Desiree Perez, a Powerful Woman

Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a well known woman in the entertainment industry. She has held the position as the chief operating officer at Roc Nation. She is a big influence in the success of musician Jaz-z and she has also worked with other well known artist such as; Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Mr. Carter. She has worked alongside of Jay-z for over two decades. She has created a legacy within her name that most people can’t compete with. She has done an exceptional job in her work at Roc Nation. Desiree knows a good musician when she sees one and is able to detect them easily.

Every year the Billboard lists the top 100 power people, and it was no surprise that Desiree Perez made the list. She landed at number 41 spot. She helped produce Jay-z and Beyoncé’s latest tour, and she was also there for Jay-z’s solo tour as well. The entertainment industry considers Desiree a fierce negotiator. She helped negotiate Sprints $200 million dollar investment in TIDAL. She also negotiated Beyoncé’s formation stadium. And she also helped negotiate Rihanna’s deal with Samsung. Desiree Perez is a powerful woman, and not many women could ever top what she has done in the entertainment industry.

Desiree Perez


The Initial Vision of Sheldon Lavin for OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin seems to have had a clear vision for OSI Group right from the moment he became the owner. He had been closely related with the company after funding it, although he had not become the owner yet. After that, he continued contributing to their success. However, it is the change in fortunes after getting full ownership that wowed everyone. He went out to implement a plan that seems to have been well though-out and so; everyone wanted to know what his secret was. He shared his vision for the company from the time he took over its operations.

Aiming at growth

Exponential growth is one of the things that can be attributed with OSI Group, and it is all because of Sheldon Lavin. While everyone was getting baffled by this growth, the owner revealed further that it is something that he had in mind since the beginning. For the time they changed from Otto & Sons Ltd to OSI, he wanted to do nothing but grow the company. That is the reason he went out in search of the best professionals who would help him drive this agenda. The resulting situation was that the company adopted strategies that were geared towards growth, and they worked.

Seeking to conquer the world

The elaborate plans to grow OSI were intertwined with another vision that was fronted by Sheldon Lavin; to conquer the world. Therefore, while the company was expanding locally, they were also monitoring the international markets. When the time came, they built their first facilities in Europe and China, and that was the beginning of a revolution that would take them to new heights. Expanding into international markets meant that the company was venturing into a new situation. The cultures and other things there were different and therefore, they had to seek partnerships with companies that were already working there. Today, there is no doubt that the initial vision that Sheldon Lavin had for OSI Group did come true. The company kept the faith and followed their plans to the later. It is something that other companies that are looking to venture into similar markets can emulate.

How Nitin Khanna Forms The Strategy For His Businesses

Forming a strategy for any company is not a task that you can take lightly. For Nitin Khanna, the CEO of MergerTech, it is something that requires a lot of consideration. The accomplished entrepreneur says that he has been successful in various companies because he approaches every situation with the mentality to get things done. He ensures that every strategy that he formulates is geared towards delivery and execution. In addition to that, he tries to be consistent with his ideas whether he is hiring people or working on various projects. Here are the other things that help him to form the best strategies.

Finding the right people to work with

For Nitin Khanna, a company cannot progress is it cannot find the right people to work on various project. Therefore, a good strategy is one that outlines how employees will be hired. You need to come up with a hiring policy that ensures that you get the best in the job market. In addition to that, he tries to train the people that he hires so that they understand the kind of working style and culture that he wants. Once they blend in, they become an important part of the company.

Making people to like the mission and vision

Coming up with a mission and vision statement is one thing, but making people to like it is a different story altogether. Nitin Khanna says that his companies often focus on making people understand what the statement entails. He says that once everyone likes the ideas that he presents, they will be more obliged to work within the strategy, and this means that the company will be more prosperous. A strategy is not just about a few aspects of the company; it should cover everything that happens every day.

Born in 1971 in India, Nitin Khanna already knew that he wanted to be an entrepreneur at a tender age. Many of his family members were into business, and she had witnessed many transactions being carried out at home. Therefore, even though he studied engineering, he still found his way into entrepreneurship. He is currently the CEO of MergerTech, one of the companies that provide support for tech businesses.

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Jeremy Goldstein Continues to Shine in his Legal Career

He has many years of experience in the industry, and his professionalism has earned him a good reputation. Currently, he is a partner at a law firm he established, Jeremy L. Goldstein & associates. The company has earned recognition over the years for its involvement in legal battles with national significance. The law firm is involved in activities such as offering advisory services to management teams and businesses about issues such as corporate governance and executive compensation. He has been part of many corporate deals in the last decade. Jeremy Goldstein lawyer is one of the best in executive compensation in the country.


The attorney excelled in his education, and that has enabled him to be an authority in the legal sector. He is graduate of the New York University and the University of Chicago. During one of his interviews, he disclosed that he came up with the idea of forming his law firm after realizing that there were conflicts of interests in executive compensation. According to him, many consultancy firms were breaking off from larger firms, and that posed an opportunity to venture into the area.

Jeremy Goldstein attorney also engages in a mobile practice. One of the things he acquired to facilitate his work was purchasing a software called TurboScan which could help him to send hand markups for various documents needed at work. He believes that it’s vital for individuals to take an interest in other people as this will help them to grow their businesses. According to him, it’s advisable to stay in touch with clients through calling, writing, and sending emails. He believes that this strategy has led to an increase in the number of his clients.


Jeremy believes that the use of technology has helped him to be more productive. He has always ensures that the computers that he uses are efficient as this helps him to improve service delivery for his clients. Jeremy Goldstein believes that some of the setbacks that people face in life are opportunities. He urges individuals not to give up as some of the worst moments could end up being the best in the long run.


The legal expert believes that building and maintaining personal relationships with his clients has enabled him to provide better services as different individuals have varying needs. Jeremy talks with his clients regularly even when there are no active matters. He has handled numerous cases that have made him conversant with almost all issues in his profession. One of the ways that Mr. Goldstein ensures high productivity is limiting the number of issues to handle from his clients. A New York-based law firm previously hired him before he started his own. Jeremy has also dedicated his time to philanthropic work aimed at helping individuals with mental illness.


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Getting Fashion Tips and Advice from Donata Meirelles

For a lot of people, it can be difficult and time-consuming to try to find the right tips and advice that you can utilize in your everyday life. If you are ready to make a change to your look, there is nothing quite like utilizing the advice provided by fashion expert and stylist Donata Meirelles. This professional is the stylist and director of fashion for Vogue Brasil. Her work with the company has been profound over the years, which is why so many people look up to her for the advice that she is able to offer to them. To find more details on Donata’s profile, you can visit her LinkedIn handle.

Some of the best fashion and style tips that Donata Meirelles has offered is the ability to accessorize no matter what type of outfit you happen to be wearing. This is a great choice for people who want and need to be able to utilize this option for themselves and are looking to completely transform themselves. She says that people should also never be afraid of wearing bright colors and patterns so that they are able to effortlessly get the look that they both need and want. You will find this to be a wonderful option for you and gets you feeling great about your appearance.

There are a lot of people who know about Donata Meirelles and the work that she has done for Vogue Brasil. Because of this, she is incredibly popular and active on social media and is continually working within the field to get the best tips and advice that she is able to share with her readers. If you would like to learn more about this amazing professional, you can also visit her on her site and check out her blog, which she keeps updated on a routine basis.

No matter what type of outfit you are going for, you will find that this professional is great for when you want and need to know what to do concerning all of your fashion tips and advice. There are a lot of people out there right now who love and follow this woman because of the work that she has done. If this is something that interests you as it has for a lot of other people, it is time for you to make use of the work that they have been able to do and see why so many individuals are choosing this for themselves and finding it to be great.

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OSI Food Solutions: From a Retail Butchery to a Multi-Nation Food Provider

OSI Food Solutions has 65 of its facilities spread over 17 different countries. It began as a retail meat business by a German immigrant, by the name Otto Kolschowsky. The company served the community well, and after the first world war, it had expanded its business to a wholesale and retail food supplier. After the war, a business alliance which seemingly was between two families was formed. Ray Kroc had just earned the right to franchise for the McDonalds couple and was to open a chain of burger restaurants in Illinois. He agreed with the sons of Otto Kolschowsky to be the constant suppliers of the franchise. This was before he bought out the business from the couple and opened up the original McDonald’s. He became the CEO of the current McDonald’s.

As the company grew and expanded its operations to different regions the OSI Food Solutions, then known as Otto and Sons, also grew in response to accommodate the demand from McDonald’s. Otto & Sons were the principal suppliers of fresh ground meat to the swiftly expanding McDonald’s restaurants. Over the years, Otto & Sons changed its name to OSI Group, to effectively be a reflection of what the company dealt in, as they expanded to meet the demand from their customers. This was a challenge as McDonald’s needed constant supply of quality meat products to their widespread facilities. This meant that they had to come up with ways of ensuring that the meat remained fresh as it was transported, and still have an affordable price for their product.

The meat supplier finally experienced a breakthrough when liquid nitrogen methods could be used to flash freeze food. They now had two tracks; one was to serve their biggest customer, the McDonald’s and the other was to supply the locals consistently. Lavin, the CEO of OSI Food Solutions, led the company as it broke into the international space. Experts who could successfully contribute to the company were employed. As McDonald’s grew, so did OSI Food Solutions. The company satisfactorily catered for its customers’ needs and ventured into different areas of the food industry. The growth is evident to date. In 2016, it was ranked number 58 of the biggest private companies in the US.

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Legendary Desiree Perez, Powerhouse COO for Roc Nation

Desiree Perez

Many see the glamour of celebrities, and not giving a second thought to those in the shadows helping power star careers. Success runs on a rough road, and one of the heavy hitting pavers is powerhouse Desiree Perez. Her name is included on a list of legends in production, management and marketing departments. Her name stands among other women known for their guidance of successful music artists over the past twenty years.

Recently listed in the top fifty on the Billboard Power 100 list and labeled “one of the most dominant females in the music industry” by LA News Watch. As the COO of Roc Nation, Ms. Perez continues to push her clientele higher into the stratosphere with her knowledge and negotiating skills. Heavily involved in the negotiations between Rihanna and Samsung, and Desiree’s success with the Beyoncé Formation Stadium, shows a keen eye for detail and haggling.

Her instrumental involvement with the Tidal app brought in nearly one million users signing up for the trial membership, largely due to her ability to bring in well-known artists and exclusive albums to the business.

Named Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation in 2009, Desiree commands respect for her ability to be involved in management, publishing, and label operations. Since that time, her work reflects the absolute talent she manages for Roc Nation.

Desiree Perez

Being a teen feminist shaped Rebel Wilson’s career

Every successful film star has a background that inspired their actions. They will always look at their days in school or when they were growing up with their families. For Rebel Wilson, one of the things that she says that shaped her career is being a feminist when she was a teen.

At such a young age, she already believed in the power of being a woman and how it can change one’s fortunes. Her parents played a major role in this situation too. Right from when she was in school to when she was starting her career, everything pointed towards accepting feminism.

Attending an all-girls school

Rebel Wilson was enrolled in a school that only admitted girls. It was a Christian high school and therefore, they were required to abide by strict guidelines. She says that this school encouraged her to embrace feminism because all the people around her were faced with the same problems and challenges. Read more: Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter and Pitch Perfect Star – Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Hair Secrtes | Today

She remembers having discussions with her friends and noticing that their fears and worries were the same and therefore, they started accepting that being a woman is something that they should be proud of. It is the same mind-set that she carried into acting when she went professional.

Encourage to take on any career

One of the best things that happened to Rebel Wilson when she was attending high school is that the teachers did not force anything on them. They encouraged every girl to go out and embrace any career that they like.

Unlike some schools that push kids into specific careers, this one did not have any problem with any career that anyone chose. That is how Rebel ended up in acting because she had found the encouragement that she wanted. From that point, she believed that she wold one day rank among the best actresses in the world, and she did.

Becoming a household name

When she eventual started appearing on TV screens and other public mediums, Rebel Wilson was so happy that her career was beginning to shine. She had worked so hard for this position. Looking back, she had fought with being a shy child and came out of her shell.

She had also left her comfort zones and joined drama and debating clubs in school. Such bold steps had turned her into what she is and so, she was now becoming an inspiration to many young women.

On March 2nd 10980. Rebel Wilson was born in Perth, Australia. She was among the four children sired by parents who were beagle-breeders. Although she started acting at a younger age, her bust onto the international scene happened when she moved to West-Hollywood. She now has many films under her name and is still involved in the production of many more.

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Article Title: A dive into the life, career, and achievements of Sujit Choudhry

Article Text:

Sujit Choudhry is known around the world as a renowned politics and constitutional affairs speaker and professor. He has worked in the legal field for more than 20 years, and during this time he founded the Center for Constitutional Affairs which he is also its current Director. Sujit is today among the top authority figures when it comes to constitutional law and politics globally. He has been to 30 countries to offer his expert opinion on political and constitutional affairs as a speaker. This celebrated lecturer has also worked as a constitutional advisor in Ukraine, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and Nepal. Through his career, Sujit Choudhry has dealt with issues of political violence and ceasefires and has held meetings with government organizations, tech companies, and key political figures.

A bright child and brilliant student

This high-achieving lecturer was born in India, but later his parents moved to Canada in search of greener pastures where he grew up. His father worked as a lecturer at the University of Toronto while his mother was a nursing teacher. They both encouraged Sujit Choudhry to nature his intellectual skills and exposed him to numerous newspapers for him to read. He developed an interest in law while interning at a bioethics center one summer and decided to go for it. This constitutional affairs speaker joined Oxford University for his law degree and graduated in 1994. He did not stop there; he went on to graduate with another law degree from the University of Toronto in 1996 and later earned his graduate law degree in 1998 from Harvard Law School. After his graduation, Sujit Choudhry went on to begin his prosperous career.

The Catalonia secession

The Catalonia secession subject has been one of the most defining moments in Sujit Choudhry’s career. The open letters that were written by him and other constitutional law experts to by the subject helped the Spanish government and the people of Catalonia to solve their issues amicably. They provided guidance that helped both parties in this entanglement settle their problem peacefully through a referendum. Sujit regards this as one of his biggest career achievements.

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