InnovaCare Health Works Hard To Help Out Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria Landfall

Hurricane Maria made landfall months ago but there is still the loss felt all across Puerto Rico. The islands suffered greatly from the storm that left many people missing or dead and those who were either of those things, at times wished they were.


InnovaCare Health was there to help when the storm first touched ground. They were quick to send medical personnel and workers to the islands to help in any way they could. It would be through the handouts of water and food to helping those who needed medical support, the support they needed.


It has been months since the landfall, and while there are some areas that have healed nicely from the devastation, there are others who have not. InnovaCare Health was able to start up clinics and support areas following the hurricane. One place in particular that was affected by the storm quickly started a clinic known as Recargate. This location would serve as a place for people to charge the devices that would put them in touch with others as well as to help them receive the medical help they needed right away.


The humanitarian and medical services that this location held was able to provide car for nearly 4000 residents within the first couple months of opening. It would be able to help more than 1500 patients who either had medical coverage or not. There was no one turned away during this time. It did not matter what their income was prior to the storm or if they were able to have medical coverage then or not.


What was once a run down storefront had been made into the clinic that treated a great number of patients. One family had been looking for a way to receive the medical care that they needed the most. The mother had just enough doses of insulin to make it a day or two, without the insulin, she would die. It was then that the family came across the clinic and was able to get the medicine that the mother needed. For more details visit



Dr. Rick Shinto knows firsthand what the islands looked like and felt like following the landfall of Hurricane Maria. This is one reason that they were quick to come up with ways to help those out. Since the time that the first clinic had been put into action, there have been more than 30 mobile clinics set up across Puerto Rico. The clinics have primary care doctors or simply physician assistants that can help with medical problems. Most of the clinics hold an onsite pharmacy that allows for the patients to receive the medicines they need.



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Southridge Capital LLC Is On Its Way To Becoming A Market Leader In The Finance Sector

Founded in 1996, Southridge Capital is renowned for providing unique financial solutions to public companies. They have a talented team with an in-depth knowledge of the current market trends dedicated to devising creative financial solutions for its clients. They have reportedly invested a whopping amount of $1.8 billion in emerging markets since its inception. Their long and enriching history of funding over 250 public companies has made them experts in recognizing the issues faced by companies in their initial phases.


The founding member and the current Chief Executive Officer, Stephen M. Hicks has played a crucial role in building the company. He holds the responsibility of supervising major decisions of the firm and also actively takes part in the process of business development and project execution. With an experience over three decades in the finance sector, he specializes in investment banking, arbitrage and financial structuring. He graduated from King’s College, New York in the Business Administration and also holds an MBA from the University of Fordham, New York.


Recently in an interview, he talked about the inception of the company and how he managed to steer it towards a whole new level during his tenure as the founder.


When asked about how he came up with the idea of founding Southridge Capital, Stephen responded by saying that in the 90s he was working for a small hedge fund in New York. The founder of that hedge fund had to go to Australia for about a year, during which he brewed up the idea of opening his own hedge fund and thus founded Southridge while working for the midsized hedge fund he was already involved in.


To being asked about how he manages to make his ideas a reality, he was prompt to say the word experience. He believes the experience he has gained over the years helps him with his decisions for recognizing companies that hold potential and financing them to make a mark on their respective markets. For more details visit LinkedIn.



Stephen also mentioned that his current interests lie in cryptocurrency because he believes it to be a booming market with its rapid expansion rate observed in the last few years.


Lastly, he talked about his failures as an entrepreneur. He recalls how they put huge amounts of money in a company called Petals which later hit rock bottom and was a tremendous setback for Southridge Capital. The investment firm managed to somehow stay liquid enough until things returned back to normal. You can visit their Facebook page.


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The Relevance of Fortress Investment Group Lies on Its Ability to Formulate Profitable Strategies that Guide it Through the Market

Fortress Investment Group continues to make significant strides in the financial industry by becoming the first asset manager to have accepted a takeover bid from another investor. The company seems to be the leading strategists and the policymaker such that other wealth managers have to follow. It remains to be seen whether other asset managers and upcoming firms will follow the trend, which has for an extended period continued to be the new norm in other industries.

Being the leader in the alternative asset management sector, Fortress Investment Group has been the pioneer of some of the most significant strides in the industry which have later been adopted by other organizations. One of the strategies incorporated by other organizations is registering the entity in the New York Securities Exchange where other firms followed without hesitations. Registering the firm in the stock market gave it the exposure it needed while at the same time providing sufficient funds to expand its activities.

The second strategy has been to incorporate technology as the principal method of doing business. For a more extended period, Fortress Investment Group has offered quality services to its customers, thanks to its advanced and elaborate technology adoption mechanism. Fortress has been serving its customers through advanced methods which have not only reduced the expenses that the firm has to pay but has gone a step further to help the entity to serve more customers within a short period than it would have done before.

Despite pioneering in technological advancement and being the first asset manager to register in the New York Securities Exchange, which other asset managers have followed, it remains to be seen whether other entities will accept the new move of accepting a takeover bid. There is no doubt that the strategy will prove attractive, especially if the company can get enough funds to invest while at the same time expanding its market share.

Recently, Peter Briger came out to shed light on the contentious issue that had been misunderstood by the public about the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by a Japanese organization, SoftBank Group. He said that the management of the company was very confident about the huge benefits that Fortress Group is expected to reap from the business relationship. Briger, therefore, urged the public and the investors of the company to remain calm as the leadership of the organization had not been affected. The three principals remained in charge of all the operations of the company.