The Right Hair Products, WEN by Chaz

Hair maintenance can be difficult as a woman especially if you have children and a career to pursue. Many women often neglect their hair simply because they do not have the time for salon appointments. However, what they fail to realize is that one does not need to visit the salon to take care of their hair. With the right hair products, one can take care of their hair at home without visiting the salon for long periods. All you need is the right shampoo and conditioner for washing your hair and the right oils for hair growth.


You can visit your nearest stores or shop online for the WEN by Chaz hair products. These hair products allow you to take care of your hair in the comfort of your home. The shampoo is blended with ingredients that add moisture to the hair and nourish the scalp preventing it from itching and flaking off. All you need to do is use the shampoo once or twice a week, and the results will immediately start showing.
Also, WEN hair products save a lot of time and money. This is because they are very affordable and require less time to use. For example, their deep conditioner is leave in conditioner that can be applied twice a week to the hair after each wash. This saves you the hustle as a working woman or a mother of having to wait 10 to 15 minutes like other conditioners before washing off. See,
Do not let your hair stress you to the point of chopping it off. Get the right products that will save you a lot of time of getting ready while still nourishing your hair follicles and making your hair appear fuller and healthier. With the right products, you can maintain healthy hair. Visit the Wen Facebook page for more hair care tips.

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Executive of the Year: Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

This year packs a lot of surprises for the founder of CAOA, Dr. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade. This follows after Mr. Carlos picked up the prestigious 2019 Car of the Year award for Executive of the year. The award was presented by Autoesporte.

The epic journey of Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade in the automobile industry all began when he purchased a Ford Landau back in 1979 in Paraiba. The dealership ended up being dissolved and Carlos Alberto de Oliveira dived in to salvage the matter by buying the resale.

With less than six years in the automobile industry, the retired surgeon physician has struck gold for the largest Ford dealers in Brazil. Dr. Carlos had a few running in the industry and landed another lucrative deal with Renault.

Luck seemed to be on his side as he got the representation of Hyundai in Brazil. The Hyundai plant in Brazil to this date is under the direct command of CAOA.

Recently, CAOA took control of China’s Chery operating firm with the Jacarei and Sao Paulo plant. This followed with the commencement of an aggressive plan for the modeling launches and expansion in the network.

Back in 2007, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira ventured using his personal resources to develop the first Hyundai factory in Brazil. Five years later, the firm earned a significant recognition across Brazil. It also scooped up the Distributor of The Year title pitted against the over 180 Hyundai dealers across the world. Currently, Dr. Carlos reigns as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. The function has seen him involved in many subjects of the firm.

With the arrival of Cherry in 2014, it formed part of an internationalization project of the firm. The brand upgraded the plant in Jacarei located in the Paraiba Valley. This marked the firm’s first fully operational plant outside of China with close to half a million dollars as the initial investment.

The firm’s made a major impact in Brazil as an importer in 2011 when CAOA sold a peak of close to 90,000 units. The year also marked an increase in the production of the trucks and cars with a peak of close to 40,000 units.

Louis Chênevert Discusses the New Space Race

At one time, an ordinary person could only dream of going into space, but times have changed. Presently, there is a new space race, one between individuals and private companies. And billionaires have now actually surpassed NASA in leading the way for space exploration. One such individual is Elon Musk, the co-founder of Tesla and a businessman with a net worth of $21 million. Mr. Musk founded SpaceX, an aerospace manufacturer and a company that provides space transport services, with the goal of reducing the cost of space travel so that a greater number of persons could travel into space to explore our magnificent cosmos. Jeff Bezos, the Chief Executive Officer of Amazon with a net worth of $130 billion, is another individual that has committed himself and his considerable resources to lowering the cost of space exploration so that more people can explore our solar system.


A company that figures greatly in the provision of new technology to further the new space race is United Technologies Corporation. One reason UTC is in the position of having such an influential role in the new space race is its former Chief Executive Officer and President, Louis Chênevert. Mr. Louis Chênevert doggedly committed the United Technologies Corporation on a path of developing technological advances for the aerospace industry. Louis Chênevert joined the United Technologies Corporation in March 2006 as a Director and was promoted to President and Chief Executive Officer in April 2008 and Chairman in January 2010. Prior to joining UTC, Mr. Chênevert was President at Pratt & Whitney for 7 years. Prior to his employment at Pratt & Whitney, Louis Chênevert worked at General Motors for 14 years, some of which as Production General Manager of General Motors’ St. Therese operation. He is a graduate of the University of Montréal from which he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in production management. Louis Chênevert serves as chairman on the following boards: HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board, the Yale Cancer Center’s Advisory Board, and the Board of Directors for the Friends of HEC Montreal.

JHSF And Their Real Estate Developments

JHSF is managed by Jose Auriemo Neto, and he is built up a company that works in all the high-end parts of Brazil where commercial and residential real estate are concerned. Someone who plans on investing in JHSF might want to have a new commercial property built for them, or they might want to work with Jose to get help with the development that they have in mind.

1. How Is Brazil Growing?

JHSF and Jose are working to make Brazil grow as fast as possible. The Rio Olympics and the World Cup both worked to make Brazil a much bigger hub for economic development, and there are many people who are now investing in Brazil because they saw the potential during that time. It is a very nice way for people to make choices when they want to build, and they could choose better locations with Jose’s help.

2. High-End Property Has Value

High-end property has a lot of value, and Jose knows how to choose locations that will make these properties as beautiful and valuable as possible. Jose wants the nation to put its best foot forward, and he funds projects that will make that possible. Someone who is new to the world of high-value property could build their first project with Jose, and there are others who will want to ask him to help them upgrade.

3. Residential Towers

There are residential towers that people might want to try out because they want to move into the city or build properties that executives can live in. There are several places that people could move to live in these new high rises, and they might even make lovely neighborhoods that will make it easier for people to live well when they commute into the city.

4. Conclusion

There are many people who will find that they can use the JHSF team to make their new projects work, and they could turn to Jose Auriemo Neto to get advice on the job. Jose is an expert in the field, and he wants people to see the potential in Brazil.

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Dick DeVos Is A Humble Servant Of The City Of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids, Michigan is a wonderful city to live in where people enjoy many of the benefits that have come from the hard work of Dick DeVos. He has called the city his home for many years and continues to improve upon its solid foundations. While many Grand Rapids’ residents enjoy being able to catch a flight at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport whenever they need, not all of them realize that the reason they can is because of Dick DeVos.


Years ago, he decided to call up the chief executive officer of Airtran Airways to try to convince him to start running flights out of the city. It was agreed that the airline company would offer nonstop flights out of the airport. Airtran Airways was later purchased by Southwest Airlines, and DeVos worked hard to convince Southwest to not only continue to offer flights from the airport, but to increase the amount of them. Southwest had previously turned down offers to come to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport but changed their mind thanks to DeVos.


This is just one of many moves Dick DeVos has made to make Grand Rapids a better place. About 30 years ago, he had heard about a plan that was being considered to build a multi-purpose arena just north of downtown Grand Rapids. The arena would be a convention and sports center, and as soon as he hears about the idea, he got on the phone to try to slow its momentum down.


The problem wasn’t exactly the arena itself, but the fact that it would be built so close to the downtown of Grand Rapids. He had witnessed the devastation that the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills had caused to the city of Detroit in the 1970s when its sports teams, the Pistons and Lions left the city. The problem was the city had built the arena to serve their sports teams, and when they left, this left Detroit with a large problem.


During his fight against the arena being constructed in Grand Rapids, he helped to put together Grand Action. This group of business leaders has been able to get a lot done in the city. They have been responsible for the building of the Grand Rapids City Market, Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Performance Hall, and quite a few other buildings that have changed the city, altogether. Dick DeVos has pledged to continue to make Grand Rapids a better place, and there is no doubt that he will succeed.


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Forbes Ranks the Chainsmokers Number Two in Highest-Paid DJs

2018 has proven to be a prolific year for the signature EDM-pop band known as the Chainsmokers. This duo includes Drew Taggart who is just 28 years old, and Alex Pall who is 32. The group formed in New York City and quickly became noticed after releasing their 2014 club hit, “#Selfie”. Two years later the Chainsmokers released, “Don’t Let Me Down” featuring Daya, as well as, “Closer” featuring Halsey. These EDM and future-bass pop hits gained them even more recognition across the globe, adding to their prominent success.

Last year’s album titled, “Memories…Do Not Open” ended up topping both national and international charts while reaching platinum status. The success from this album rolled over into 2018, making it a definite contributor to their #2 spot on Forbes, “The World’s Highest-Paid DJs Of 2018” list. The Chainsmokers were only preceded by Calvin Harris, and surpassed even Tiësto and David Guetta. The combined funds accumulated from their annual touring and music production equaled a grand total of $45.5 million in just 2018 alone. That’s just $2.5 million under their predecessor, Calvin Harris. With such a high amount of success in an active three-year time span, it is speculative as to whether they will stay at number two, or top the charts in 2019.

The Chainsmokers have introduced the world of EDM and trap music to mainstream listeners across the world with their upbeat yet meaningful tracks, and they continue to deliver with each hit that they release. If Taggart and Pall continue on this avenue of success, there’s no telling what 2019 could bring in terms of their wealth and prominence as a DJ and production force. If 2018 is any indication, their place on Forbes’, The World’s Highest-Paid DJs will either remain secure or move to the number one spot.

Doe Deer’s Untold Story

Doe Deer, the Russian immigrant that pioneered the makeup empire Lime Crime has an little known story. This is the truth about what happened when she came to the US. In her own words in an article written for Entrepreneur magazine, she states: ” America, for immigrants is and always will be great.”

Doe Deer’s Experience.

She used to daydream when she was 17 about what it would be like to come to the US. She was absorbed in our magazines, TV and news that she was able to see. Finally, her mother, sister and she were able to come to the states. But things weren’t glamorous, at all.

Imagine, the red-tape, keeping your family who is well-educated with great jobs at home, held back from being gainfully employed. Imagine having to then scramble to eat and sleep in a safe space. This is exactly what happened to Doe Deer and her family.

When her mother, a gainfully employed, educated Russian accountant of many years experienced a major set back due to the delay in her paperwork. Yes, companies wanted to hire her but they refused to prior to the verification of her past education.

After cleaning homes and babysitting the neighbor’s cats, the money ran out. Doe’s family ended up in a homeless shelter. They were in one room with no kitchen and in very tight quarters. They had to stick together to be safe. Doe Deer being proactive and wanting to escape, worked on her design sketches.

Where this experience took her and her family.

in 1999 a social worker who took a proactive interest in them introduced the family to an organization called Sanctuary for Families. From there, they helped the mother get a job in her field as an accountant: the sister to Columbia University and Doe to the Fashion Institute.The sketches she proactively drew in the shelter are what got her accepted. From there, Lime Crime was born.

In conclusion, her sentiment of America being great for immigration, is backed by hard fact and life experience.