where he was later appointed as the Vice President of Global Marketing.


While at the company, he pushed a product line that would help approximately 350 million individuals suffering from various rare ailments. Given his position in the company, he was able to sell the product line into the market. His work at Genzyme brought on a desire to do more for those who were underprivileged. He wanted to provide solutions for what was lacking in the pharmaceutical industry.


With his years of experience in the field, he felt he had what it takes to start his venture. The need to help the underprivileged was the motivation behind his first company, ViaCell, in 2000. ViaCell was a biotech firm that had over 300 workers and had an Initial Public Offer on NASDAQ as VIAC. The firm primarily focused on treating numerous diseases through the conservation of the blood stem cells of the umbilical cord.


It was seven years later that he decided to sell ViaCell to PerkinElmer who bought it at $300 million. By the time, everything seemed to fall into place, both his career and the corporate world. Sadly, this was when everything began falling to pieces. As soon as he sold ViaCell, he lost his wife at 42 years to a pulmonary embolism.


Marc found comfort in bringing up his three children as a stay at home, dad. Two years down the line, his 14-year old daughter challenged him to do more with his life and continue with the entrepreneur’s pursue. He saw this as a wake-up call and once again founded another successful company, Renovia. At Renovia, Marc works as the CEO with the help of another founder Dr. Ray Iglesias.


The idea behind founding the company came from Dr Ray Iglesias, who has spent the last 35 years as a surgeon operating on women with pelvic floor conditions. Dr. Iglesias had tried to devise ways to assist these women in doing away with the surgery for close to ten years. When he gave Marc a call and told him of his ideas, Marc was impressed and eager to work on the project. Renovia was founded in 2016 under a partnership of Marc Beer, Dr. Iglesias, and Yolanda Lorié. Learn more:


Background Information


Before joining Genzyme, Marc Beer worked as a marketer at Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT) in the pharmaceutical department. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Miami University. He has been a part of the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Emerging Companies Section Governing Board. Marc Beer also served as President of the board at Good Start Genetics, Inc, which was later incorporated by InVitae (NASDAQ: NVTA).

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Discuss Modern Forms of Bullying

School is a place that nearly everyone can relate to. It is the location where each and every person spent countless hours of life during their childhood. School is a place to meet others and learn about the fundamentals of the world. However, a location where individuals from all backgrounds meet is bound to have a few bumps in the road. Kisling, Nestico & Redick recently published a piece about bullying in regards to its origins, how it’s changing, and actions adults can take. Schools should be a location of peace and learning, rather than a place for students to be personally attacked. A recent Newswire piece provides additional insight.

The cause of bullying steams from a variety of factors. It might be an individual thinking they are better than the other in terms of personal strength, size, academic skills, or other personality traits. The perpetrator who starts the action will often resort to violence right away. However, smarter individuals might use verbal or social abuse instead. They understand that creating invisible scars will have a stronger effect. This is taken a step further through the use of the internet. Children are subjected to hateful messages from strangers online, or their classmates tacking bullying outside of the classroom. Bullying is a timeless issue that evolves in methods as new options become available.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick see the solution as a two part puzzle. The first step is having adults who can identify when a child might be troubled. Common signs to look for include personal harm, damaged items, and a general decline in social interactions. A child who is regressing should be spoken to as soon as possible. The first step an adult can take assuring them that you are on their side. Once they open up, the adult must take action right away. Children do not report their experiences out of fear that doing so will only increase the bulling directed at them. However, Kisling, Nestico & Redick believe that creating trusting relationships early in life can go a long ways in solving issues as they arise later.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy and a Solid Career

Is Maurício Mendonça Godoy on fire in his professional field? Most people in South America’s Brazil would say that he is. They’d be 100 percent correct as well. What specifically makes this consummate professional so hot in his line of work, anyway? People can respond to that simple and basic question in so many correct ways. Maurício Mendonça Godoy, first of all, is the President of a powerhouse of a company in the country. That powerhouse is none other than Toyo Setal Empreendimentos Ltda. Toyo Setal Empreendimentos Ltda. is a sector of a bigger business that runs out of Japan. The firm is a fraction of TS Participações e Investimentos S.A. and as a result operates essentially as its relative.

Toyo Setal Empreendimentos Ltda. is a business that has an aim that’s simple for anyone to grasp. It’s an entity that tackles all kinds of industrial work orders. Clients who are trying everything they can to find assistance with complex industrial practices often opt for this business. The same exact thing applies to clients who are trying hard to find help with more basic and simplistic industrial setups. Toya Setal is nothing if not a highly accommodating business. It’s always been that way.

No one could ever call Maurício Mendonça Godoy clueless. He’s truthfully the total antithesis of that. He’s a highly detail-oriented and vigilant individual who puts a lot of time into everything. He’s not someone who leaves the little nuances out of the equation. He’s indomitable in all of his efforts as the President of Toyo Setal. He’s the kind of person who doesn’t say “OK” to things that are mediocre in any way. That may explain why he’s such a refreshing company head honcho. There aren’t many companies out there that have guidance that can surpass the type that’s accessible through Toyo Setal. Maurício Mendonça Godoy believes in his plentiful staff members. Recruitment isn’t a light subject for the people who work for Toyo Setal. Toyo Setal is a renowned company that doesn’t embrace employees who aren’t 100 percent committed to their careers and all involved requirements.