Ryan Seacrest Conducted A Recent Interview With Men’s Journal

Seemingly no matter where one looks in the entertainment industry’s television and radio shows, magazine aisles, book sections, lifestyle-detailing websites, and wealth of other print and digital publications, the masculine, attractive, daring, fit, well-defined, well-dressed likeness of Ryan Seacrest cannot be escaped.

This quasi-fact of life has held true for the better half of three decades, as Ryan Seacrest has spent time gracing television screens around the screened displays of English-speaking audiences around the globe since the early 1990s. Mr. Seacrest’s likeness has also been widely sought-after for magazine features since he started co-hosting Fox’s hit entertainment-industry competition show American Idol in 2002.

Men’s Journal paid Ryan Seacrest God-knows-how-much for an interview regarding his overweight life of three-plus decades ago, his favorite means of staying in shape as of lately, and other interesting tidbits about the personal life of Mr. Ryan Seacrest that people likely don’t know about already – or maybe they do, if they’ve already read over the transcript of the hit interview by Matt Caputo of Men’s Journal with the Hollywood entertainment industry’s most popular television and radio host, Ryan Seacrest.

If Mr. Seacrest decides to fudge up on his otherwise-strict diet, what does he prefer to eat?

Per the Men’s Journal interview, Seacrest enjoys eating carb-heavy dishes like penne pasta, tacos, enchiladas, chocolate-chip cookies, and “pizza with the prosciutto on it.” Ryan Seacrest shared that because he exercises in countless different capacities – running, yoga, weightlifting, cycling, among many other regular means of working out – and does such frequently, he feels comfortable about eating what he wants to, whenever he desires it.

Seacrest once was a fat child who was extremely shy and didn’t like anything except food and radio – here’s how the world knows

Thinking that nobody from Seacrest’s childhood came forward with pictures of him from his younger, overweight years is unbelievable. However, Ryan Seacrest shared that he finally came clean about his once-hidden past because embracing the insecurity he felt back then was the reason he got in shape in the first place. As such, he only felt sharing his story with others could help other people out, rather than hurt his own or others’ reputations. Ryan’s on Facebook.

Click for source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0780435/

Doe Deere’s 100% Vegan Brand

Doe Deere is far from an introvert. Her beautiful flashy red hair screams extrovert the second you lay eyes on her. Her striking eye makeup and one of a kind style grabs peoples attention, just like her brand Lime Crime. Lime Crime has so many fun makeup styles, lots of glitter and bright colors that grab the eye. The best part of the brand Lime Crime is that all ingredients used in the products are completely vegan.


Doe Deere refers to her beauty brand Lime Crime as a cult. She uses the word cult as a word to describe her brand as unique. It a brand that is able to provide unique products like no one else. They have been in business since 2008, selling makeup like no other company is able to.


Doe Deere’s brand Lime Crime is a one of a kind makeup brand that is cruelty free and 100% vegan. There are not many makeup brands on the market that are able to make that claim. The company is very involved in anti-cruelty charities and Deere found it essential that she stand by her word to keep her products 100% cruelty free and 100% vegan. There have been bumps and bruises along the way of building Lime Crime. Doe Deere is an entrepreneur who was able to over come different obstacles and build a successful company. She has learned from mistakes that were made in the past and has made her company stronger by knowing what works and what doesn’t.


Lime Crime is a brand that is inspired by unicorn colors. The colors that Doe Deere feels will be popular this year are the many different shades of purple, such as lilac and lavender. Ultraviolet is such a bright eye catching purple, she feels that this color will be one of the best picks for the season.


Doe Deere has advice for entrepreneurs that are looking to start their own beauty businesses. She suggests looking for gaps in the beauty industry where something may be missing and try to fill those gaps with innovative ideas. Doe Deere suggests entrepreneurs follow their hearts and listen to their inner voices to be able to build a successful business. Once all of the entrepreneurs ideas are together and they feel they have decided upon the right business. They then should go out and begin selling their brand and build their business. Doe Deere shows much enthusiasm for entrepreneurs and the fresh ideas they have.


Doe Deere has a team of people behind her helping her with products and selling her brand. When the brand first started, it was just her. Now she has an amazing team of people helping her put together ideas for different beauty lines. She feels that unicorn colors are the way to go. They are fun, unique, flashy and eye catching colors. Many people love unicorns and the colors that surround them. Lime Crimes color palettes are focused around mostly unicorn colors that are very fun! Learn more: https://websta.me/n/doedeere

The Fortunes Of Fortress Investment Group Have Risen Quickly Under The Leadership Of Peter Briger:

Peter Briger is one of the top businessmen in the financial industry today. He holds his MBA from Penn’s prestigious Wharton School of Business. Peter currently holds the positions of Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors and President with powerhouse financial firm Fortress Investment Group. He was a partner with the world-renowned financial institution Goldman Sachs before joining the team at Fortress Investment Group. While working at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger developed a sterling reputation for his skill in navigating financial markets. He was highly regarded for his work that included foreign investments, loans and real estate.

Peter Briger’s contribution to the executive team at Fortress Investment Group has been nothing short of outstanding. His innovative and insightful mastery of the financial business has helped Fortress to obtain the impressive feat of becoming one of the first investment management companies in the alternative side of the industry to become publically traded. In his day to day business activities with Fortress, Peter Briger primarily focuses on the areas of real estate and debts that are in distress. The dynamic leadership that Peter Briger has brought with him to Fortress Investment Group has seen the firm grow to a company that today is responsible for more than $65 million in managed assets and to know more

About Fortress Investment Group:

Founded in 1998, Fortress Investment group is now one of the largest investment management firms of its type in the world today. 2002 was a particularly banner type of year for Fortress as it saw the addition of former Goldman Sachs financial wizards Michael Novogratz and Peter Briger to the firms executive team. The firm is primarily knowns for its world-class expertise in the areas of management of operations, capital markets, acquisitions, mergers and asset-based investing. The firm is based in New York City but also has major operations in San Francisco as well as in Singapore and Shanghai. Fortress has received numerous awards over its nearly twenty years of operation for its work in the area of financial management.

In a major financial industry move in 2017, Fortress Investment Group was acquired by the Japanese holding company SoftBank Group Corporation. SoftBank holds the distinction of being ranked as the world’s 38th largest publically traded company. The transaction was valued at a price of $3.3 billion. Under the SoftBank corporate umbrella, Fortress is now making the move into the area of direct corporate lending.

Jason Hope Supports Anti-aging Research

Modern medical science typically has a preoccupation with the treatment and management of diseases rather than their prevention. The same goes true for the treatment of age-related cognitive decline. This is the reason why an entrepreneur from the Arizona area has donated significant amounts of money to anti-aging research. This man is known as Jason Hope. He has donated a significant amount of money to the SENS foundation. The stance for scientifically engineered negligible senescence. Senescence is the scientific term for the decline in a general organisms health related to aging.

For almost all of human history, aging has been seen as something that is entirely unavoidable. Jason Hope believes that this is not true. He thinks that the research that the organization he is supporting his producing will help to allow people to live longer lives by slowing down and even potentially reversing the process of aging. This groundbreaking research has already produced results that are incredibly important.

Jason Hope first began to donate to this organization in 2010 when he gave them $500,000 in the month of December. The organization hopes to allow the public to have access to technology that will help to fight the process of aging.

This foundation is just one of many organizations that have pioneered the use of biotechnology to find new and innovative ways to prevent disease and improve the quality of human life. The scientific discovery that is created by the use of biotech involves using organic systems in order to create new products.

This foundation was originally founded in 2009. They have been involved in the development of new protocols to fight against aging as well as creasing the public awareness of aging as a treatable disease. They hope to help change the way that the world looks at age-related disease. They have demonstrated the viability of numerous technologies by repairing living cells in an effort to prevent the effects of aging. This approach stands in stark contrast to the approach that is taken by the typical healthcare system. This system usually focuses on the treatment of individual diseases and not the root causes of these diseases.

The organization functions as a nonprofit organization. They have several laboratories where they perform their research in order to understand aging better. Jason Hope is a strong supporter of the organization and believes that they will be able to help change the way that diseases such as Alzheimer’s are treated.

EOS Lip Balm Review from

You may have spotted an ad for EOS lip balm on tv or in a magazine (Allure). You probably were taken in immediately by the visually appealing shape of the packaging to the lip balm. What is EOS exactly though? Luckily numerous beauty vloggers have reviewed the products. The YouTube vlogger emilynoel83 reviewed the EOS lip balms on her channel.

She was interested in the products at first because of the round packaging. The packaging is round and shaped to be easy to hold onto. The shape makes it easier to find in your purse if you reach inside of the bag. The shape also has a grip on it to make holding it that much easier and a flat bottom for it to be set on any hard surface.

The Youtuber emilynoel83 said that of the ones she had tried she thinks that the Summer Fruit and the Honeydew are the best options for a base for your lipstick because they are slightly thicker in consistency. They don’t smudge lip color either. The Lemondrop one has SPF in it. The Lemondrop is slightly easier to apply than the other ones that emilynoel83 has tried. She said the Lemondrop one is great to pop on anytime you go outside.

The ingredients in the EOS lip balms are 100% natural. These unique lip balms are also 95% organic. The combination of organic and natural ingredients are great at hydrating your lips all day long.

The lip balms are sold for around $3 to $4 each. You can also buy them in sets. Walgreens always carries the EOS lip balms. They were one of the first retailers to start selling them. They’re also available at Rite Aid, Target, Walmart, CVS, and Amazon. You can also buy a variety of them directly from the EOS website.


Ryan Seacrest Takes Busy To A Whole New Level

When it comes to Hollywood, there are only a few men out there today that take on as much work as host Ryan Seacrest. He is often seen on various different shows, movies, radio, and much more. Ryan also has his own clothing line for men. When asked in an interview, Ryan Seacrest stated that he is normally participating in around eight or nine jobs at a time. Despite this, he can always be found on the red carpet getting the latest interviews from celebrities.

Ryan’s career really took off when he took a position with American Idol, providing him with national fame. This was not the beginning of Ryan’s career though. Ryan Seacrest started on radio back in the 90’s, working on whatever radio shows he could until he started his own. In 2004, Ryan started On Air With Ryan Seacrest, which is still running today as one of his most popular programs to date. Today, Ryan actively works on three different radio shows, including Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Remarkable, Ryan Seacrest has found the time to start up his own foundation for charity alongside his hectic professional life. Less than a decade old, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation helps kids in hospitals in the United States with better care and education. They also have more activities to do and can spend time with their family. Ryan has many studio centers in various states and there are plans for more in the near future. Back in 2012, Ryan appointed Selena Gomez as his foundation’s ambassador to help take care of children and lead the organization towards a brighter future.

All of this success started back in high school, where Ryan was afforded an opportunity to work on a radio show. After this, Ryan was hooked on the job and ended up leaving schools to move to Hollywood and pursue his famous career.

Ryan Seacrest talks about his shows on Social Media:


How EOS has changed the lip balm world

The crystal lip balm of the EOS lip balm is the latest launch, and once you open the top, it’s ultimately see-through. There is no way you will feel that your lips are sticky because the lip balm is vegan and waxless. The craziest thing about the lip balm it’s that is has a signature that’s way forgone, the shape is spherical, it’s sleek, and it has a more grown-up look. Yup, it’s so ways good that EOS designed the whole container just for it. It has a natural blend of the coconut, castor, sunflowers oils, avocado and Shea butter (mapleholistics.com)..

For over a century, if you wanted to buy a lip balm then it meant that you had to go to several stores to get the best. Seven years ago, the lip balms form EOS started to pop up everywhere, and they did not go unnoticed because they had the pastel colors. They began at the Walgreens where they were given a shelf, later to Walmart and later Targets. So many people could not get enough of the products like the beauty editors at Cosmo. Products from EOS which full name stands for Evolution Of Smooth they are advertised in all the beauty and fashion magazines, see Allure.. When they were interviewed about the company, they said that they created the company with $250 million it has since become the best-selling lip balm in the country.

In the research that was carried by Kline its states that EOS has grown over the several years, it has been on the market. They have a sell off $1 million every week, and the future of the company looks so promising. By 2020 the company has plans of increasing steadily to $2 million because they are being driven by the demand for their natural and organic products.


Agora Financial Recommends Those New To Cryptocurrency Stick With Bitcoin

The largest, most prized cryptocurrency in the world today is Bitcoin. This refers to digital currency specific to the Bitcoinblockchain. Many investors are now interested in investing in Bitcoin Cash – the new coin. It is purchased at a small cost compared to Bitcoin. Agora Financial recommends that new investors should stick with Bitcoin instead of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash was created to address processing times and cost of transactions associated with Bitcoin. Increased demand has caused an increased cost for processing Bitcoin transactions. A typical Bitcoin transaction fee is six dollars. Bitcoin users have to pay their own transactions fees which is different than in regular banking. Some customers can even end up paying higher fees. This is particularly true if they want their transactions processed quickly. Transactions fees and the processing time for transactions has increased with the growing popularity of bitcoin.

A hard fork was created in the Bitcoin chain on the 1st of August, 2017. It was created by a group of miners, users, investors and developers. Up to the hard fork, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash transactions are the same but after the fork, they are completely separate. The block size limit is increased up to 8MB with Bitcoin Cash. Transaction fees are much smaller than Bitcoin’s.

Bitcoin Cash has its own set of issues though. It has a CEO and is controlled largely by a small group of miners. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a decentralized currency that is not controlled by any entity or person. Half the hash power is in the hands of a few mining pools. If these parties come together they could make an attack on the coins. The hash power of Bitcoin is much more centralized and it is less able to be overpowered by groups of miners. It is also not a company and is not controlled by any group of people. When it is forked or upgraded it is done only after the community is polled and more

Agora Financial’s bottom line on the difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is that beginners to cryptocurrency are better off for the time, sticking with the well establishedBitcoin. Agora Financial specializes in publications that educate everyday investors on where to put their money. The company is a trusted source for investing education and has been in business since 1979. The company’s experts are all active traders who consistently make money on their investments.

EOS Lip Balm, A Complete Review

EOS Lip Balm is a brand of lip balm that has been making lip balm for over five years. It has become a very common brand of lip balm, so there are many reviews for the product available online . (Amazon)

In one review found on YouTube, a girl gives her opinion of the lip balm and why she likes it. She mentions that EOS Lip Balm has been a good product for a long time, and that she’s been using them for several years. She goes on to discuss the price and availability. They are typically available at grocery and drugs store, varying in price. The price is normally near $2.99, making them very affordable.

Read more on http://www.allure.com/review/eos-lip-balm-sphere

She then discusses the flavors that she likes, such as tangerine and pomegranate raspberry. A point is made at one point that other brands of lip have seemed to gone up in price, where as EOS has stayed relatively cheap. She states that she really likes the appealing design and packaging of the product, and that she is a fan of the many colors they come in. Afterward, she goes into detail on how the lip balm has no dyes or colors, so it does not apply any color to your lips. This means that you could use the lip balm as a base for lip gloss or lip stick, which is a bonus to the reviewer. She states that EOS offers variety packs as well which have a variety of flavors. Some of time the variety packs even have promotional deals associated with them, such as an Alice In Wonderland Variety Pack. Overall, the reviewer has many good things to say about EOS Lip Balm, and recommends it to anyone looking for a high quality lip balm.

NGP VAN: Transforming the Campaigning Season

This year, midterm elections will be held in the United States. The positions that will be opened range from the Senate down to the lowest official that can be elected. As a result, both the Republican and the Democrat Party are actively campaigning all across the United States to get the most number of votes for their candidates to win. However, campaigning in the United States is a tiring activity. Imagine going from one city to the other, with limited time, trying to convince the people who they would have to vote for. The United States is vast, being one of the largest countries on the planet, and campaign managers are wasting their time and effort by going house to house, just to be rejected by the homeowners. This scenario has been taken advantage of a tech startup called NGP VAN. After realizing the problems that can be encountered during the campaign period, the startup developed an application that will help the campaigners maximize their time and effort for a sure vote.

NGP VAN developed the MiniVan, a mobile application that can be downloaded on AppStore and GooglePlay. Using it would help the campaigners identify the political affiliations of each home in a particular neighborhood. They would no longer need to do a house to house visit, just for them to waste their time. In the United States, people have already decided on which party they would be voting. If a campaigner used the MiniVan application, the neighborhood would be informed about the presence of the campaigners, and a few questions will be asked. Once the residents replied to the messages that would appear on their mobile phones, a real-time tally would start to count the number of people who are willing to accept the campaigners inside their homes. Their political affiliation will be displayed, so there would be no need for an opposing party to visit the house of a self-identified supporter of their rival party.

According to the campaigners, using the MiniVan application has saved them money and time. In the past, they would spend hours to convince everyone in a neighborhood who they would have to vote. Now, they could do it in just a simple touch. Another thing that they pointed out is that they use less paper than previous elections, and because MiniVan could send information in an instant, all of the candidate’s platforms are just converted into text and sent to the people around the neighborhood.