Sergey Petrossov Has The Goal of Travel Convenience With JetSmarter


Those who travel a lot understand that the world of flying is full of hassles. The security lines are long. The food doesn’t taste very good. The plane flights are prone to being delayed and canceled. What if there was a better way? This is the goal of Sergey Petrossov. He is only 28 years old; however, his company, JetSmarter, is already one of the most successful travel companies in the world. It is worth more than $1 billion and has received support from people such as the Saudi Royal Family and Jay-Z. Now, the company is trying to find ways to make the world of private jet travel more accessible to the average person. This would be far more convenient than commercial travel.

The company has grown quickly by taking advantage of an opening in the private jet travel industry. In the past, it was a major hassle to book a private flight. Someone had to physically call a company and sign papers to book a flight. Sergey Petrossov knew that if he could change this process, the world of private jet travel would become more accessible to everyone. His company, JetSmarter, has done exactly that. Now, someone can book a private flight with their phone. This means that flying private has gotten cheaper, meaning that more people than ever before can book a private flight.


Sergey Petrossov isn’t sure exactly where his company is going to go; however, he knows that it has a bright future. When someone books a flight through JetSmarter, they are met at the gate with someone who helps them with their bags, escorts them to their plane, and has catered food ready. This represents a far more convenient way of flying. It will be exciting to watch this young company continue to grow. Eventually, Sergey Petrossov might even find himself taking on the commercial travel industry as well.

Sharon Prince Providing Vast Natural Offerings Away from City Center

Sharon Prince is the face behind Grace Farms, which is a leading recreational facility where people can spend their time in a natural environment.

Based in Connecticut, Sharon Prince Grace Farms is rewriting what many people know about a recreational facility and a conservation facility. It is a dream facility for any person who wants to spend some time alone in the busy world that seems not to have any space for people who are looking for a silent moment.

According to Sharon Prince, the primary role of Grace Farms is to provide people with a sufficient place to rest and enjoy their free time away from the traffic and large population in the city center. The farm has lived to the dream of the founder and has proved to be one of the most reliable places where one can spend time without disturbances. Even people who want to meditate have sufficient space where they can stay without being disturbed.

Sharon Prince Grace Farms is not a solitude area where people only stay alone in silent or meditating. It also provides ample space for people to engage in different activities. People can meet and form large community gatherings and engage in various activities such as fishing, among others. It is also one of the best places where families can spend their time in summer or vacations. With different activities to handle, there is never a boring moment at Grace Farms.

However, besides enjoying sufficient space and several family activities, Sharon Prince wants people to learn about environmental conservation. She offers education to the people who visit her farm on sustenance, water collection, organic farming, and home gardening. This is a very important approach, especially in a time when environmental conservation is a major issue of concern around the world. People enjoy and learn every time they visit Grace Farms. View Additional Info Here.

Recently, an article was published entitled “Sharon Prince Grace Farms” which discusses their connection with Crystal Bridges, bringing culture to unexpected places and bringing it up to those who are looking for a better environment where they can pause and reflect is priceless.


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Betsy DeVos and Dignified Existences

Betsy DeVos doesn’t let other people tell her what to do. The good news is that people do not ever try to do so. That’s not to say that she’s unreasonable. She’s actually among the most reasonable individuals out there. She’s a person who knows how to discuss all sorts of pertinent topics. She has listening abilities that are pretty legendary, too. DeVos’ loyal husband is Mister Richard DeVos. People who are close to him like to call him Dick. People who know him from the media frequently call him that as well. He responds to both names equally.


DeVos likes her latest role in life. President Donald J. Trump hired her to work as the illustrious Secretary of Education. Working for the United States is something that makes DeVos feel positively giddy. She likes doing all that she can to enhance operations within her homeland. Being an Administration member fills her with joy on a daily basis.


Educational systems are a big part of her life. She ponders the vast American educational system daily. She contemplates educational systems that are in distant countries everywhere, too. She likes to see how America compares as far as quality goes. She wants the United States to be a competitive place. She wants the students who live in the United States to be able to excel on tests. She wants them to be able to excel educationally in general. There are many young kids in America who are pretty helpless as far as school selection goes. Their parents are typically pretty helpless as well. DeVos talks about the strength of educational choice any time the opportunity pops up. People who know her well realize just how invaluable educational choice is to her. Her husband recognizes that she cares deeply about the vital subject.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a big non-profit entity now. It’s a foundation that has been running since the closing of the eighties. That’s the time that Dick and Betsy introduced it to the people of the United States. It’s a group that handles all kinds of charitable and philanthropic objectives. It’s a group that’s centered heavily around family matters of all kinds.


DeVos’ full name previously was Elisabeth Prince. The “Prince” part is her maiden name. It’s a gift from her dad, Edgar. He was a major American industrialist. He may just be the reason that DeVos is such an impressively hard worker. She doesn’t let anything get in the way of her desire to work incessantly. She likes to spend her time in a fashion that makes sense. She likes it to spend it improving the world and its citizens.


DeVos has many engaging conversations with her husband. They talk about the status of the United States. They talk about neighboring nations. They talk about their kids and all of their missions. DeVos wants all people in the country to be content. She wants them to all be able to lead dignified and balanced existences.


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Niranjan Shah and Many Others Join Ready for Hillary

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois is the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate. In 2008, he was an early backer of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Now, he is ready to throw his support to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. He and fellow democrats, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, will headline the Ready for Hillary fundraiser. The pro-Clinton super PAC is running grass-roots support for Clinton’s potential presidential run. These three political powerhouses are listed as guests at the June 5th reception in Chicago, which is hosted by several Obama donors.

 The high-dollar fundraiser highlights the early support for Hillary Clinton from Obama’s political circles. It is good to see them support Hillary, while Vice President Biden thinks about making a presidential run as well. Jim Messina, Jeremy Bird and Mitch Stewart are Senior staffers for Obama and are advising the Super PACs. Two other Democrats, Tim Kaine of Virginia and Claire McCaskill of Missouri, were early supporters of Obama and have already agreed to join Ready for Hillary. The third-ranking Democrat in the Senate, Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York endorsed Hillary on a visit to Iowa.

Senator Dick Durbin was with Obama since he ran against Clinton in 2008. Emanuel was a political advisor for Bill Clinton and chief of staff for Obama. He endorsed Hillary Clinton. Madigan served in Illinois state legislature with Obama and quickly became a rising star.

The Chicago reception is selling tickets at a steakhouse called Phil Stefani’s for $1,000 a seat. This will be the biggest fundraiser for Ready for Hillary. The grass-roots tickets are about $20. Laura Ricketts, a co-owner of the Chicago Cubs, will be a co-host and donated a lot to Obama. Her Father Peter Ricketts who founded Ameritrade funds the GOP. Her brother Peter, won the GOP governor nomination for Nebraska.

Other Obama supporters that will host the committee include Jewish leaders Andrea and Alan Solow and political strategist Kevin Conlon. There are many philanthropists and democratic donors going and Niranjan Shah is one of them. He is a successful entrepreneur and democratic donor that is always looking for ways to give back to the community.

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Isabel dos Santos- An Inspiration for Women

Isabel dos Santos is an inspiring lady who has managed her businesses quite well by taking care of various aspects. It is important to discuss that women like her are not lazy, and they are always looking for opportunities to feel the best out of them.

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Como apaixonada pelo meu país e pelo meu continente sinto que é meu dever estar na linha da frente da nova era e realidade da economia mundial, defendendo o nosso lugar, tal como fiz neste momento, partilhando um painel de debate com Mikhail Bogdanov, Vice-Ministro das Relações Exteriores da Federação Russa, Apresentador Representante Especial no Médio Oriente. Por isso participo hoje no Russia-Africa Summit, em Sochi, na Rússia. É uma honra para mim poder participar activamente no desenvolvimento do nosso país e continente, procurar novas parcerias e investimentos que nos vão conduzir ao progresso. O sector privado é o futuro para África. Um futuro que está nas nossas mãos 🙌🏾, mas ainda há muito por fazer #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Africa #Angola #economia #investimento #RussiaAfricaSummit #desenvolvimento As passionate about my country and continent I feel it is my duty to be at the forefront of the new era and reality of the world economy, defending our place, as I’ve done here along with Mikhail Bogdanov, Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation, Special Presidential Representative on the Middle East. That's why today I am participating at the Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi, Russia. It is an honor for me to be able to actively participate in the development of our country and continent, to seek new partnerships and investments that will lead us to progress. The private sector is the future of Africa. A future that is in our hands 🙌🏾, but much remains to be done

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Isabel dos Santos is one of these women who are extremely ambitious, and they want to get the best out of life. It is necessary to state that she has worked excessively a lot to establish her businesses despite having her family wealth. Isabel dos Santos mentions in one of her interviews that her businesses have been managed entirely due to her efforts. She did not try to take help from her family to help her, and she has been taking risks herself. So, she inspires others to learn from her and get on their feet to do something in life.

Isabel dos Santos believes that it is not impossible to manage aspects of business by a woman. She has become a role model for those women who feel they cannot do anything without having a man on their side. So, she acts as an encouragement and motivation for these women who want to aim for something big. Isabel dos Santos believes in the power of will and conviction to do something in life. She does not believe in sitting back and just seeing things unfold in front of your eyes. Instead, she thinks that others can perform a big role in changing their lives if they can passionately look for it. She has, therefore, become an example for these people who are looking for ways to do great things in their life. She thinks that they can do this if they are dedicated to performing the tasks in their life.

These goals have been achieved by her after carefully analyzing the aspects of life, which she considered to be important for her. She has become a beacon for such ladies who find darkness in their lives, and they can get the courage to see her. They can change their lives also like her; just a little courage is required to do so!

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James Dondero and Trying His Best

James Dondero knows that people can only do the best they can. Thankfully, his own version of the “best” is pretty incredible. This man is the reason that Dallas, Texas’ renowned Highland Capital Management even exists. Mark Okada is the reason it exists as well. They put their minds together and opened the firm in the nineties in Los Angeles, California. They opted to relocate the company to Dallas in roughly 1994 or so. Changing to a Dallas locale proved to be intelligent for them. Highland Capital Management has been flourishing in the Big D fo a long period of time now.

Jim Dondero liked his learning period at the University of Virginia. He majored in accounting and financing while he was at the Charlottesville, Virginia institution of higher learning. He cherished being able to turn into an accounting guru. He cherished being able to master all sorts of topics that fall under finance, too. JP Morgan decided to call for James Dondero after his education was done. He worked for the major finance player for some time. After that position, it was time for him to head to American Express. This company is a big force in the United States’ finance sector.

Jim Dondero doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone. He knows that he’s a charitable person inside and out. He gives all sorts of major non-profit groups all over Dallas substantial sums of money. He gives organizations that aid ailing children a lot of money, too. He wants to do away with all sorts of sicknesses that harm children and their family members. Dondero isn’t just a humanitarian. He’s simultaneously a man who wants to do whatever he can to assist the magnificent animals of the world. He likes to help the Dallas Zoo advance in a big way.

Gulf Coast Western

Matt Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western And The Importance Of Business Relationships

Gulf Coast Western CEO and founder Matt Fleeger have been able to make quite a name for himself in his chosen industry. While some might believe that he has achieved success because of good fortune, those who know the company best are aware of the fact that he creates his own luck.

He does not believe in chance. Instead, he prioritizes the relationships that he has built, and takes the necessary steps to maintain them. Fleeger focuses on transparency, honesty, integrity, and growth. This is what allows his business partners to place their trust in him so easily.

In turn, Gulf Coast Western has been able to leverage these partnerships and achieve all of their chosen objectives. What once began as a relatively modest venture that was regional in nature has since become a powerhouse. Under the leadership that Fleeger has provided, the company has been able to expand its operations into a number of other territories.

Gulf Coast Western may have gotten their start in Dallas but now they have expanded into a number of neighboring states. It is hard to see that happening without Fleeger’s level of emphasis on building business relationships. The ventures that have been forged with his partners are able to stand the test of time because of his willingness to remain transparent.

Matt FleegerWhen partners invest with him, they know that their investments are going to be treated with the same level of care as his own. This is nothing to sneeze at, especially in a marketplace where these principles are not always easy to come by. He offers the education and awareness that keeps partners from having an adverse experience.

The steady growth that Gulf Coast Western has experience definitely supports Fleeger’s point of view. While the industry around him may be rather volatile, he is able to emphasize the strategies that are bound to pay off. There is no secret to his success. He operates with the proper level of integrity and lets the chips fall where they may.

Jeremy Goldstein, Successful Lawyer and Philanthropist

Jeremy Goldstein is an expert in his career to employment law. He graduated from the New York University School of Law, where he received his law degree. He also earned a degree from the University of Chicago as well. His career started out in a popular law firm in the state of New York. At his job he would deal with legal transactions for big corporations. Some of the corporations he dealt with were; Miller Brewing Company, Phillips Petroleum Company, Duke Energy, Verizon Wireless, MBNA Corporation, Dow Chemical Company, Merck, and more. In his studies and experience, he began to learn the common employment laws. After taking the time to learn it and research, Jeremy decided to go his own route and created Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. At his practice he focuses on employment law. The practice was founded over a decade ago, but they are still committed to giving legal advice and representation for all things related to employment law.


Beyond his incredible career in the lawyer and attorney niche, Jeremy also loves to be active for his community and works outside of his office. He is on the chair at the American Bar Association’s Business Section. He is a member and contributes at the Professional Advisory Board for the Journal of Law and Business. He is also known for speaking at public events on several different occasions. He also contributes to many events that are held in his community. He is a supporter of Fountain House, which is a charity that raises awareness for mental illness recovery.


One thing Jeremy Goldstein prides in is protecting the rights of his clients and potential clients. Protection is very important in this field. There are risks in not having non-compete agreements. Jeremy also believes in developing a personal relationship with his clients and potentials. He believes that building a friendship allows them to develop trust and learn more about each other. He has developed wonderful friendships through this strategy. He even has built friendships that have lasted for decades. He wants his clients to know that he is not just in it for the money, he genuinely wants to help. Jeremy’s services are still available. Jeremy Goldstein is ranked as the number 1 practice area. He has been doing this for decades and has mastered his field. Clients are satisfied with his work, and several have left great reviews on his website!


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Setting The Standard: Smita Shah

Smita Shah is a woman who wanted to make a difference in the world. She has done that and much more. When she went to school, she realized that she had a talent for all things math and science. This was able to spur her on to do things that at one time or another were not possible for women. She went on to study in colleges like MIT and Oxford. She went on to found her own company called SPAAN Tech. Now she has become the trendsetter for women and girls around the world. In an interview with WGN, she talked about her life and career.


Smita Shah says that when she founded the company in 1998 she knew that she was taking a chance. She wanted to see if her business savvy measured and it paid off for her handsomely. She says that the worst that could happen to her was the company would fall apart and she would work for someone else or that business would succeed and she wouldn’t have to work a day in her life. She didn’t realize what a trendsetter she was at the time. 


She said that the first goal she wanted to reach was bringing people together to work on challenging projects. She wanted it to be a simple thing and it turned out to be much more than that. She remembered being pulled aside in school and doing math and science problems with the boys in her class. She says it made her different and that was normal for her at that particular time. Setting herself apart in school was nothing new to her and she took full advantage of it. She knew that she was defined as a nerd but, it did not stop her from reaching her goals or her potential. Learn more:


Smita Shah wants to stress one big thing to women and girls everywhere. If you can dream it, then you can do it. She has helped multiple White House administrations get the word out to girls and women that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) are viable options for them to pursue. She also wants to make sure that women and girls give back to their respective communities. She is an advocate for the education of women and girls all over the world. 


Smita Shah says that people need to get involved in the worlds of math and science. She wants people and groups to take an interest in trying to solve complex puzzles for the next generation. She says that we need to foster the talent of the future. Women and girls can definitely take part in that. They can be successful in these fields if they really want to.


Smita Shah has become a success and a person for others to look up to. Women and girls can think to themselves that if Smita Shah can do it, then maybe I can too. This is what a positive role model can do. That makes her very happy

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The Rebirth of Luxury Retailer Gump’s


Gump’s is one of the oldest luxury retailers in America, and is renowned for their long history of providing millions of customers with luxury goods around the world. They are based in San Francisco, CA and New York, NY. It was founded in 1861 by brothers Solomon and Gustave Gump, whose small mirror and frame shop grew to a much larger venture over time.

The Gump’s took advantage of the California gold rush and eventually established their permanent location in San Francisco. They sent out buyers to countries in the far east, building their reputation as one of the most prominent suppliers of rare exotic oriental gifts.

Some of Gump’s most famous customers include President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Sarah Bernhardt, an actress who starred in some of the most popular French plays of the 19th and 20th centuries. Read This Article for more information

Investment banker John Chachas would regularly visit Gump’s as a child, and was always particularly interested in a large Buddha statue that sat in the store. 50 years later, Chachas asked for the Buddha in exchange for payment of a hefty transaction that was meant to take place between Gump’s and buyers. The statue changed hands for a comparatively paltry $800, and marked the beginning of Chachas’ acquisition of Gump’s.

After a while, Chachas sold the Buddha in Hong Kong for $14 million Hong Kong Dollars and went on to create his own investment fund. Today, he is using the profit he gained from selling the statue to buy Gump’s in its entirety. Get More Information Here.

He plans to continue the century-old business model and fine reputation of the company, starting by rehiring many of its previously unemployed executives. Maintaining the family-owned nature of Gump’s, Chachas intends to revamp the store with the help of his wife, Diane, and his daughter, Anne, in order to pay homage to Gump’s legacy.


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